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2017-10-27 21:00:20 UTC  

does the lord's work

2017-10-27 21:00:21 UTC  

a weapon to surpass metal gear

2017-10-27 21:00:38 UTC  

I'm just looking forward toD&D

2017-10-27 21:00:49 UTC  

hopefully Sargon gets his thumb out of his ass with that soon

2017-10-27 21:00:50 UTC  


2017-10-27 21:01:13 UTC  

Cyberpunk series was hilarious

2017-10-27 21:01:24 UTC  

I remember so many people from TW were quite upset about Warhammer being covered because it 'ruined the realism', and I was sitting over here like "fucking TW Shogun had sword saints who were one-man units taking out 30-40 soldiers at a time"

2017-10-27 21:01:47 UTC  

You can have realism in a fantasy setting

2017-10-27 21:01:55 UTC  

just not historical realism duh

2017-10-27 21:01:59 UTC  

I'd still love to see a 40k mod based around Combat Mission, but I doubt many people even know what Combat Mission even is anymore

2017-10-27 21:02:27 UTC  

tbh I'm getting a bit exhausted by all this Warhammer stuff

2017-10-27 21:02:30 UTC  

even though I love it

2017-10-27 21:02:31 UTC  


2017-10-27 21:02:59 UTC  

so funny to think only 10-15 years ago getting an official lisence out of GW was like squeezing blood out of a stone

2017-10-27 21:03:17 UTC  

2017-10-27 21:04:16 UTC  

lol Sargon cant even see the belt RIGHT THERE

2017-10-27 21:04:21 UTC  

fckin noob

2017-10-27 21:04:26 UTC  

I remember... Final Liberation for 40k, and Dark Omen for Warhammer

2017-10-27 21:04:40 UTC  

oh, and Hero Quest and Space Hulk video games for the Amiga

2017-10-27 21:05:02 UTC  

GW saw how well Chaos League did and finally lisenced Blood Bowl

2017-10-27 21:05:13 UTC  

press E to be fine

2017-10-27 21:05:44 UTC  

Then Dawn of War came along around 200...4? 3? and started prying open the floodgates

2017-10-27 21:05:52 UTC  

I get so pissed of with Vidya storylines

2017-10-27 21:05:54 UTC  


2017-10-27 21:06:11 UTC  

conversely, there must be at least ten fucking GW games in the last two or three years

2017-10-27 21:06:56 UTC  

oh boy hotty alert

2017-10-27 21:06:58 UTC  

Ladies and Gentlemen: Frau Merkel

2017-10-27 21:07:17 UTC  

fat lady gonna switch sides

2017-10-27 21:07:50 UTC  

Fat lady can't be evil

2017-10-27 21:07:58 UTC  

good point

2017-10-27 21:08:18 UTC  

Is that the ubersoldat? Or just a big buff dude in an exoskeleton?

2017-10-27 21:08:19 UTC  

There's too much cake to go around in the revolution

2017-10-27 21:09:13 UTC  

Sargon complaining about it being 'comical' though

2017-10-27 21:09:17 UTC  

I mean, yeah, it is

2017-10-27 21:09:50 UTC  


2017-10-27 21:10:14 UTC  

At least the Nazis have high ranking women

2017-10-27 21:10:21 UTC  

oh jesus

2017-10-27 21:10:28 UTC  

this game is incredible

2017-10-27 21:10:34 UTC  

definitely not paying for it

2017-10-27 21:10:44 UTC  

This seems like a repeat of the first game's cutscene

2017-10-27 21:10:55 UTC  

is he going to have to choose which person gets executed too?