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Finesse 2017-06-25 04:38:59 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-25 05:41:12 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-25 05:42:29 [Anticom #general]

True, nothing well truly be uniting us at that point. No common coherency.

Finesse 2017-06-25 05:43:57 [Anticom #general]

Confederate succesion 2.0 when?

Finesse 2017-06-25 05:46:05 [Anticom #general]

But how? How will we ever be able to combat the Jews effectively enough?

Finesse 2017-06-25 05:47:21 [Anticom #general]

Yeah, but if we go around trying to clean the unwanteds up, we're going to have to hear from the Jews.

Finesse 2017-06-25 05:53:58 [Anticom #general]

You think the Jews are going to let us have our own Ethnostate on their watch?

Finesse 2017-06-25 05:54:05 [Anticom #general]

Without fighting for it?

Finesse 2017-06-25 05:55:42 [Anticom #general]

The question was rhetorical.

Finesse 2017-06-25 05:59:29 [Anticom #general]

Oh, well if we go off trying to make our own ethnostate, the Jews will fight us every inch of the way

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:00:22 [Anticom #general]

If we are trying to build a country in which we are in control of our own banks, have buisnesses ran in our interests, arn't allowing the ((())) into the sphere of influence, there not going to be happy

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:00:53 [Anticom #general]

They'll do what they can to bring us down, Hitler is somewhat of an example.

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:01:21 [Anticom #general]

Nah, muslims are just another tool in their arsenal my brother.

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:03:54 [Anticom #general]

Look at it like this. They want us as their friend, even though we aren't truly their friend, as long as we have a common enemy it benefits them HUGELY. Look at the USSR during WW2.

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:07:12 [Anticom #general]

What is it, Georgaphy that is keeping the rapefugees out of Russia?

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:07:44 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-25 06:08:55 [Anticom #general]

Is that foreal? The life expectancy thing?

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:13:19 [Anticom #general]

Who /circumcised/ ? Superior in all ways.

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:13:48 [Anticom #general]

Your trippin goy

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:13:59 [Anticom #general]

Circumcision is unironically the shit

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:14:35 [Anticom #general]

It looks better, does it not?

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:15:14 [Anticom #general]

I'm not trying to always pull back that dick chessed foreskin every time I want some pussy.

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:16:23 [Anticom #general]

Nah, I was my peepee

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:16:51 [Anticom #general]

I don't have sex with my ear holes every day bucko

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:17:33 [Anticom #general]

Us superior Alphas know that women enjoy a nicely cut weiner, over a beta tier ant eater

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:18:16 [Anticom #general]

Try explaining when she asks why tf your dick looks disgusting, that you did it "cuz the jews"

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:18:50 [Anticom #general]

Woke af B

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:19:38 [Anticom #general]

Not totally.

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:20:16 [Anticom #general]

Uve lost it nigel

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:20:51 [Anticom #general]

Sew a pussy up an cut the clit off > nip the foreskin so your dick looks totes adorbbs

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:21:00 [Anticom #general]

Makes sense

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:22:14 [Anticom #general]

Look, this is how I see it, if I wouldn't have been nipd at birth, I would have wanted it when I got older

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:22:23 [Anticom #general]

but that may just be my bias

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:22:34 [Anticom #general]

because I know it objectively looks better

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:23:03 [Anticom #general]

Problem is, how many people would go out their way to get that shit done at that point, it because a burden.

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:24:01 [Anticom #general]

Nah, son. I don't know what's the right decision. All I know is that i'm happy with what I got.

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:24:27 [Anticom #general]

I'll leave it to (((them))) to decide, like the good goy I am.

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:50:58 [Anticom #general]

What's up goyim

Finesse 2017-06-25 06:52:35 [Anticom #general]

It's real goyim hours

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:16:24 [Anticom #general]

Goodmorning boys! How's the fellow goyim doing?

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:18:58 [Anticom #general]

Oy Vey! What are you some sort of raciss?

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:20:19 [Anticom #general]

I just woke up 15 minutes ago, and i'm already doing this shit..

