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5 shackle, 4 necro, 1 dom 1 max magicka?

2017-10-25 02:05:38 UTC  


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2018-08-18 12:52:19 UTC  

Ayy @JDMOONAN sup bro. good to see your streams again man. Loving ur content for a long ass time now and certain am an inspiration for me as far as it goes for the love of magDK. at the moment i am using your latest Wyrd tree build and its working like a charm! Saw yesterday on your stream you'd be releasing a remastered one soon 🙂 For the pact!

2018-08-18 12:55:19 UTC

2018-08-18 12:55:48 UTC  

actually since a week or so am running that poison on backbar...seems to work pretty ok and def creates a little more pressure. lemme know what you think

2018-10-09 12:55:15 UTC  

The pvp community is so small that shit like this travels super quick man

2018-10-09 12:55:33 UTC  

Be accountable for your words I forgive you for it but please watch what you say

2018-10-16 01:39:43 UTC

2018-10-16 01:39:43 UTC

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thats without vamp or pots

2018-11-22 12:14:57 UTC  


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!play lofi hiphop

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<:youtube:335112740957978625> **Searching** 🔎 `lofi hiphop`

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**Playing** 🎶 `Lofi hip hop mix - Beats to Relax/Study to [2018]` - Now!