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Dallas I got your back

I love Jesus with all my heart brother

I hope you decide to stay around, I'd like to stay in touch @Dallas

I'm not sure what was going on in the chat, I tried my best to defend Jesus

I understand, I do, it upsets me too, but that means that we have to stay strong, Jesus is with you Lizard

a lot of channels are afraid to talk about God

I love you Lizard

I hope Dallas gets back to me

Religion argument in the chat

Amen AZ


I tried to defend Dallas

see I did not see that when he was called the devil

I saw Most hated comments and that set me off. I said that God is Jesus

God is one

I can't find it

can you send me the link

saw it

well again , I saw Pedro guy acting up and starting trouble

I am in NY near the PA border

In VC?

I am my father are one John 10:30

I'm not one to give up Lizard

I can't give up. Jesus said love them, hate their sin

Hi dalllas

I hope you know brother that in my home we serve the Lord brother, Look at my new backdrop on live feed

I put a Jesus backdrop up

I saw that Pedro guy start the trouble

i understand

I know , you didn't do anything wrong

I promote Jesus on y channel

I'm going live later tonight, I will talk about how important having a relationship with Jesus is

maybe those people are lost and we should Pray for them

thanks dallas

going live now

Did anyone hear anything new on Iraq

🌟 Good morning 🌞. I'm going to lay down. I've been up all night. I downloaded discord on my πŸ“± apple phone. So I'll chat more often. Forgive me for not being chatty. I'm often on Twitter and Facebook and Youtube. Plus sending out emails and reading emails. I do a lot of camera and off social media as well. God bless you all. I'll be around later.

FYI. I'm glad to know all you wonderful patriots. I hope none of the bullies from youtube is here. I've been dealing with a lot of personal attacks lately.

Awesome 🌟 lizard. Good to see you. Yea I'm waiting for Lucy to finish going potty. It's freezing cold outside. Kids are off school today. Snow day. Kids get off school more than I did when I was in school.

Talk to you all later. Later alligators.

Pope is a false Prophet dressing in sheep's clothing

I'm not sure how to use discord


Sorry I’m so busy during the day. I’m learning how to use discord

How is everyone

Hey Kay

I'm live join me


Saying Hi before my nap. I've been up for days now. Only getting four hours of sleep at night. Coronavirus 24/7 on the news causing people to panic. Pisses me off how we're on lockdown now but back when H1N1 killed 80,000 people the news was silent. The do-nothing Democrats never addressed the problem.

YouTube lately won't send out notifications
I truly miss all my followers who normally are around. I feel bad for not responding to discord. I have twitter and Facebook and YouTube and censorwars as well.

55 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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