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:20:29 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-25 14:21:23 [Anticom #general]

I was up late af last night, noone in the chat was up. Real goyim hours only ya feel me rabbis only

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:23:37 [Anticom #general]

How many man points do i Loose for Unironically listening to pop-punk

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:24:35 [Anticom #general]

wtf is that?

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:26:29 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-25 14:26:46 [Anticom #general]

Cancer tier weeb shit, sounds fucking bad

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:28:04 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-25 14:28:22 [Anticom #general]

Holy shit, that's fucking bad. Makes me feel normal now.

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:28:52 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-25 14:29:23 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-25 14:29:37 [Anticom #general]

I paused it after the waifu started singing. It's already cancer

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:29:44 [Anticom #general]

Should I continue?

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:31:41 [Anticom #general]

Not THAT bad, still weeaboo tier trash, but I think I might like it a little better if I could understand what the digital nip is saying

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:32:32 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-25 14:32:40 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-25 14:33:07 [Anticom #general]

Tbh, not big on the 2d girls my dude

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:33:21 [Anticom #general]

Don't like the hentai, n shit like that

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:33:34 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-25 14:34:32 [Anticom #general]

That last video makes me want to jump out a moving car.

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:35:16 [Anticom #general]

I'm laughing irl atm

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:35:21 [Anticom #general]

This is too funny

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:35:47 [Anticom #general]

You're unironic interest in this weeb shit

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:36:22 [Anticom #general]

lol, not dogging you. You're fine, it's just a good kek.

Finesse 2017-06-25 14:36:29 [Anticom #general]

same, brb.

Finesse 2017-06-25 15:18:39 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-25 15:19:46 [Anticom #general]

I swear, everytime there is someone not driving properly on the road it's 96% of the time a woman, a nigger, or an old person

Finesse 2017-06-25 16:40:45 [Anticom #general]

Thanks, watching now.

Finesse 2017-06-25 16:44:35 [Anticom #general]

LOL, people shouting Helicopter rides.

Finesse 2017-06-25 16:45:56 [Anticom #general]

ROFLROFL Fucking telling off the commies with threats of heli rides

Finesse 2017-06-25 17:58:27 [Anticom #general]

Richard Spencer is speaking rn. In the livestream above.

Finesse 2017-06-25 21:45:49 [Anticom #general]

Yo, my peepee just got hard watching Lauren Southerns new vid.

Finesse 2017-06-26 00:56:32 [Anticom #general]

Am I the only one who gets depressed when you try to call someone, and their phone is off, and you get that voice message shit?

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:03:23 [Anticom #general]

Shit is really depressing, make me not want to even attempt calling said person.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:11:14 [Anticom #general]

Ik, but then it's like, if I don't call them, I don't know if their phones on now or not.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:18:49 [Anticom #general]

Hmm, sounds good. Know of any in particular for iOS

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:21:02 [Anticom #general]

Typical weeb.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:22:00 [Anticom #general]

I'm a good goy. I get the (((new))) phone from Apple.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:24:30 [Anticom #general]

I mean, I don't get the new one as soon as they come out I don't see the point.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:24:57 [Anticom #general]

I admit Android is superior af. I just have no need for all the extra shit you can do on Android.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:26:24 [Anticom #general]

How so?

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:27:04 [Anticom #general]

Was is the use of "af". Or using an iPhone, when i'm aware that Android products are better?

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:28:01 [Anticom #general]

You're funny man.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:28:16 [Anticom #general]

Given me a few chuckles today.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:29:18 [Anticom #general]

I'm being unironic.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:30:32 [Anticom #general]

Would you suggest conditioning myself to fap to 2d nips would break me of normieness?

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:32:21 [Anticom #general]

You might be taking it a little too far. I'm aware of all the shit this chat is centered around.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:33:20 [Anticom #general]

How bad is it out there?

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:34:43 [Anticom #general]

Idk how you deal with it man.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:34:57 [Anticom #general]

It's hard to imagine an environment like that tbh.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:35:24 [Anticom #general]

Move to the superior south when?

