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2017-07-03 07:44:40 UTC  
2017-07-03 07:45:02 UTC  
2017-07-03 13:15:02 UTC  

"im for #WhiteGenocide" >>>>>> HELICOPTER RIDE

2017-07-03 15:31:07 UTC  

@Anarchyng aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaye

2017-07-03 15:58:10 UTC  

>tfw going for full certification for Comercial Driver's License
>tfw going to be homeless as soon as I start work because driving so much
>$50k/year ezpz

2017-07-03 15:58:15 UTC  

I'm gonna make it lads

2017-07-03 16:30:50 UTC  

who wants to get vetted

2017-07-03 16:40:42 UTC  

@Yuma County I hope you're not paying a tuition for that certification.

2017-07-03 16:46:48 UTC  

If anyone wants to stay but not be active ask for the lurker role

2017-07-03 16:48:14 UTC  

How long is the vetting process?

2017-07-03 16:49:13 UTC  

10 minutes

2017-07-03 16:49:28 UTC  

anyone who wants to be vetted go to public chat and wait

2017-07-03 16:49:33 UTC  

i will do one at a time

2017-07-03 16:49:47 UTC  

Ok, i'll do it when I get out of work

2017-07-03 16:50:18 UTC  


2017-07-03 16:56:04 UTC  

- If you want to be vetted go to public voice chat and let us know. It only takes 10 minutes.
- If not, then we will mark you Lurker if you are here for news.
- If you don't know much but want to be active we can vet you into a training role.

2017-07-03 17:50:30 UTC  

@everyone BIG NEWS

2017-07-03 17:50:53 UTC  

NJ lists antifa as domestic terrorists

2017-07-03 17:50:57 UTC  

Big news from back in early june haha

2017-07-03 17:51:03 UTC  


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2017-07-03 17:51:27 UTC  

I am always late....

2017-07-03 17:51:31 UTC  

I know it got me at first too. Not sure how we all missed that tbh

2017-07-03 17:51:46 UTC  

So are pol news and jack posobiec

2017-07-03 17:52:21 UTC  

lol its not a big deal, I didn't know either

2017-07-03 17:52:29 UTC  

Meh, I usually am late by a metric shitload.

2017-07-03 17:52:50 UTC  

Nicholas! I have family in Deerfield that disowned me. Egg every house.

2017-07-03 17:53:26 UTC  


2017-07-03 17:57:54 UTC  

@DeusVolt If you don't mind may I ask you why your family disowned you?

2017-07-03 17:58:35 UTC  

absolutely adopted

2017-07-03 18:01:57 UTC  

Political views

2017-07-03 18:02:08 UTC  

Rabid fucking leftys

2017-07-03 18:05:22 UTC  

Moved to Indiana a week ago m8

2017-07-03 18:09:34 UTC  

That sucks to say the least