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Good evening. Is this where you are instead of greeting the newcomers, @Deleted User ?

I suppose it is only fitting for a ruler to delegate his courtly duties to his paxmen.

And hello to you, @Milk .

You're just a figurative child.

Yes to which?

The Jews are a boogieman meant to distract and steer you from seeing true atrocities.

With lesser atrocities.

The true threat is the Petro-dollar scheme.

You are a puppet as well, you look at a wall when the window is right beside you.

Pray thee tell, if the *Jewish Empire* comes tumbling down and things do not improve, then who will be your boogieman?

You're a fool if you believe that another group wouldn't try to move during the opportune time of a vast power vacuum.

A child's mindset, to be free from his parents until he realizes there are greater dangers in the world.

Which partnership do you think this mongrel from?

You are naught, but a dog that barks at anyone that looks upon him. Perhaps you should look at a real issue, or read what it is your own country is doing?

Again, you would have everyone look at the wall when the window is just on the other side.

You're an unfortunate man to think all the world's woes might be cast off with one of your boogiemen.

You are unfortunate by no power but your own.

Perhaps you should pay heed to the advice given. Mayhaps you learn a trade, or goodness forbid you start a business, or get a decent position of some sort.

A fool thinks his house safe while he burns his neighbour's.

Am I? You are the one looking to burn his neighbour's house because you think it their fault you were unable to reach your potential.

I believe in the good of all Man, but have little hope it will show itself before the end.

Again, I ask, if you had your way, and things did not improve, who would you blame at that point?

Well, you somehow think nobody would try to step into a power vacuum, that there would be no man save a Jew who would dare impose his will over the masses.

Who does?

"He" as in God?

Who is he, and who are they?

And again, if there were no Jews as your society would have it, then you think all would be honky Dory and none should try to impede another?

And you think there are no other snakes?

Do you believe the den safe after you have destroyed one threat?

I'm quite concerned that you seem to think that such a minority would have so much power without the support of the people.

Really, they must be genius.

You're a fool that can't see the forest for all the trees

That is the will of the world.

The world will goes as it does and not as you or I would have it.

No matter how much power.

That is actually money.

Money causes the issues of the world as it is.

And the greed of the few who are in control of that wealth at at the epicenter.

And there are no other evils in this world more worthy of eradication?

You believe it to be all one group?


You truly believe that there is no other man in this entire world that would do anything to impose his will upon all?

You truly think there to be only one group capable of any of this?

Western Civilization is a threat to itself.

It cultivates a sense of competition with one's Kinsmen and fosters greed.

You'd have to be willfully ignorant to believe one group the ails of all the world.

The glowing clouds of toxic chlorinated chemicals that melt away the Ozone layer allowing increasing amounts of radiation through?

It must be the Jews.

Return to whatever echo chamber you came from.

Looking at it from any perspective we've made very little of any progress save technological. In the end we are still Ina system of Overlords and Underlords.

Just the overlord is swapped out every now and again.

Very little has.

The things we know have been known, is just now we like to name and categorize them with fancy titles.

Are you against seeing value in your fellow man?

Which Church?

Hmm, you seem to have misspelled "Paganism Lite".

Literally everyone worked for the church.

At least that's what the Church would have had.

If you were a farmer and paid taxes to a king you also worked for the church as the king usually had his power through God via the Church.

I was just saying that most were endentured to the church in some capacity under the rule of Catholicism.

It was all petty squabbles over who was more correct in an issue that had no real answer.

All are to blame.

That's what reaction will do to the best laid plans.

Not having a contingency

I think rewards are a good thing.

Indulgence is not.

It's the archaic definition of indulgence.

Like Anathema

Archaic as in that is not the accepted definition in modern language.

The environment is about doomed as we knew it when we were younger. The toxins we pumped into the air for generations are eating away at our only defense against radiation from cosmic sources.

The rate at which O3 replenishes is vastly outdone by the rate at which we destroy it.

So things will continue on the current track until we can alleviate that issue, or at least slow it down to where we no longer have a loss of O3 in the upper atmosphere.

Unfortunately that is a long ways off as we won't stop using cars.