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:35:57 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 01:37:27 [Anticom #general]

Part of city with almost all whites, and niggers are tame > gay commie hell hole

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:38:49 [Anticom #general]

I've never ran into an overt liberal in person in my life. That's how nice it is where I am.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:41:05 [Anticom #general]

I'm serious, I wouldn't even make this shit up. Never even ran into any NatSocs before.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:42:09 [Anticom #general]

Just about every white person is aware of the nigger problem, and you can outright call niggers out and shit, just about anywhere to random people going about your day

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:43:16 [Anticom #general]

Tbh, the most liberal person i've ever met is ironically my neighbor. Fat, beta, literal balding at mid 30s, and is a Bernie supporter.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:43:43 [Anticom #general]

Last night I was outside smoking, he walked his dog past me, and I said," How's it going comrade"

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:44:49 [Anticom #general]

Tried redpilling him on guns when he said all guns should be taken away, even from the police, came outside with my '03 springfield, and showed him a round, and taught him basic physics/ballistics.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:45:42 [Anticom #general]

He felt like police should only have tazers, and I told him a .22 rounds could kill every officer outside your front door before they even knew what was going on.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:46:16 [Anticom #general]

Yeah, I completely stopped. Now I just subtly berate him when I have the chance.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:49:10 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 01:49:53 [Anticom #general]

Public transport<<<<<<

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:50:05 [Anticom #general]

Idk how you do it man.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:50:12 [Anticom #general]

You need to make the move bro.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:51:45 [Anticom #general]

Yeah, I understand from that viewpoint. But just imagine, having your own vehicle, SUPER cheap gas, (just went got gas about 15 mins ago, $1.98 atm), hardly any traffic, just feels alot better

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:52:39 [Anticom #general]

@D.iogenes Lol, you what are of Texas you in?

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:53:35 [Anticom #general]

How much is gas their atm?

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:53:45 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 01:54:12 [Anticom #general]

Yeah, like I said it 1.98 here also, we have the cheapest gas in the country.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:54:15 [Anticom #general]

Feels good.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:54:30 [Anticom #general]

Baton Rouge

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:54:48 [Anticom #general]

Ikr, lmfao.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:55:29 [Anticom #general]

Most based is Clinton, Jackson, Ethel, Morganza, New Roads, etc.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:55:40 [Anticom #general]

If you know of any of those, best places in Louisiana.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:55:57 [Anticom #general]

Alabama? Shit tier.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:56:21 [Anticom #general]

By the beach?

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:56:42 [Anticom #general]

Know just where it's at very well. South is comfy as hell.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:57:14 [Anticom #general]

Do you ever feel sad for the yanks, knowing theyll never know the superiority of the south?

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:57:19 [Anticom #general]

Mobile is shit kek

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:57:42 [Anticom #general]

Wayyyy to white trash

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:57:53 [Anticom #general]

Yeah, plenty of times.

Finesse 2017-06-26 01:58:34 [Anticom #general]

Yup, I used to go out there relatively often growing up

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:00:10 [Anticom #general]

Yeah, MS is just really shit man. The textbook definition of southern poverty.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:00:43 [Anticom #general]

It's last in education if im not mistekn

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:01:20 [Anticom #general]

The nigs there are fucking crazy

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:02:46 [Anticom #general]

Yeah? I heard they were a bit rough.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:04:33 [Anticom #general]

Tbh, I don't think I could ever be comfortable moving out from where I am now.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:05:08 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:05:37 [Anticom #general]

What kind are they?

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:05:49 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:06:19 [Anticom #general]

I was at the grocery store a few days ago, and the light skin chick at the checkout line even berated some African imigrant with me.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:06:40 [Anticom #general]

We were saying about how the always have that fucking stinch. That is very specific to Africans

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:07:06 [Anticom #general]

She was in agreeance with me, also being black. Just goes to show how different people are lol.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:07:35 [Anticom #general]

Yeah, they're racist as all fuck, my neighbor is black, and he won't even let me in his house.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:08:17 [Anticom #general]

Straight up telling me "whidey did us wrong" etc, hes a little nuts, and i've known him for a few years. He knows my views, and I know his, and we still get along just fine, lol.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:08:54 [Anticom #general]

He believes Native Americans, where African settlers?

