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2019-09-27 15:02:57 UTC  

im so confused

2019-09-27 15:03:05 UTC  

Yeah just ask AZ

2019-09-27 15:03:07 UTC  

He made a bunch of shit about me

2019-09-27 15:03:09 UTC  

We know you are ๐Ÿ’™

2019-09-27 15:03:13 UTC  


2019-09-27 15:03:22 UTC  

Azrial if not who he seems, we have known him a lot longer

2019-09-27 15:03:46 UTC  

Ana have you ever roller skated before?

2019-09-27 15:03:47 UTC  

I don't know him at all

2019-09-27 15:04:01 UTC  

I prefer ice skating

2019-09-27 15:04:06 UTC  

And if he doesn't threaten to dox you, he'll convince you that we're all sinners and he's the mighty prophet of discord

2019-09-27 15:04:08 UTC  

He has went after us, kayyy, AZ, everyone who where the old friends, replaced us, then showed us the dark side.

2019-09-27 15:04:26 UTC  

Ana should learn the difference between history & religion & not force her world views on others about religion, thereby contradicting her own biased standards. History isn't's factual; the Bible is a collation of historical documents. ๐Ÿ‘ It's also the only counter narrative opposed to the *extrapolotical* globalist agenda

2019-09-27 15:04:53 UTC  

Let's talk about history and your patterns then, @Deleted User ๐Ÿ˜œ

2019-09-27 15:04:54 UTC  

Both are apart of history, religion is tied to the Bible

2019-09-27 15:05:02 UTC  

Nah its not

2019-09-27 15:05:07 UTC  

You've never been more wrong ana

2019-09-27 15:05:18 UTC  

Where are you getting this bullshit?

2019-09-27 15:05:20 UTC  

Religion has tied itself to the Bible yes it has

2019-09-27 15:05:21 UTC  


2019-09-27 15:05:25 UTC  

Im curious

2019-09-27 15:05:29 UTC  

Oh let it go, I'm not in the mood for saving someone right now ๐Ÿ˜‚

2019-09-27 15:05:31 UTC  

Where do u get these craszy ideas?

2019-09-27 15:05:37 UTC  
2019-09-27 15:05:46 UTC  

By looking at it with my own eyes my dude

2019-09-27 15:05:46 UTC  

You sound like a nut

2019-09-27 15:05:48 UTC  

The fuck?

2019-09-27 15:05:48 UTC  

Opinionated rumors... ๐Ÿ‘

2019-09-27 15:06:05 UTC  


2019-09-27 15:06:17 UTC  

@bible whore 1 Glad u agree

2019-09-27 15:06:20 UTC  

Donโ€™t hurt the kid too bad, he is still young

2019-09-27 15:06:41 UTC  

@bible whore 1 are a kid. You're in ur 20's

2019-09-27 15:06:51 UTC  

So are you dumb fuck

2019-09-27 15:06:54 UTC  

Wanna know how this came about? A guy made a joke about pornhub ๐Ÿคฃ

2019-09-27 15:07:25 UTC  

@Winnie Im proud of your commitment to truth in Yahuashua bro

2019-09-27 15:08:01 UTC  

Please explain this to me then ana, How can two people look at the same thing and one understands it, the other gets a crazy idea.

2019-09-27 15:08:14 UTC  

You dont even know what religion is

2019-09-27 15:08:19 UTC  

And bring out the bro! Do you know how cults begin? They make you feel amazing! Like you're so special, everyone else is wrong and you're an amazing being. And then bam. You're a mindless freak kissing his feet

2019-09-27 15:08:36 UTC  

Religion was a tool used long ago to hold over the publicโ€™s head

2019-09-27 15:08:59 UTC  

So then where do you get your crazy idea of your "god" then

2019-09-27 15:09:05 UTC  

You think I donโ€™t know, but they tied themselves to the Bible. Like the feminists did to the me too movement

2019-09-27 15:09:13 UTC  

must have just pulled him out of your hat or something