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>Black facemask

Antifa spy

2017-03-30 01:15:20 UTC  

am i doing it right

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@I'mGoingBerserk At the march I was at, there was an AnCap ironically dressed as black bloc

2017-03-30 01:15:56 UTC  

We affectionately referred to him as "yellow-and-black bloc"

2017-03-30 01:16:08 UTC

2017-03-30 01:16:20 UTC  

Which workes, because he had a Gadsden Flag shirt underneath his jacket

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Thanks @TopHatt

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Your bf take those pics?

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make sure u cleansed those pics from any meta/exif data my dude

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Oy vey, completely forgot this was a public channel

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Brb, shutting it down

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>this is the country civic nationalists want

2017-03-30 01:37:08 UTC  

I have no words to explain my anger and frustration to my gernation. I want to kill them all, I cnanot take it anymore. I cant do hero since I will go to hell but I want to do it in a way that will- oh wait, there is nothhing I can do. I have to sit here and have my HEART FUCKING HURT while seeing that fucking image. It really hurts, seeing a dead lady and a miinneial say, "Aww bye fam" and see the fucking emoijis. Is this is how bad society is? If I saw my sister do that to my grandma, I will fucking kill her on the spot and fight her in HELL. God dammit, I know I shouldn't rant like this but this draws the fucking ***line*** with the shit I can handle with these fucks.

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Yes what?

2017-03-30 01:38:30 UTC  

Do you agree or what?

2017-03-30 01:38:44 UTC  

Because that fucking imgae makes my blood boil to a new level

2017-03-30 01:39:09 UTC  

whomst mentioned me

2017-03-30 01:40:54 UTC  

I agree

2017-03-30 01:41:04 UTC  

Purest of hatreds for "my generation"

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Yo whats vetted and how do i do that?

2017-03-30 01:41:47 UTC  

Join comfy bunker

2017-03-30 01:41:49 UTC  

Though I'm a part of Gen Z so I'm glad to have these more... civilized folk amongst me

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Boutta go do some propoganda m8s

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Pepe my liege, how are thou?

2017-03-30 01:53:43 UTC  

Good, and you?

2017-03-30 01:58:27 UTC  

I am perfect

2017-03-30 01:58:30 UTC  

Pensacola was fine