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2018-09-16 06:54:00 UTC  

I see no reason why Syria would stop

2018-09-16 06:54:32 UTC  

They were shelling a few days ago, then the fact that US, Chinese, Russian, Iranian, and Turkish troops were at risk in the area created quite the concern..

2018-09-16 06:55:15 UTC  

there are about 100 US soldiers trapped in the Idlib province and Turkey won't let them out through their border, so that's a thing now

2018-09-16 06:55:35 UTC  

China is joining in to get some irl training in with Russian troops..

2018-09-16 06:55:35 UTC  

Really? Wow

2018-09-16 06:55:39 UTC  

a consequence of literally having your troops in every part of the world

2018-09-16 06:55:57 UTC  

Yeah, no joke. They were there "advising" and training "rebels"

2018-09-16 06:56:06 UTC  

China intends to be big on economic development in Syria post war

2018-09-16 06:56:23 UTC  

You know it's a bad situation when the msm won't actually talk about it

2018-09-16 06:56:40 UTC  

True, Russia basically threatens counter false flags

2018-09-16 06:56:46 UTC  

>basing your standards of a "bad" situation on whether the MSM talks about it

2018-09-16 06:57:06 UTC  

MSM should be called MBM = mainstream brainwashing mechanism

2018-09-16 06:57:15 UTC  

White Phosphorus and information campaign false flags

2018-09-16 06:57:34 UTC  

Was great to see conservative types spreading white helmets info

2018-09-16 06:57:42 UTC  

People would freak out if they knew how many countries are withing shelling distance of eachother. Very tense situation

2018-09-16 06:58:11 UTC  

I'd say worst it's been since the whole thing started (which is saying a lot)

2018-09-16 06:58:52 UTC  

i mean

2018-09-16 06:58:57 UTC  

the White helmets were exposed a long time ago

2018-09-16 06:59:11 UTC  

they were exposed since the first false flag that they orchestrated

2018-09-16 06:59:56 UTC  

Yeah but it wasn’t reaching significant enough audiences

2018-09-16 07:00:39 UTC  

And now some cable news and breitbart might as well have live tweeted the white helmets setting up the attack

2018-09-16 07:01:06 UTC  

At this point there's no point in covering them up, so the glow in the darks decided to let it go

2018-09-16 07:01:06 UTC  

Or rather the footage

2018-09-16 07:01:09 UTC  

as a form of damage control

2018-09-16 07:01:34 UTC  

unfortunately, "disclosure" on big issues never really changes anything

2018-09-16 07:01:56 UTC  

Too many distractions, too little attention span

2018-09-16 07:02:06 UTC  

too much comfort, too much brain washing

2018-09-16 07:02:28 UTC  

The only thing that's waking white people up is the Left being honest with how much they hate us

2018-09-16 07:02:48 UTC  

this is actually an argument for accelerationism

2018-09-16 07:03:15 UTC  

Which is odd because I'm not an accelerationist (at least not most of the day, lol)

2018-09-16 07:03:20 UTC  

Just an observation

2018-09-16 07:03:34 UTC  

idk I like accelerationism

2018-09-16 07:03:49 UTC  

mainly because I want to participate in the collapse while I'm still young

2018-09-16 07:03:58 UTC  

I have that same feel

2018-09-16 07:04:13 UTC  

being 40-50 and with a family and a couple of kids when the collapse happens will suck

2018-09-16 07:04:35 UTC  

as it says int he bible

2018-09-16 07:04:55 UTC  

it will be a bad day for the pregnant and breastfeeding when the end happens

2018-09-16 07:05:59 UTC  

This country will experience food shortages, unrest, power failures, even currency change at some point sooner rather than later

2018-09-16 07:06:25 UTC  

I've yet to hear a based-in-reality argument against that happening

2018-09-16 07:06:57 UTC  

We can't ignore that the J's and their wannabe global empire will fight us to the bitter end

2018-09-16 07:07:07 UTC  

i was actually in an uber with a retired democrat boomer. his vision of reality that I think is shared by many was a utopian vision of progress and progress upon progress.