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2019-10-15 17:02:44 UTC  

If you see a blue hat kill it

2019-10-15 17:03:13 UTC  
2019-10-15 17:05:01 UTC  


2019-10-15 17:07:09 UTC  

Only videos so far about the troops. No articles I can find

2019-10-15 17:08:13 UTC  


2019-10-15 17:13:07 UTC  

no live streams about it atm...hmm

2019-10-15 17:13:16 UTC  

😎He laid that out very well

2019-10-15 17:15:28 UTC  
2019-10-15 17:16:00 UTC  

@Ray C thx ray

2019-10-15 17:16:00 UTC  

shut down coms, it seems

2019-10-15 17:16:39 UTC  

i dont know whats going on, but shutting down ham radios, hmmmm

2019-10-15 17:17:25 UTC  

only FCC can do that..

2019-10-15 17:19:50 UTC  

Follew all the links in that article

2019-10-15 17:25:40 UTC  

They already the cotnrol off switch for media and celphones, ham network is the "canary in the coal mine" for comms

2019-10-15 17:27:29 UTC  

i also watch for everyone to go on "vacation" in DC

2019-10-15 17:30:07 UTC  

a leaker tells wife, who tells freind who tells loved ones etc etc

2019-10-16 13:47:27 UTC  
2019-10-16 14:43:51 UTC  

This is cool

2019-10-27 21:36:51 UTC  
2020-02-03 21:31:47 UTC  

Please check out my buddies podcast, local Buffalo comedian Jason Pomietlasz on I was his very "special" guest and we talked about the buffalo comedy scene, Ari getting his legs broken, Don Johnson pulling an Ari on me, Manson mind control conspiracies, flat earth comedy vs globe earth comedy/comedians. He actually makes me sound interesting...give it a listen, check it out please!!! If not...I thank you so much for your continued lack of support! #FEUnity #FlatPower #FEOffensive

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2020-02-28 08:56:11 UTC  

I'm not sure how to use discord

2020-03-28 04:50:58 UTC