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2017-07-12 06:30:41 UTC  

is that how it works?

2017-07-12 06:31:04 UTC  

do you want to be freed from the cycle?

2017-07-12 06:31:08 UTC  

well we r very against race mixing and cousin marriage, atleast in north india

2017-07-12 06:31:23 UTC  

@Chancellor i dont really give a fuk

2017-07-12 06:31:33 UTC

2017-07-12 06:31:41 UTC  

^ Freed from the cycle

2017-07-12 06:31:45 UTC  

Does hinduism consider all the races to be of different spiritual and souls.
ie an indian will never be reborn as a white dude

2017-07-12 06:31:53 UTC  

my frineds brother for example, got disowned for marrying a gook

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2017-07-12 06:32:23 UTC  

well the vedas technically do have an aryan supremacist ideologu\y, and refer to other races as barbarians

2017-07-12 06:32:27 UTC  

keep in mind

2017-07-12 06:32:33 UTC  

my uncle dates a lot of asian women.
i don't think he has yellow fever tbh, i'm pretty sure he's just a cunt and no one else will put up with him.

2017-07-12 06:32:35 UTC  

this was back when india was actual kangz

2017-07-12 06:32:57 UTC  

and we technically do consder all races equal, religiously

2017-07-12 06:32:59 UTC  


2017-07-12 06:33:02 UTC  

not so much

2017-07-12 06:33:02 UTC  

b4 dem brits came and took it away?
or do you consider the sultanates to be more of a loss of indian kangship?

2017-07-12 06:33:16 UTC  

1000 years of islamic rule in india is a meme

2017-07-12 06:33:25 UTC  

the only successful sultanate was moghul

2017-07-12 06:33:40 UTC  

and they got btfod by the marathas and the sikhs

2017-07-12 06:33:52 UTC  

only laseted a 100 years or so

2017-07-12 06:33:59 UTC  

but they had a lasting impact

2017-07-12 06:34:04 UTC  

introduced feudalsim

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2017-07-12 06:34:22 UTC  

first foreigners to bend the caste system to their will

2017-07-12 06:34:34 UTC  

the caste sytsem was pretty fluid b4 the muzzies and bongs came

2017-07-12 06:34:51 UTC  

ofc some sort of race factor was rpesent

2017-07-12 06:34:57 UTC  

Good idea that, fluid classes mean innovation and class mobility

2017-07-12 06:35:07 UTC  

but that was mostly for marriage

2017-07-12 06:35:20 UTC  

thats y high caste people tend to look a lil different

2017-07-12 06:35:33 UTC  

norht indians in genral look different form your avg poo

2017-07-12 06:35:45 UTC  

slender noses, not jewish however

2017-07-12 06:35:49 UTC  

thinner lips

2017-07-12 06:35:59 UTC  

mostly swarthy olive or sometimes lighter skin

2017-07-12 06:36:04 UTC  

and we have balls

2017-07-12 06:36:06 UTC  

yeee, i've met a few whiter looking indians who when i asked being a little autistic kid said something about the castes.

2017-07-12 06:36:08 UTC  

pretty huge oens

2017-07-12 06:36:20 UTC  

south idnians are nice goys

2017-07-12 06:36:26 UTC  

but they have australoid features

2017-07-12 06:36:34 UTC  

and tend to be your stereotypical indian cuck