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I’ve been smoking for 40 yea#rs

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I can prove it with my voice on vc

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Wtf do tou even say

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@SirVagabondNYC I remember yesterday you were wondering why the rockets curve instead of going straight up. I think I have an answer. The rocket might be trying to get into orbit until it is ready to go about its business. Not really wanting to debate rn, just wanted to throw that out there

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Why do rockets curve when they fly into space instead of going straight up? A: If a rocket just flew straight up, then it would fall right back down to Earth when it ran out of fuel! Rockets have to tilt to the side as they travel into the sky in order to reach orbit, or a circular path of motion around the Earth.

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This steering technique is known as a gravity turn, which uses Earth's gravity to help conserve rocket fuel and minimize stress and strain on the spacecraft.This works by rotating the spacecraft until its heavier side is facing down to help curve its flight into orbit.

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The technique is also useful when launching from a planet with a thick atmosphere, such as the Earth. Because gravity turns the flight path during free flight, the rocket can use a smaller initial pitchover angle, giving it higher vertical velocity, and taking it out of the atmosphere more quickly.

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While flying through the sky, a rocket loses a great deal of its energy as a result of air resistance, and it needs to make sure that it attains a high enough altitude when most of its fuel is used up. That’s why a rocket initially flies straight up very fast, as it needs to cross the thickest part of the atmosphere in the least possible distance.

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mineyful#4764 the link you posted is too long!

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@mineyful also I see one of ur liks were too long use bitly to shorten it

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thanks for letting me know, next time i'll shorten them

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Makes sense

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Gotta use gravity to save fuel

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Flat earthers are scared of this:

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Flat earthers call everything fake that doesn't suit their beliefs

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*like gravity*

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Hello, can a flat earther please explain to me how stars work?

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Welcome to the Ice Wall!

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thanks yeti

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Actually, I am curious as to what the Aether is regarded as. Can someone explain please?

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@Shadow✓ Heyo shadow

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Welcome to the ice wall

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Where your wildest dreams come true

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Ik u been wanting a good debate

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Try sheeple. Indio is here too if you wanna destroy him again

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Do not try sheeple lol

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@demonwarrior2266 Indio is mostly in 24/7

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