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2018-06-10 01:16:43 UTC  

vouchers don't work

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Government funding based on competitive enrollment would be far better than it is now

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>They either pick one within the family or they all do a test and the one that does the best goes

2018-06-10 01:22:24 UTC  

This is for poor country's where both the whole output of the pop cant support education for all and the individual families cant afford to stop farming or what theu traditionally do

2018-06-10 16:04:21 UTC  

Government funded, with local authorities adapting the syllabus to meet the needs of the local economy.
Only thing that central authorities do is make a syllabus for English, Mathematics and Sciences (Biology, Physics, Chemistry).
Private companies provide the testing and frameworks, with the local authorities and schools choosing which companies they pick to teach in the schools.

Private schools that also do the same, but follow their own syllabus independent of the local authorities but must meet the criteria for English, Mathematics and Sciences, with the private companies for testing also providing the standardised testing for them.

2018-06-10 16:28:13 UTC  

@NullJager Government funded schools are shown to be ineffective

2018-06-10 16:29:23 UTC  

California, with the highest government spending on education, over $50B at times, has the lowest scoring public schools

2018-06-10 16:29:59 UTC  

Decentralization of schools and giving them more local authority and encouraging private investment would be more beneficial

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California has a lot of hispanics and nighers

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You have to consider culture

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You can give a teacher $1 million dollars but of the kids don't want to learn, then they won't

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@Deleted User where's the communist to tell you just because you're racist doesn't mean the black kids can't succeed

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I don't understand that

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I don't dislike black people

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I'm half black

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I hate ni99ers

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Huge difference

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I agree with milk on this I know lots of black guys that arent nigers they dont have to act white either one dude I know is just himself hes a bit of a weeb and into mtg and RPGs but hes like a cool black dude.

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but I personally think alot of whites are nigers

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it originally was a slang for ignorant I think it needs to be that again

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@Doctor Anon privately funded, but government ran schools over here are underperforming and paying out large payments to the higher up staff.
Decentralise, but keep the central funding that is allocated to the local authorities, schools are not prohibted from having donations or fundraisers.
The private schools are those that fill the gap.

2018-06-10 18:33:09 UTC  

Private schools out match public schools in every aspect, I think we need to make a slow transition into all private schools with public schools only in poverty stricken areas. @NullJager

2018-06-10 18:42:38 UTC  

I agree that they do outstrip them.
But what we are seeing in the UK is cronyism, the government introduced "Academies" and they're just pulling most of the budget into paying the upper staffers.
Public and private have a place, I went to public school and almost all of my mates from my class and the class below, went on to get decent jobs and Masters degrees.

2018-06-10 18:43:04 UTC  

The thing is that where kids are not interested in academic learning there should be more of a push towards learning trades, rather than making them sit in a class all day.

2018-06-10 18:44:16 UTC  

Also, National Service, I'm strong believer in that being the culmination of education.
2 years of service in the armed forces or 3 in civil service.

Straighten the shitbags out, make the creme even better.

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I have only gone to public schools;
I competed academically in decathlons, math, etc against public and private
On average, the private schools had much better and many more competitors.

2018-06-10 18:45:06 UTC  

However, I am now attending a public university

2018-06-10 18:45:20 UTC  

and it is renowned for its success

2018-06-10 18:46:01 UTC  

Well, the private schools put more into those areas, due to them being able to be more flexible with their budgets. Mainly due to lower attendance rates and higher budget per student.
A public school has to balance it all between each student.

2018-06-10 18:46:12 UTC  

I don't know about the UK, but the US's main educational problem most certainly stems from poor culture and student population

2018-06-10 18:46:24 UTC  

No Child Left Behind didn't help either

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plus the push to put everyone in college is silly

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Very fucking stupid.

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All that it has done is make the Bachelors Degree useless and the Masters the "standard".

2018-06-10 18:47:51 UTC  

There should be more of a focus on trade training, construction, carpentry, etc.

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especially with the "America needs immigrants to take up trade roles"

2018-06-10 18:53:51 UTC  

Plenty of future workers there already.
Just the push is to have those illegals outside home depot do it.