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2020-11-18 01:09:52 UTC  

Yeah 😑😑 @Jack doesn't like me I reckon..... I blocked All his minions including Pelooser and crew then he unblocked them so after I blocked them again he gave me the boot 😣😣😁

2020-11-18 01:11:43 UTC  

Ohhhhhh well πŸ˜‰ we got 'Q'rabitt 😎 she keeps me going on intel πŸ‘ Thanks sis πŸ™πŸ’œπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

2020-11-18 01:12:40 UTC  

Haha I do try ! Are u suspended or locked out for a few days?

2020-11-18 01:12:54 UTC  


2020-11-18 01:12:55 UTC  

Block e the friend too when u get back in, if u do

2020-11-18 01:12:58 UTC  

Ah ffs

2020-11-18 01:14:11 UTC  

I'll keep checking the feeds and maybe Trump will get me back in soon πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ€£

2020-11-18 01:22:58 UTC  

For the time being I'll just search all yal on Twitter through Google individually and spread the news to #TNS....

2020-11-18 02:14:50 UTC  

Trump’s twtr followers have been frozen at 88.9M for over a week. This is not normal.


was wondering if this was his real vote count. Clever.

2020-11-18 02:15:28 UTC  

Did you see Sidneys comment tonight. He had over 80million

2020-11-18 02:15:39 UTC  

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2020-11-18 02:19:20 UTC  

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2020-11-18 02:19:41 UTC  

Cool πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

2020-11-18 02:25:25 UTC  

Twitter getting ready to silence everyone

2020-11-18 02:26:13 UTC  

I really don't think this will end in the courts, I don't think anything but the Military will defeat this coup.

2020-11-18 02:41:07 UTC  

Yeahhhhh I see a Twatter blackout soon, probably by this weekend πŸ‘€β˜•β˜•

2020-11-18 03:10:04 UTC  

I don't understand why Trump just doesn't finish this already. He knows the globalists are doing this, they are trying a coup. We are at war with them. Use the military, bring it across the country, then worldwide, and get this over with, these court battles are a waste of time.

2020-11-18 03:10:58 UTC  

Tired of people sayin g"Well people have to be shown" I think we have been shown enough. I don't care if afew people have hurt feelings and think Trump is the bad guy after, just do something....

2020-11-18 03:10:58 UTC  

IMHO it's gotta be done carefully to prevent a WWIII

2020-11-18 03:12:09 UTC  

This is soooooo Deep and far spread over the entire world that some things won't/can't be revealed for the cause of all out war πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

2020-11-18 03:13:38 UTC  

I’m worried about what this is going to do to people. Many friends and family (Trump supporters) are truly freaking out over what is happening. They don’t have any idea what is really going on. They honestly think Biden has won and they think its the end of the world. People are freaking out and I’ve had a few call me crying.

2020-11-18 03:14:41 UTC  

Yeah thats why I saw just end it. Use the miltiary, destroy the globalists, do something

2020-11-18 03:14:48 UTC  

Trump is doing NOTHING

2020-11-18 03:14:57 UTC  

Just meaningless court battles he cant win

2020-11-18 03:15:10 UTC  

And even Supreme Court the other side will ignore

2020-11-18 03:15:14 UTC  

Prayers is all we have to give to them for understanding..... Keep praying Patriots for all the Lost and confused πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

2020-11-18 03:16:08 UTC  

If the act of 1871 is overturned this election has no merit

2020-11-18 03:16:24 UTC  

None whatsoever ever

2020-11-18 03:17:09 UTC  

We go back to the original constitution, elections with in 120 days

2020-11-18 03:18:16 UTC  

The mystery E.O. Trump signed goes in to effect 01/01/2021

2020-11-18 03:18:34 UTC  

I don't think any legal thing the Presiden tdoes will be respected, they will just ignore it.

2020-11-18 03:19:09 UTC  

Its the chance the globalists have to implement great reset

2020-11-18 03:19:17 UTC  

They won't stop

2020-11-18 03:19:46 UTC  

Like I said, Insurrection act, Sedition act, blackouts(Quantum EBS), use everything, end them

2020-11-18 03:20:11 UTC  

No more playing around in useless legal battles against an opponent who will laugh and does't care about law anyway

2020-11-18 03:21:20 UTC  

I just don't get Trump's strategy is he even trying?

2020-11-18 03:21:46 UTC  

10 days of darkness...

2020-11-18 03:22:24 UTC  

I have faith in GOD, not man

2020-11-18 03:23:06 UTC  

Mankind has tried to kill itself since the dawn of time

2020-11-18 03:25:56 UTC  

Well Trump is the one I'm concerned about and he should realize that these court battles are worthless. He won't get anywhere with them. Might take a world war to beat them, but its better than the great reset

2020-11-18 03:26:22 UTC  

Probably could avoid a war. Just pinpoint raids, shut down communications