This is literally a hole in the Ozone.

These clouds just recently started appearing.

These are new.

Not the old.

These are a recent development, and the ozone has actually been reduced.

And the planet is fine with ozone depletion, we are not.

And the ocean can rise, as water expands when it is warmed, the water below the surface is quite cold, so if it starts to warm up there is the possibility of some rising. Also, Antarctica is not a solid chunk of ice, it is an actual continent as compared to the Arctic which is mostly a hunk of ice.

No, if you put the ice in a cup that is full it will displace the water.

So yes, it does rise.

And again, the ice caps of Antarctica are not in the ocean, they are above it.

On the continent.

So, if you drop an ice cube in a cup that is full, what happens?

Go on, you can do it yourself.

Fill a glass to the brim, and then put ice in it.

So if the ice melted, and it was warmer that more ice started melting faster than it could freeze, which is what we are seeing in the Arctic, it would just be replaced as if by magic?

The fact that there is now plant material growing in the Antarctic is no indication that it is warming.

Holy sweet Lord, take a glass of water, fill it and then put ice in it.

The ice of Antarctica is ABOVE sea level.

It's on a continental shelf

So, if some cataclysm caused all the ice to fall off it most definitely *could* have such an impact.

Though the huge influx of cold water would probably show signs before the rising sea levels.


That's of the ice is *in* the water.

If you have a glass that is full and add ice the water is displaced until it equalizes.

So it would over flow.

Again, try it.

Take a glass, fill it, then put your ice in.

The water level will rise without a shadow of a doubt.

And the ice of Antarctica is mostly above the water.

It's like the full glass that you shove ice cubes into.

Of course none of us really know anything and can't fathom the depths of the knowledge we acquire, and ultimately it could turn out that God had absolute control the entire time and all we did was equal to nil.

But yes, you're right. If all the ice was actually in the water, and not above it likely wouldn't have much of an impact on sea levels, just the temperature.

But that's assuming the ice is of regular density at 1 atmosphere of pressure.

Japanese, it means Curse Lord.

Noroi Dono

Lightning blowing up all around me.

Israel directly, or were the weapons from Israel?


Should have bought Russian surplus and have that to them.

No, what I'm saying is it would have been better to have bought old Russian weapons and given that to the rebels.

Would have kept the ruse on longer.

Canada provides arms to them too via the War trade.

Not directly, but Canada sells to groups that sell to them.

I think it's too keep the conflict going.

Canada recently have Iran 225M under the guise of Female Education.

Because Trudeau is a puppet.

And not a very good one

Canada like to give a lot of "foreign aid" under the Liberals.

Literally have actual terrorists 10M because we violated his "Rights" which he should have forfeit when he actively chose to kill US troops.

Then we quietly gave over 34M to other people known to have extremist ties.

A puppet to his ministers, and they are all in the pockets of bigger fish.

It's really unfortunate, the Ministers tell him to tell the people one thing while they go off and do another.

This current government is inept.

A careless tweet caused a migrant crisis, but there is no crisis according to the Somalian in charge of immigration.

And yes, I am from Canada.

I'm slowly losing my will to refer to myself as a national of this country.

The cities are retarded and can't keep trees alive, and the rural areas hate the cities because the cities don't care about anything aside from frivolous things that save face without fixing anything.

The capital relies on the taxes of the rest of the country to support it.

And then it squanders all that money by paint the municipal workers that sir in offices and do very little all day

DND is full of people who get paid way to much and only work 4 hours a day usually.

The Commons are more focused on Weed and whether we should try and force the pope with legislation that doesn't apply to him to come and apologize for residential schools.

Also the government just passed a bill to get over 2B dollars to pay for "Fees"

Where that 2B+ came from I'm not sure, but I hate this regime.

I can't believe we put up with this.

The guy literally asks for something and he gets it.

He bought 3 boats on tax payer dime for his private villa.

He ignores the conservation laws.

Using fruit trees to tie his slack lines.

Literally admitted to breaking the law then covered it up by outraging the country.

He killed all the pipeline deals we had in place with the USA because he gave 225M to Iran and the US hates us for it.

He also said on a trade deal with China that he was willing to fuck over the common people of Canada to make a deal.

