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Ty kay for the invite

Ty AZ and hi...omg lol that pic

Wow thats sad

Mr Mackey..Drugs er bad mmmmk

It was really great what Alex did yesterday. And the armoured truck was awesome. I was so scared he was going to be attacked. He really is a great man

Do you guys go on GLP at all?

Godlike Productions

Hi James

If anyone knows...I want to start a youtube chan but I need to hide my identity..will a vpn work 100%?

I have both a pc and phone.

Even with vpn

So with a vpn if youtube banned me i just make a new chan and refresh the vpn?

I could just use my pc but isnt win10 just like the cell

Ive been researching it all morning lol. Im trying to figure out if there is a way to 100 percent hide my identity. I used to run a paltalk room years back and somethings I said led to me never logging back in to paltalk

I have to look into if linux would work or not

But ty for your help

I used to be big into computers but everything is different now. Well heck with it I'll just use my pc with a vpn.


I cant hear him over the music

Good song ozzy no more tears

God Bless you Bruce. You are a True Patriot

How can you chat on twitch. Sorry im new to it

Ohh ok ty

Hope your both having a good morning. Its cold here

Need a coffee

Tip. Always check the tissue you're about to use before you blow your nose with it. In case your 4 year old decides to wipe there poopy butt with it and puts it back with your tissues.


Everything smells like poop now



Id love to know why beef here is so expensive

Are the cattle ranches gone

Sirlion used to be cheap

Its not all Jews

Ive been studying ancient civilizations and writings for over 25 years. I have a pretty good idea to what was done to religion

Goes back wayyyy longer than 150 years .

Do you believe Lucifer exists?

Hi Kay

Hope you are having a good day

Am I allowed to join voice

Sorry I know nothing about using discord

Ok ty

I lost audio

I dont want to talk over anyone but if i post sonething that i shouldnt please let me know.

Im trying to learn how this all works

Thank you for letting me join the voice chat. I feel like Im intruding on your guys conversation. I got to go do some cleaning. Btw I build pcs and am into gaming so im not totally lost :)

Its magnetics

I know how the ufos work. Had one literally 2 ft above my head. The secret is in magnetics something else i wont say and the design

Im sure u think im nuts but it really happened.

I would if it was reversed

My whole life has been odd. Always felt like an oddball too but sorry i butted in on your conversation

How many of you are rh negative? If you know

Anyone know if surfshark is better than nord?

Im trying to find the best vpn with highest speeds

I signed up on CW but where is the VC

Ty i got it

Anyone here

Hi Kay

Energy Directed Weapons. Got a bunch of Mengalas at the panel

Thermite was found by lab analysis

The NY court is SOOO corrupt its disgusting

Anyone want to chat?

Hi all and tyvm kay


Ill be back. Got some stuff to do. Didnt want to interrupt your guys conversation.

Hi all

Not much liz hbu

Nice. Hope its good :)

Hi kay

Crockpot is great for chuck and rump roast

I have a ton but I guess its up to e eveyone else. Im the newbie herr


Where is everyone

Night everyone. Hope to talk with you tomorrow. Have a good sleep all

Hey everyone

Kay do you know General Shepard from YT?

I wanted to invite him here if that's ok with you

What is the link to invite him?

Thank you. I will save it

I guess Ben isnt doing any topics. He's just testing it out. If anyone wants to have a chat im game.

Hi everyone

Can u send me one?

Nice guns AZ

What is the 8th one from right to left

The one with the scope its all black

Im charging my headset. I aint got sound

Kay what happened?

Damn its locked:(

Well this sucks...we are all split up now :(

Im not a mod so no joiny for me. Cant we all just get along?

I love all my fellow Patriots

Except Pinapple

I dont like him

Hi all

Ughhh 😡


I just wanted to say goodnight to my discord family. I have bad arthritis of the spine and all the walking really inflamed it. I hope I get the chace to talk to you all tomorrow. God Bless and hope you have peaceful dreams.

Hope everyone is doing good

Im off to get a desk chair and web cam lol

I havent been able to join the conversations cause everyone steps pn me lol

Anyone in here familiar with web cams? I picked one out but dont know if its any good

Its this one

I just dont wanna waste money on a crappy cam

Thx guys. I want something to beable to do podcasts but i have no clue what to get

The retail is 200 but i found it for 115

I tried aking Ben but hes busy

Screw it I ordered it lol

Ratings were excellent on it so hopefully it will be good

Hi all

Hey all. Hope you are having a nice relaxing Sunday


Guys if I start a stream please let me know if you can join. I need atleast 1 other person to join me on the live feed

Just listening to Ben and them chat


When is a good time for you

Ok let me get the links. Brb k

I will do it in the morning. Im having too many issues atm

I hope that will work for you AZ

I will try it tomorrow HOPEFULLY around 1030 11am Eastern time

I have it all rdy 2 go but my little one is acting up :(

Az what u up to

Im starting to think that when the UN troops come to kick in doors the majority of Americans will be either too stoned or wasted to have a clue. So sad

Thats not good

Im just waiting 4 the ff. You know its coming

Hi Kay

Ty raw

Guys get on the censor wars stream. Lets talk

Yes it is late

I seriously need to get on a better schedule

Goodnight AZ

What happened to the Censor Wars stream?

Can u guys please sub to my youtube chan? I will be doing my first and possibly last podcast tonight

Where is VC at

Im so slow

I see nobody in general chat on here

Under voice

Ohhh ok ty for answering me

Kay why was the sream deleted

Ty for subbing Ryan

wtf? Censor war chan does not exist?

What happened?

Kay u here



Let me hook up my mic

What happened to the resistance 1776 youtube chan?

Anyone here

AZ u here

I am looking for a few people to do my 1st podcast with

Topics all revolve around God

Anytime people are available

Ive been thinking of every excuse not to do it but i know its time. I just have no clue how to reach people

Ok ty liz

Hi AZ are u subbed to my youtube chan

Np take ur time ill be in vc

Hey Jsuk

It's my santa

Az u here

Liz u here

Gm all


How you doing

Morning Liz

Just been battling a illness. Its been up and down

No im done with cw

Thx Az

Sorry had to grab coffee

Senate is going to shut it down

but it is the damage that they have done

They can and will just keep passing impeachment

What makes me the angriest is they didnt win there districts. They steal votes to win

Ok np be safe

Hey Kay


Liz u here


Hey Kay

Hope you and everyone is doing good too


How are you

Hey Az

How you been?

Oh crap

Im sorry

It always is

I know all to well how that goes

I fix everything I can myself

I was just coming in to talk to everyone

Ive been dealing with a lot but I was thinking of you all

Was someone talking to me

I heard someones voice

Im sry AZ

I Didnt realze


i was in the kitchen and heard someone talking lol

im slow

Sorry LIZ

Hey all

Im ok. Hope you are good

I was thinking about you all yesterday

Good Morning

I woke up to no water due to a water main break

Yay waters back on

How you doing? Hows the Suburu


Be careful under there

Hi anabelle and Liz

Hope u both are well

Im glad liz

Whats everyone up to tonight?

Was tr76 taken down again?

Nvm. Nazitube banned them again. Its now TR 76 NEWS III

Hi Liz

How u doing

Just been trying to do a podcaat


Just dk if im rdy for the hate that will come

What u been up to

Anyone up

Hey Liz

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