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Tfw a man named O'Rourke decides to rip on the Irish

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Amazing self own

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He lists Australians but not Americans

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my ashkenazi gf

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Has anyone brought up that the word whites need to reclaim is goyim?

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That word has a vast history pf abuse, and we wont allow others to snidely mock us by calling each other "my g" any more

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how woke is info wars?

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Jones is woke. Dont listen to the retards who say he's some screaming idiot just because refuses to ruin his career to appeal to racist trailer park dwellers on Twitter

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>I was only 19 years old.
>I loved Žižek so much, I had all the books and films.
>I pray to Žižek every night, thanking him for the knowledge he's given me. “Žižek is love” I say, “Žižek is life."
>My dad is Jordan Peterson. He hears me and calls me a cultural marxist. I knew he was just jealous of my devotion to Žižek.
>I called him a pseudo-intellectual.
>He hits me and sends me to sleep.
>I'm crying now and my face hurts.
>I lay in bed, really cold. I feel something warm...
>It's Žižek! I was so happy.
>He whispers in my ear an obscene joke.
>As I laugh he grabs me with his slavic hands, and puts me on his lap. I'm ready.
>I am all ears for Žižek.
>He penetrates my mind and expands my view on the current predicament.
>It hurts so much, but I do it for Žižek. I can feel my neoliberal illusions shattering and my eyes starting to water as i am picturing future authoritarian regimes in the west.
>I want to revitalize the left.
>He sniffs a mighty sniff as he fills my young mind with his wisdom.
>My dad walks in.
>Žižek looks him straight in the eye and says,
>"We are approaching a catastrophe."
>Žižek crushes him in a debate and leaves through my window.
>Žižek is love. Žižek is life.

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