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2021-01-08 04:08:13 UTC  

They broke their own laws. They broke the constitution. They completely bypassed the checks and balance system and way that would give them the result that they wanted.

2021-01-08 04:08:24 UTC  

I really think antifa were the ones who went into the capital to slander the protest and paint it in a negative light to further push the socialist agenda of quashing the opposition.

2021-01-08 04:08:32 UTC  

If the issue was changing laws then you can start in the lower circuit and change the laws you move up.

2021-01-08 04:08:36 UTC  

Just heard the whole thing. My impression is grain of salt and all that. Gives a little hope, though

2021-01-08 04:08:49 UTC  

No doubt. There’s not a doubt in my mind that it was antifa.

2021-01-08 04:09:36 UTC  

Why save a ship that has already sunk when a new one can be built?

2021-01-08 04:09:59 UTC  

Any information should be given with a grain of salt. Now the question is how far does corruption go? And how hard what other people try to hide it? I found a website and an article that agreed with everything from that leaked conversation. And now they are already trying to dispute it and see it as false information and Italy. It keeps getting taken down online. People are having to re-post it every six hours.

2021-01-08 04:10:13 UTC  

The country as we knew it is over. There is no saving this ship. We need a new one... a better one.

2021-01-08 04:11:07 UTC  

Thanks for that clarification it’s been cloudy several months so I forget details so important like that

2021-01-08 04:11:11 UTC  

One without lobbyists, special interest, patents, and copyrights.

2021-01-08 04:11:43 UTC  

Dude... if you know how to make a new political party then I will help you write up a draft. Figure out what the ideals are, figure out what we stand for, And establish it as a reputable party. Unfortunately that would have to start very local and very small. It would have to be one big party in a single county. Then the county would have to spread it to other counties in the same state. Or it would have to send representatives to another county to find like-minded people in another state. The creation of a new party and the creation of a new ship entirely depends on the grassroots cars and an effort from local people.

2021-01-08 04:12:24 UTC  

They bypassed the legislature which is supposed to establish and create laws. The judicial branch is supposed to enforce laws that were created by a different branch of government. They are not allowed to create laws. They are only allowed to interpret and act upon the law.

2021-01-08 04:12:29 UTC  

That happens in any society with an economy tho.. even in video games

2021-01-08 04:13:09 UTC  

The problem is humans are fluid, no ideologies mesh perfectly. Joey, for instance, has the ambition to step up, but his views are not always aligned with my own.

2021-01-08 04:13:13 UTC  

I’ll trade you transparency for a lobbyist. It’s a lobbyist had to be transparent and if every lobbying motion had to be performed on camera and well documented and presented to the public then lobbyists would think twice about how they behave.

2021-01-08 04:13:49 UTC  

It's natural order, everything tends towards degradation/ anarchy

2021-01-08 04:13:54 UTC  

As they should be. If someone does not change or alter their stance when presented new information and disregarded entirely but they are thinking with their allegiance and not with their brain.

2021-01-08 04:14:03 UTC  

Transparency and open source through and through. At least within the medical and education institutions

2021-01-08 04:14:29 UTC  

If we started with a nationwide history program that was enforced in every single state then maybe people would actually know what the constitution says.

2021-01-08 04:14:41 UTC  

So how do you build a new ship if the designs are contradictory in some aspects?

2021-01-08 04:15:49 UTC  

We don’t want to create another system of “well... close enough” for beliefs or we will end up in another 2 party system compromise.

2021-01-08 04:15:57 UTC  

Establish enough common ground to make it acceptable by multiple people and then if any questions were to arise refer to the constitution.

2021-01-08 04:16:24 UTC  

No two people will ever agree on everything wholeheartedly. If they do one of them is lying for the sake of the other.

2021-01-08 04:16:37 UTC lol hodgetwins complaining sure does feel comforting right now 😂

2021-01-08 04:16:44 UTC  

The constitution needs some help... more protects for the current age. The corruption has found pathways that once never existed.

2021-01-08 04:16:55 UTC  

And there is no room for growth. A political party needs to be able to grow. It needs to be able to change with the times. As new information is given the party needs to be able to interpret the information and adapt and make an educated decision.

2021-01-08 04:17:59 UTC  

The corruption found its way in through state governed systems because many are unconstitutional

2021-01-08 04:18:43 UTC  

Yes, but stability is essential in some cases, changing fluidly based off of what you hear, experience will not always instill confidence.

2021-01-08 04:19:07 UTC  

Absolutely. But that does not mean that the system is corrupt. It means that the system has been overcome by people who are corrupted.

2021-01-08 04:19:20 UTC  

The checks for that should be the federal level but since a certain party has been super partisan, those checks failed.

2021-01-08 04:19:22 UTC  

We need to go back to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

2021-01-08 04:19:29 UTC  

We got to this level of corruption because of loopholes and flaws. We need to find those and seal them up if we have any plans for a brighter future.

2021-01-08 04:20:31 UTC  

I am going to go to bed before I get to infused lol

2021-01-08 04:20:56 UTC  

I am not the leader the people need, but rather a deep thinker and a problem solver.

2021-01-08 04:20:58 UTC  

True. It’s Almost midnight.

2021-01-08 04:21:18 UTC  

Then you are the leader’s right hand man. Don’t sell yourself short bro

2021-01-08 04:21:42 UTC  

@AlexanderTorri at least you're thinking, that's more than most.

2021-01-08 04:21:42 UTC  

Definitely not selling myself short, just accepting of my own limitations

2021-01-08 04:22:34 UTC  
2021-01-08 04:23:11 UTC  

The future is up to people who can still have civil discourse.

2021-01-08 04:23:40 UTC  

And agree and disagree without coming to violence.