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<@&479643036951904267> generic question (and a bit of old news) but what are your thoughts on the Ukriane crisis a few years back?

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I think Russia is pretty based

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How so?

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@Euro-American Bandit They are willingly supporting Assad, who has a non Rothschild central bank. In Ukraine, they are propping up ultranationalists. Finally, a separatist group thats fighting with Russia did this

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"Alleged members of the Donetsk Republic carrying the flag of the Russian Federation,[228] passed out a leaflet to Jews that informed all Jews over the age of 16 that they would have to report to the Commissioner for Nationalities in the Donetsk Regional Administration building and register their property and religion."

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For me, it's mostly down to: if a people, who are in some capacity different from their country, want to secede, then they should and it's for the best. But what 2100AD said is good stuff too

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An interesting take on the situation. However it infringes on Ukrainian sovereignty (a treaty was signed between Russia and Ukraine that essentially said they would respect each others borders).
Plus not all of the fighters in Donbass are nationalistic (as seen here)
At best your getting National Bolsheviks, Russian Patriots, and Duginists aka Neo Eurasianists (which I suppose is better than nothing) but a good portion of fighters are still Socialists, Communists, etc.

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The site itself has bias i will admit that.
But i think it will shed some light on the whole situation (also this isn't the Alt Right website Spencer uses. It's a different one)

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But overall the situation is muddled and such. As with life, there is no clear "good and bad guy" in this conflict

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Yeah, I've seen some Communist flags waving in some pictures from Luhansk, I believe.

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The Azov Battalion makes me want to root for Ukraine :P

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Russia was in the right

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I'll leave it at that

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I'm ukrianian-russsian but I think Russia should just annex Ukrainian all together

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So you don't think treaties mean anything?

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Its important to note that in Ukraine the conflict has bled both sides extremely, however Kiev is on the genocide path bombing and regularly killing civilians as was the govorments supporters goal from day one (Odessa massacre) and the war started not with a declaration of war, but with strafing runs on civilians of which there are videos which I recommend anyone watch.

The war however has attracted a lot of mercanaries, the US is arming Kiev ad it is reasonable to assume that it is supplying them with a steady stream of mercanaries. Donbas in need of well armed fighting men will accept anyone it can get, Kiev being national socialist, or rather supporting Banderism, has attracted such forces as the Azov battalion, and this has motivated legitimate antifa, or other communist militias and mercanaries to fight for free really. Giving Donbass much needed help. As such I support Donbass and the history of Ukraine puts it in a position that much of its modern land was not ethnically ukranian nor originally settled by ukrainians. As such I also support DOnbass in its right to secede and for Kiev to respect this right as they have a legitimate claim to this and I condemn their genocidal war. @Euro-American Bandit

I dont thin pan slavism is a good idea @Doctor Anon Its.... well.... a one way street to eradication of all slavic cultures and merging them into what would be russia. I like the idea of a Slavic brotherhood, or slavic Sojusz, based on militayr cooperation first and foremost and beyond that very broad and basic and clear rules. A list of 10 comandments so to speak (polish here 😄 ). I would recommend bringign back ancient slavonic or at least glagolictic as a formal second language and slavic dialogue which would be used in all buerocratic or international matters (also making trade simply easier). As well as elected representatives by the nation which can be removed at any moment should the vote reach a certain threshhold.

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(why the fuck do i always write such massive walls of text, i need to learn to be conciese,)

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@Bogatyr Bogumir Pan Slavism wouldn't be Russia, it would work as a U.S would work, 2 senators from each country, and a main body proportioned to each population

2018-09-08 19:42:20 UTC  

@Doctor Anon I thought pan slavism mandated that essentially a slavic culture emerge or allowed for simply one sided domination, a guy did an interesting video on pan slavism and something else. However the system you speak of is something I agree with, beig that there must be equal and equally weighed representation as we are brother and sister nations and this makes us prone to bickering. However I would not support uniting it into a union or single political entity

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(the guy is called slavic affairs and hes Serbian I think, and has some cool vids, music and all)

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@Doctor Anon wherever have we seen a republic/federation containing russia and its surrounding nations...

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*cough cough* ***Union of Soviet Socialist Republics***

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Also Tsarist Russia

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*are you retarded*

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well, sans republic

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Creating ethnic-based states is a garbage idea either way, though

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Not really

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yeah really

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especially in terms of broader ethnicities

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like "Germanic" or "Slavic"

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@SilverLining so your telling me states that have majority people of theyre states ethnicity are bad?

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not bad, but I'm saying it's pointless to seek organization strictly upon ethnic lines

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especially if it's non-existent right now

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ehh i can kinda agree with that

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I'd argue organization should be even more regional

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but why shouldnt a state mantain its culture

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For example, while the south may be "ethnically American", just like the north

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I don't see why the north needs to remain tethered to the south