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2018-08-27 19:15:17 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD It would require a radical restructuring of existing relationships.

2018-08-27 19:15:32 UTC  

ffs why can't we just be left alone?

2018-08-27 19:16:01 UTC  

Because they are parasites.

2018-08-27 19:16:10 UTC  

They NEED us and they know it.

2018-08-27 19:17:44 UTC  

Yea, i don't want the govt used against me, so i really don't want to use it against others. 🤔

2018-08-27 19:17:55 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD Hence why they term the access of whites as "civil rights". Btw, here's a good response to the "redlining" argument: "You aren't entitled to access the financial services of private businesses. Loans are privilege, not a right."

2018-08-27 19:18:50 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD While I agree that a state should be the end goal, I think that the practical way this is going to happen is through grassroots actions.

2018-08-27 19:19:03 UTC  

Anyone know if this is true?

2018-08-27 19:19:27 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD In other words, we will have a concentrated population centre with freedom of association first.

2018-08-27 19:20:26 UTC  

Sounds good.

2018-08-27 19:20:45 UTC  

He's not even white from what I hear.

2018-08-27 19:21:43 UTC  

Indeed. (((Fellow white)))

2018-08-27 19:22:10 UTC  

There is an archived article in cyberstrike talking about him being a fellow white.

2018-08-27 19:22:35 UTC  

Can you post it?

2018-08-27 19:23:19 UTC  

Trying to find it now.

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2018-08-27 19:25:40 UTC  

Yes. Katz. I can't understand why such an individual could ever be misidentified.

2018-08-27 19:25:57 UTC  

However, I'm using "logic" here.

2018-08-27 19:26:14 UTC  

To be a liberal, I would have to use emotion.

2018-08-27 19:27:16 UTC  

Only in such a manner would it make "sense".

2018-08-27 19:28:01 UTC  

Sinatra Says had been getting a lot more obvious pointing out Jews in his videos lately. He *echoes* the gamers name in this video. 👌 😂

2018-08-27 19:29:06 UTC  

Have they lost the capacity for subtlety?

2018-08-27 19:29:39 UTC  

They need a strong female protagonist in the next Madden.

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2018-08-27 19:32:56 UTC  

Male cheerleaders are going to be on the cover of madden next year, watch

2018-08-27 19:32:56 UTC  

Gamers rise up!

2018-08-27 19:33:18 UTC  

Female "protagonists" are doing Sweden, UK and Germany great!

2018-08-27 19:34:04 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD Indeed. Merkel has made Germany a much better place.

2018-08-27 19:34:13 UTC  

Even Canada has a female protagonist. <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2018-08-27 19:34:33 UTC  

It's not as though there are literal anti-Semites arising in Europe.

2018-08-27 19:35:33 UTC  

Easy on the conversation here...

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2018-08-27 19:35:39 UTC  

Yeah, migrants can chant literal anti semitic stuff (in public) with no consequences, but a white can't even criticize Islam online without being jailed. 😑

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2018-08-27 19:37:22 UTC  

@Infineon Thanks for the reminder.

2018-08-27 19:37:56 UTC  

To be fair, you weren't saying it in a positive light...

2018-08-27 19:38:12 UTC  

Indeed. However, I should be more precise about what I meant.

2018-08-27 19:38:41 UTC  

Yea, i guess out off context it could look bad.

2018-08-27 19:39:06 UTC  

Yes. I could look bad. That's why @Infineon was right to point it out.