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2017-10-25 02:05:34 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

5 shackle, 4 necro, 1 dom 1 max magicka?

2017-10-25 02:05:38 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  


2020-08-28 01:18:42 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Isn't that kid underage to be carrying?

2020-08-28 01:23:45 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

2020-08-28 01:27:43 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Lol, well fault on either sides, hopefully the jury gets things right

2020-08-28 01:29:19 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

He showed up with an illegal firearm

2020-08-28 01:29:50 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Was illegal for him to be carrying is what I mean

2020-08-28 01:30:35 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

He was 17 he's underage

2020-08-28 01:31:06 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

Also there's no Stand Your Ground law there. It's illegal to attempt to or kill someone in self defense it says

2020-08-28 01:34:37 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

I'm not on either side, he did try to flee for his life before shooting but he is not 100% in the right

2020-08-28 01:42:52 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

So anyone at any age can carry an assault rifle? No matter the state?

2020-08-28 01:44:31 UTC [JDMOONAN's DUNK SQUAD! #general]  

I dont understand why theres state laws and regulations when you're saying that anyone can just carry anywhere, whatever state cause of the 2nd amendment

16 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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