"I'm not here to look out for Canada's best interests" is what he said.

But hey! He looks good on a post card so we'll just ignore it.

Canadians are stupid, and weak.

It's really unfortunate.


In a trade deal with China

Which hee then botched.

We should, but we already have control.

We voted him in and the only person that can fire him was chosen by him, and the Queen won't step in because the UK would step in.

It's just that we choose to wait until the next election so we can vote against the Liberals and get the same problem.

The Queen has power here.

She can remove the Prime Minister if she chose to.

Just that if she tried to step in, British Parliament would try to further limit her powers.

So then it shouldn't be up to the local community?

Because who decides what is and is not right when the community that has decided this is fine and it works for them, but the other community is disproportionately affected by that choice?

It's far easier to dump toxins than to clean them.

No? So say a community decides to build a dam

And that floods a large portion of the land the other community was focusing conservation efforts.

In turn this causes the fish to stop reproducing as they can no longer get to their spawning grounds.

This leads to a build up of heavy metals in the water and algae blooms due to nothing eating the algae anymore. This leads to the water becoming toxic and deoxidized.

This isn't a hypothetical either. This is what is happening in Quebec.

If you honestly believe that one can not ruin something for the many then you're ignorant, or you don't care.

Oh, I just saw that article.

It would be the one who chose industry.

The community needs electricity to run machines.

Unless you mean that ultimately the decision lies with the state to build a dam.


Oh, well that's stupid. It was Quebec.

So the province allowed it.

And the utility used the authority to build it.

It was allowed by the community.

Via the Democratic process.

And lack of resistance.

It was also welcomed.

As it created jobs.

And an economy.

And again, how does that mitigate the affect the one community might have on the others?

I used it as an example of the effects a dam can have.

Not as an example of building it.

Or by whom.

I was just asking you what would be the punishment for such a transgression and who would enforce it?

That's irrelevant.

You're distracting.

From the QotD.

You say these decisions *should* be handled at the local level though.

And that they should have the authority to do these sorts of projects.

But some effects are unforeseeable, so I was asking what would happen?

If one community made a decision that affected several others?

Who enforces that?

And who decides what a forest is worth?

How do you gauge how much damage there is from losing a forest which provides food and resources for several communities?

A single tree can be considered priceless

And money will never bring those resources back


How do you mitigate this when money isn't enough?

So you would have a community starve its people?

An industrial community isn't going to have much food

If that community didn't have enough for both, would you have one go hungry?

It's not the food source to them

It's a good source for the others.

That would be an agricultural community

I'm just asking how an issue like that would be solved under such a system.

When money isn't enough.

Aaaaaand if the community were not that sort?

They have food for their people, but not enough for two communities

Much less several.



Alright. I'll just stop here.

If you actually believe that.

There is no point to talking to you.

Money can't bring back an entire Forest.

Nor can it mitigate that income.

A forest will produce money forever.

So you would have the other community pay all the money the others could have ever made for all time?

No. It can not.

If you think that then you really are ignorant.

A maple first can not be turned into a pine forest no matter how much you have spent.

And a maple Forest can not be brought back no matter how much you spend

It's been tried.

It was tried for years, tens of millions were spent.

And it was never done.

It failed every time.

It takes hundreds of years to grow a forest.

And only weeks, or days to destroy.

So you would have a community pay hundreds of years worth of lost revenue?

Or would it just be an oppsie doodles?

Now, don't get me wrong. I too believe that municipalities should have better autonomy.

The ability to circumvent a state/provincial government to a point.

And extend itself to the Federal.

It was done rich entrepreneur, he cut a maple Forest to try and rebuild it as a pine.

As soon as the pines started to grow, the maples would take priority, and when the pines died the maples for sun scorch.

My BF studied it in school because he is a forest technician.

Maples can not be in the sun.

They die. They get scorched.

Yeah, money can't fix everything.

That is not a good mind set to have..

It was money.

They tried for years.

No amount direct ever changed the results.

I also thought it would be possible to change it.

But after reading and looking at forests I eventually realized.


"a park"

By the way this wasnt just planting pines over the maples

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