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:09:31 [Anticom #general]

Also believes that blacks have to rise up and oppress whitey for us to become equal finally, and I asked him if he knew how a triple beam scale worked.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:10:20 [Anticom #general]

Dumb nigger, doesn't even realise for one side to be over the other, they have to become equal at some point inbetween lol.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:16:39 [Anticom #general]

Yeah, I do,

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:17:00 [Anticom #general]

He tells me, "i'm gonna see" and i'm like awesome. Go for it man

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:18:30 [Anticom #general]

Lol, my neighbor.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:19:05 [Anticom #general]

Idk if you saw, but he believes Africans where the real Native Americans.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:19:17 [Anticom #general]

Fucking looney

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:19:28 [Anticom #general]

LITERAL king shit

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:19:56 [Anticom #general]

He literally shows me pictures of Buddah, and says,"thas black hair, they wus really black, not asians"

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:20:04 [Anticom #general]

I'm not even making this shit up

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:20:37 [Anticom #general]

Dude, he is fucking nuts. speaking of his diet

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:21:04 [Anticom #general]

He believes humans shouldn't, drink milk, eat meat, use deodorant, brush their teeth, use soap to wash their hair, never shave their beards

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:21:22 [Anticom #general]

believes black people are genetically superior to whites because they can last in the sun longer

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:21:40 [Anticom #general]

Dudes fucking crazy, walking around no shoes/socks on n sheit

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:21:53 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:22:27 [Anticom #general]

He is dumb af, but I just play along with him, and when he calls all white people racist, i'm like yeah, i'm super racist

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:23:05 [Anticom #general]

Sometimes he'll walk with me to the store, and we will joke in the store, and i'll act like hes my slave in front of other customers

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:23:39 [Anticom #general]

saying, "come here now boy", and "you bes not be actn up now!" and shit like that and hes like "yes masa" "ims sorry"

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:23:43 [Anticom #general]

shits funny af

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:24:29 [Anticom #general]

Rofl, I call blacks niggers, monkeys, apes etc in front of him, and he just goes along with it. Hes pretty chill in that regard

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:24:39 [Anticom #general]

South is comfy desu

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:25:11 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:25:15 [Anticom #general]

the best honestly.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:25:33 [Anticom #general]

Very filling, and "whole" if that describes it.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:25:49 [Anticom #general]

Like last night, I ate some homemade crawfish etouffee

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:26:05 [Anticom #general]

With french bread, and a ice cold coke

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:26:25 [Anticom #general]

woke up, ate some biscuts, bacon, and grits

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:26:47 [Anticom #general]

ate some friend catfish and redbeans and rice for lunch today

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:26:52 [Anticom #general]

Grits are god tier

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:27:15 [Anticom #general]

Make them nice and thick, with some butter, salt and pepper, throw a good golden biscut with some well cooked bacon on top

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:27:39 [Anticom #general]

Lol, it must be only out there. Grits are THE shit.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:27:47 [Anticom #general]

And food is soooo fucking cheap here

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:28:27 [Anticom #general]

I got a fried catfish place with two sides, macaroni and cheese, and red beans and rice, with some bread pudding for about 6 bucks and some change today

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:28:53 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:29:11 [Anticom #general]

Everythings cheap here. Gas, food, cost of living, etc etc.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:29:15 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:29:58 [Anticom #general]

I pay 800 a month for a two bedroom, two bath, nice big condo, with front and back porch, swimmming pool, and gym, and other shit.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:30:09 [Anticom #general]

gated community also, on the best side of town.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:30:22 [Anticom #general]

You'll never beat the south.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:30:43 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:31:01 [Anticom #general]

Yeah, a regular plate is always about 5 bucks

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:31:10 [Anticom #general]

and it's always good cooking

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:31:25 [Anticom #general]

A drink cost 50 cent here

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:31:40 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:31:50 [Anticom #general]

Learn how to cook, dude.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:32:02 [Anticom #general]

Nice man

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:32:12 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:32:36 [Anticom #general]

Like a package of alligator costs a couple bucks here

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:33:12 [Anticom #general]

meat is extremely cheap, like I said a drink here costs 50cent at just about any store

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:33:46 [Anticom #general]

