Message from Karnivore in welp. u already Kno... #📻tech📡

2020-03-20 20:20:02 UTC  

for all of us, even if we are completely aware of it

2020-03-20 20:20:08 UTC  


2020-03-20 20:20:14 UTC  

I wonder at what point we would rather get nuked?

2020-03-20 20:20:23 UTC  

more reason to move to the country

2020-03-20 20:20:45 UTC  

as in, nuke explosions in the upper atmosphere, EMP'ing the entire USA.

2020-03-20 20:21:01 UTC  

true, about moving to the country

2020-03-20 20:21:06 UTC  

might as well do it now..

2020-03-20 20:21:19 UTC  

stone age

2020-03-20 20:21:26 UTC  

the cities will be the cesspools of rampant thuggery

2020-03-20 20:21:31 UTC  

oh wait, many already are...

2020-03-20 20:21:39 UTC  

lol yes they are