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2018-09-01 13:29:14 UTC  

The Donetsk People's Republic president no less

2018-09-01 13:29:22 UTC  

Wage slave here too. House payments & Catholic school tuition just about taps me out

2018-09-01 13:29:52 UTC  

To make the rumor mill stronger, there's now word going 'round that Russia's activated the strategic reserves, closed the border with the DNR, and have mobilized their ships in the eastern Med

2018-09-01 13:30:13 UTC  

My biggest spender is food. I work manual labor so I have to eat so much to even semi function

2018-09-01 13:30:37 UTC  

the OPCW has also not yet confirmed that Assad was responsible for any chemical weapons yet

2018-09-01 13:31:05 UTC  

What’s your opinion on that whole Assad /chemical weapons story?

2018-09-01 13:31:25 UTC  

I’ve heard a couple different takes on it from the right.

2018-09-01 13:31:35 UTC  

It's possible, but I don't think Assad would authorize it. Now some officer freaking out/breaking orders? Definitely in the realm of 'I can see it'

2018-09-01 13:32:12 UTC  

But so far the stories have been that Assad's government has destroyed all their chemical weapons... which leaves the rebels themselves as either liars or guys that did it to themselves.

2018-09-01 13:33:06 UTC  

It's pretty immaterial though, since the UN won't ever get Assad charged with anything

2018-09-01 13:33:56 UTC  

I really need to educate myself more on that. I’ve been focusing on studying history so much I keep finding myself not even knowing what’s happening in present day lol

2018-09-01 13:34:51 UTC  

Libya's also getting spicy again: Tripoli is seeing armed groups fighting each other again, rocket attacks on the airport, etc. The whole nine yards.

2018-09-01 13:35:51 UTC  

>not showing the flag
Jealous as ever, I see

2018-09-01 13:36:26 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD oh yeah I saw that. The main actor said they left the flag out to be more inclusive

2018-09-01 13:36:40 UTC  

Fuck that guy

2018-09-01 13:36:45 UTC  

"Lead actor Ryan Gosling threw more gasoline on the dumpster fire when he defended director Damien Chazelle’s decision to leave out the flag. The landing, he said, was a 'human achievement,' not an American one, and a victory “transcending countries and borders.”

2018-09-01 13:36:57 UTC  

@TV Yeah.

2018-09-01 13:37:27 UTC  

"Gosling was asked at the Venice Film Festival whether omitting the scene was deliberate and the actor attempted to sidestep the question by responding that the moon landing “transcended countries and borders.”

2018-09-01 13:37:53 UTC  

Get an Angolan on the Moon and I might believe that. 'Till then... naw

2018-09-01 13:38:28 UTC  

Was our space program that led us to the moon landing funded by anyone besides American tax dollars? If not, yes it’s an American achievement

2018-09-01 13:38:47 UTC  

they’re over here culturally appropriating the damn moon landing.

2018-09-01 13:39:03 UTC  

It's times like this that I wish VR was real, just so I could put on aviators and go, "tough luck world, get on America's Lunar Level"

2018-09-01 13:39:08 UTC  

He's working really hard to lose those honorary identitarian points he accrued with *Drive* and *Blade Runner 2049*...

2018-09-01 13:39:43 UTC  

Ah yes, 'Tism Waifu Simulator 2049

2018-09-01 13:40:11 UTC  

I’m showing my bf blade runner tonight. He just got into far right politics so I feel like I’m about to make him autistic

2018-09-01 13:40:14 UTC  

They should take the Battlefield 5 approach and make Neil Armstrong a quadriplegic black woman

2018-09-01 13:40:36 UTC  

I dunno, Neil Armstrong planting the flag with some metal prosthetic arm would be cool

2018-09-01 13:40:42 UTC  
2018-09-01 13:40:44 UTC  

LITERALLY a strong arm planting the flag

2018-09-01 13:41:36 UTC  

Neil Armstrong? How about Louis Armstrong

2018-09-01 13:41:44 UTC  

@TV Don't be heteronormative, bigot. *It* should be a tranny, too.

2018-09-01 13:41:54 UTC  

Neilina Armstrong

2018-09-01 13:42:01 UTC  


2018-09-01 13:42:19 UTC  

Neilina Armstrongstein

2018-09-01 13:42:29 UTC  


2018-09-01 13:42:58 UTC  

Neilinx Bergblattsteinowitz

2018-09-01 13:43:05 UTC  

>Trump's cut funding to a UN aid agency that supports Palestinian refugees

2018-09-01 13:43:37 UTC  

I feel like every UN meeting is just the American Roast

2018-09-01 13:43:57 UTC  

Ironic given how we basically make the UN mean anything

2018-09-01 13:44:13 UTC  

Really the UN is just the soft end of American foreign policy