50 cent flat 😃

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:34:17 [Anticom #general]

And on top of that, everyones polite to you. It's just so fucking comfy

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:34:38 [Anticom #general]

I actually love where I live, shit can be better, but thats just about everywhere

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:34:55 [Anticom #general]

minimum wage here is 7.25

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:35:16 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:35:20 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:35:33 [Anticom #general]

Now you realise how different shit is when it comes to cost.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:35:42 [Anticom #general]

7.25 compared to 11.00

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:35:54 [Anticom #general]

Move down here NOW

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:37:00 [Anticom #general]

Good idea.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:37:10 [Anticom #general]

Age atm if you don't mind me asking?

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:37:22 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:37:28 [Anticom #general]

Thought you were older fucking weeb

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:37:54 [Anticom #general]

22 here.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:38:07 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:39:09 [Anticom #general]

I didn't screenshot the thread yesterday, but you would be amazed on how I got here

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:40:00 [Anticom #general]

I was in a /dixie/ thread, ran into someone, and we realised we knew alot about a specific small town

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:40:17 [Anticom #general]

we ended up going to school with eachother and sitting at the same lunch table, and knew eachother lmfao

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:40:33 [Anticom #general]

Yeah dude,

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:40:36 [Anticom #general]

Fucking nuts

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:41:09 [Anticom #general]

It was funny, because I was the new kid from Baton Rouge, going to school in the country, and I had a wiggerish city accent

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:41:50 [Anticom #general]

It's all good. I've already talked to who I need to.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:42:21 [Anticom #general]

Move south, instant blue

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:42:24 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:42:27 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:42:38 [Anticom #general]

fucking vocaloid ass

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:42:54 [Anticom #general]

2d>3d ass nigger

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:43:08 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:44:08 [Anticom #general]

.jpg imagined.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:44:18 [Anticom #general]

well meme'd!

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:44:57 [Anticom #general]

I totally forgot I had a fire video pulled up on my phone on PornHub

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:45:36 [Anticom #general]

>tfw you hit a good video on PH, and it has a lot of good looking recommended videos.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:46:57 [Anticom #general]

no fap is trash tier

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:47:10 [Anticom #general]

fap like a man, unless youve been hitting it too hard

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:47:44 [Anticom #general]

Forgot brofam

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:47:58 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:48:11 [Anticom #general]

Blonde of brunette?

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:48:15 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:48:31 [Anticom #general]

A real man

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:48:42 [Anticom #general]

Brunettes> everything else

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:48:51 [Anticom #general]

brown eyes?

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:48:59 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:49:09 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:49:20 [Anticom #general]

What ethnicity are you?

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:50:03 [Anticom #general]

European spanish, or South American?

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:50:51 [Anticom #general]

I'm 50% italian, about 40 percent french, and 10% european spanish

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:51:11 [Anticom #general]

fucking typical louisiana person

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:51:32 [Anticom #general]

French/Spanish, and italian is very common

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:51:55 [Anticom #general]

Looks really good, I don't like to toot my own horn, but I like hella decent.

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:52:04 [Anticom #general]

Brown hair, brown eyes

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:52:23 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:52:31 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:52:41 [Anticom #general]

You know what, it could be the native american man

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:52:50 [Anticom #general]

All native americans have the slant

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:54:31 [Anticom #general]

Damn, i'd say i'm straight up white, with a hint of that olive complexion

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:54:36 [Anticom #general]

sexy af desu

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:54:55 [Anticom #general]

I sometimes turn myself on

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:54:56 [Anticom #general]


Finesse 2017-06-26 02:55:36 [Anticom #general]

I'm not, I just think I look good sometimes, I don't make my own ding a ling hard

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:55:59 [Anticom #general]

I just revel in the way I look sometimes, and wonder why I havn't got a top tier waifu yet

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:56:32 [Anticom #general]

It's not, i'm an extremly personable guy

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:56:55 [Anticom #general]

real people person, nothing embaresses me, I have an extremly good sense of humor, just really confident

Finesse 2017-06-26 02:57:18 [Anticom #general]

I can do it if I really wanted to, I have before, just been focused on myself alot lately

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