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Our monarchy is a parliamentary puppet

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'it's not a reaaaal monarchy'

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same tired socialism argument

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Absolute monarchy and where are the white babies Juan

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the magna carta was a mistake

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of course

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But no monarchy is successful. Evern absolute ones. which is why they dont exist anymore

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Augustus Ceaser

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there is a reasno they don't exist anymore

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William the Conqueror

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everyone knows the best way to rule a country is via aristocratic rule

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not a gay monarchy

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Monarchy is Christian republican is pagan

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go back to Jupiter pagan cuck

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the best way is through an authoritarian one party state with a charismatic leader

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Republics are more successful than Monarchies

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It’s literally not a real monarchy the Act of Settlement 1701 left the Monarchy in its death throes after Victoria tried to reject a Prime Minister it died its final death

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no they are not

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they are unstable and destroy themselves

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Republics lasted longer than monarchies

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where is rome hmmmmm?

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no they don't

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Yt ppl be like: lol my child finna get aborted on lmao girl power πŸ˜†πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
Black ppl be like: I shall give birth to my child even if the conditions he will grow up in are difficult for it is my duty as a wife and the most honourable thing i could do

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where is the us?

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A monarchy would be fine in an isolationist ethnostate. No need to expand.

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300 years roman republic 1000 years of Roman Empire

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Where is tha monarchy now?

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200 years American republic 1000 years UK monarchy

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And even before that you had the Roman Kingdoms, after that the Byzantines remained into the 1400’s

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Why aren't monarchies around dispite your claim they are more successful that republics. Republics still exist

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Because America is the world hegemon for resources and land and has been used as a jewish puppet to spread democracy