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2018-06-29 04:35:27 UTC  

that's kiddy diddlers that need to be put down

2018-06-29 04:35:29 UTC  

palin could have run in 2016 if she was VP

2018-06-29 04:35:43 UTC  

she could be madam president right now

2018-06-29 04:35:44 UTC  

Well yeah, Obama was abortion-reaper man

2018-06-29 04:35:46 UTC  

Palin was good optics

2018-06-29 04:35:57 UTC  
2018-06-29 04:35:59 UTC  

I was young though

2018-06-29 04:36:05 UTC  

McCain came out and said, flat out, life begins at conception

2018-06-29 04:36:20 UTC  

Obama said, yo, beyond my paygrade so i dunno

2018-06-29 04:36:29 UTC  

id let her shoot me out of a helicopter, if you know what i mean

2018-06-29 04:36:32 UTC  

Obama is a nigger

2018-06-29 04:37:01 UTC  

Mulatto actually

2018-06-29 04:37:02 UTC  

but close

2018-06-29 04:37:10 UTC  

That's a nigger

2018-06-29 04:37:12 UTC  

guys I take it back

2018-06-29 04:37:13 UTC  


2018-06-29 04:37:15 UTC  

corporate america is woke

2018-06-29 04:37:20 UTC  

Palin is like 50+ and shes very hott still

2018-06-29 04:37:30 UTC

2018-06-29 04:37:40 UTC  

kinda acting crazy lately tho, ngl

2018-06-29 04:37:48 UTC  

Doesn't know about the superbowl commercial

2018-06-29 04:37:51 UTC  

In 2010 in the af, I remember being in the dorms and reading the monthly base paper and reading a bunch of shit about top brass trying to get rid of don't ask don't tell. That's when I knew lol...

2018-06-29 04:37:51 UTC  

Poor gal

2018-06-29 04:38:22 UTC  

Don't ask don't tell was itself the beginning of the end

2018-06-29 04:38:25 UTC  

@Marcus Antonius thanks for your service to THE united states of america

2018-06-29 04:38:31 UTC  

before that they actively hunted you down

2018-06-29 04:38:38 UTC  

We had a kid in our group that talked like a faggot and we called him a faggot the entire time

2018-06-29 04:38:47 UTC  

DADT was just a way of sliding towards it

2018-06-29 04:38:55 UTC  

I guarded gates and assets and shit man lol, no biggie

2018-06-29 04:38:58 UTC  

It was easy

2018-06-29 04:39:30 UTC  

That's why I recommend the air force to so many people, it's easy if you're not a retard or obese.

2018-06-29 04:39:38 UTC  

And you get a shit load in return

2018-06-29 04:40:02 UTC  

Handle your shit, do your time, and get your education paid for

2018-06-29 04:40:03 UTC  

i dont care if you were shoveling shit. if you help the nation, im gonna appreciate it

2018-06-29 04:40:11 UTC  

Lol thanks fella

2018-06-29 04:40:20 UTC  

Wanted to go AF but my lungs are shit. Have to Have an inhaler on me 24/7

2018-06-29 04:40:25 UTC  

this "everyone has to be a doctor or a lawyer" is top tier zog talk

2018-06-29 04:40:41 UTC  

Gi bill pays for Trade school

2018-06-29 04:40:43 UTC