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2018-05-05 13:08:44 UTC  

Would you recommend phone mining?

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2018-05-05 13:09:06 UTC  

I haven't tried it, but there are some people that do well with Electroneum

2018-05-05 13:09:10 UTC  

Unless you have a spare phone but at that point its just for laffs

2018-05-05 13:09:23 UTC  

Well, I did try it. But not for long because I got a shitty hashrate.

2018-05-05 13:09:32 UTC  

Drains the fuck outta ur battery too

2018-05-05 13:09:53 UTC  

I got a spare phone with an Asian band

2018-05-05 13:10:03 UTC  

It doesn't work on lte or 4 g

2018-05-05 13:10:09 UTC  

You can run several Android emulators on your desktop and mine with a graphics card too.

2018-05-05 13:10:12 UTC  

What phone

2018-05-05 13:10:29 UTC  

Forgot what it was called tbh I got it for free

2018-05-05 13:10:42 UTC  

Hey give it a shot. It's pretty easy to set up.

2018-05-05 13:10:50 UTC  

Yeah try it

2018-05-05 13:10:58 UTC  

Lg stylo 2

2018-05-05 13:11:00 UTC  

Electroneum was like 0.18$ during the last run up.

2018-05-05 13:11:10 UTC  

Which coin should I mine

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2018-05-05 13:11:29 UTC  

You could make some decent money on it if you started now and then just invest it into Tether and then wait for the crash and buy low.

2018-05-05 13:11:34 UTC  

Inb4 phoke not supported

2018-05-05 13:11:50 UTC  

I only know of Electroneum tbh

2018-05-05 13:12:15 UTC  

You should check a site like this:

2018-05-05 13:12:22 UTC  

Not sure if it does phone mining though

2018-05-05 13:13:06 UTC  

I make: $12.63
But spend $1.44 for electricity

2018-05-05 13:13:38 UTC  

$11.19 I can spend on new cryptos

2018-05-05 13:14:23 UTC  

With my extra phone I can just charge it at work or restaurants and never pay a dime

2018-05-05 13:15:22 UTC  

There you go. And I've seen people use solar a few years ago too.

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2018-05-05 13:18:11 UTC  

She have nice voice

2018-05-05 13:35:43 UTC  

Any stinky linkies in the chat?

2018-05-05 13:36:33 UTC  

$LINK $LBC $BAT are the obvious choices

2018-05-05 13:39:32 UTC  

Otaku coin is the future

2018-05-05 13:40:58 UTC

2018-05-05 13:50:08 UTC  

@gangweeder I like LBC longterm. Excellent project.

2018-05-05 13:50:39 UTC  

Nick should be on it imo. He could dominate all of Rightwing politics. And if it ever takes off....?

2018-05-05 13:50:55 UTC  

@Saxon you should look at link and bat if you haven’t $BAT is the only viable way I’ve seen of monetising ads and ad revenue correctly

2018-05-05 13:51:45 UTC  

I've heard of both from /biz/ and Brave