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2017-04-21 04:10:09 UTC  

You need to eeeeease into it

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2017-04-21 04:10:14 UTC  

Only way to flip them is to persuade them emotionally. That's why married women trended trump. The emotional pull to protect their children outweighed any liberal propaganda on open borders

2017-04-21 04:10:33 UTC  

I possess many redpills but I can't distribute them without losing my cool with them

2017-04-21 04:10:37 UTC  

right when you tell someone they're wrong they shut down

2017-04-21 04:10:51 UTC  

the democrates did get totally degenerate agains the american wish , thats why they were ousted

2017-04-21 04:11:16 UTC  

I tried to redpill a BLM fag on racism once. I swear to god she was literally OUT of arguments and ended up saying she agreed with me

2017-04-21 04:11:17 UTC  

2 weeks later

2017-04-21 04:11:20 UTC  

she back with that reverse racism crap

2017-04-21 04:11:22 UTC  

That's why you don't tell them they're wrong you argue at the fringes of their logic and slowly get them to change their arguments without ever actually saying "no you're a dumbfuck "

2017-04-21 04:11:38 UTC  

bluepills need a helicopter ride

2017-04-21 04:11:40 UTC  

Teach me how to properly redpill

2017-04-21 04:11:47 UTC  


2017-04-21 04:11:48 UTC  

@sam the only redpill for those people is the leadpill

2017-04-21 04:11:51 UTC  

well no

2017-04-21 04:11:53 UTC  

and vaguely

2017-04-21 04:11:57 UTC  

helicopter pill

2017-04-21 04:11:59 UTC  

They chanted "you deserve a helicopter ride" at Berkeley

2017-04-21 04:12:02 UTC  

Treat their values like a cloth with a thread sticking out

2017-04-21 04:12:02 UTC  

It was great

2017-04-21 04:12:05 UTC  

I saw that

2017-04-21 04:12:10 UTC  

Slowly pull at the cloth

2017-04-21 04:12:13 UTC  

I said to her to have a civil discussion

2017-04-21 04:12:15 UTC  

Thread rather

2017-04-21 04:12:17 UTC  

"Hey hey hi hi commies deserve a helicopter ride"

2017-04-21 04:12:22 UTC  

You are gonna want to make them redpill themselves

2017-04-21 04:12:22 UTC  

Untill you unwind the cloth

2017-04-21 04:12:28 UTC  
2017-04-21 04:12:30 UTC  

I brought up countless points and she just pointed to an anecdotal thing

2017-04-21 04:12:42 UTC  

u cant try to really convince them

2017-04-21 04:12:42 UTC  

women, what you expect

2017-04-21 04:12:44 UTC  

dont try too hard

2017-04-21 04:12:47 UTC  

bring it up casually

2017-04-21 04:12:50 UTC  

and move on

2017-04-21 04:12:52 UTC  

At the end she said I became uncivil when I began attacking the feminist movement

2017-04-21 04:12:53 UTC  

The best way to redpill someone is to let them figure it out for themselves. Give them info that forces them to reach the conclusion you want

2017-04-21 04:12:54 UTC  

make them redpill themselves

2017-04-21 04:12:54 UTC  

Use counter anecdotes

2017-04-21 04:12:57 UTC  

Some fucking people

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