Message from Deleted User in welp. u already Kno... #😷covid19-viruspreps💉

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I've been doing this a long time, they used to call us survivalists

2020-01-28 19:25:06 UTC  

Then trendy Preppers came along

2020-01-28 19:25:08 UTC  

We all should take a lesson from you. I just never took it serious

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Where's the link?

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I posted this somewhere else but can't find it

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That umbrella logo is made to look like the Maltese cross

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You may or may not know that the knights Templar resurfaced as freemasonry after the inquisition

2020-01-29 10:08:26 UTC  

They also carried on their legacy through the priory of St John here in London

2020-01-29 10:08:41 UTC  

Needless to say the spirit of the Templars is still alive

2020-01-30 08:11:15 UTC  

@Queen Of Conspiracy. Purell hand cleaner 30% ethyl alcohol and a little bit of soap. Everclear is 90% alcohol I cost $18 for a fifth.
Datasheet mentions effective against a strain of Coronavirus.

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2 confirmed cases in England

2020-01-31 13:37:53 UTC  

Allegedly on West Coast in Seattle

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"In effect, being vaccinated with this particular strain of coronavirus causes individuals to be more easily killed by the common cold and other non-pandemic coronavirus strains that are circulating in the wild.

This is confirmed in the following science paper published in the PLoS ONE science journal: Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus."

2020-02-06 03:17:20 UTC  

Infected (publicly released number): 27,705
Infected (LEAKED NUMBER): 154,023

Suspected additional infections (LEAKED NUMBER): 79,808

Cured (publicly released number): 1,128
Cured (LEAKED NUMBER): 269

Deaths (publicly released number): 563
Deaths (LEAKED NUMBER): 24,589

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>>> A New Zealander who lives in China told the New Zealand Herald that “everything has fallen apart” and some Chinese people are selling used face masks found in trash cans.
The man, who lives in northeast China with his wife and two children, told the newspaper, “It’s getting worse by the day … everything has fallen apart here.”
The eyewitness was speaking on condition of anonymity due to fear of reprisals from the Chinese government, which has threatened people with 15 years jail time for spreading “misinformation” about the coronavirus.
With shortages crippling many areas of the country, the man said even used face masks were being sold for $50 dollars.
“I see old ladies walking around picking face masks out of the trash and then they sell them on the street the next day laughing about it,” he said. “When China says they’ve got enough and they’re handing them out, they’re not, I can tell you that now – there’s none available anywhere.”
He added that the masks are being ironed to make them appear new and that fights over food such as eggs and vegetables were also becoming a common occurrence.