Message from Earth in The Ice Wall #ufos

2019-04-26 18:50:33 UTC  

it doesn't has to be simply bacteria, saying it's just bacteria is to a holistic understanding to the university hypothetical and unconfirmed

2019-04-26 18:51:15 UTC  

sometimes, you can have supernatural experiences related to extraterrestrials, to those who have experienced something like this, how does it feel?

2019-04-26 18:51:23 UTC  

same story as with telepathy?

2019-04-26 21:57:02 UTC  

Pretty sure the Grey's have telepathic capabilities

2019-04-26 23:14:54 UTC  

i wasnt even ear raping and i was muted lol

2019-04-26 23:18:18 UTC  

@Bassn wrong chat

2019-04-26 23:18:24 UTC  


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2019-04-28 01:07:08 UTC  

thefirst one is a bird

2019-04-28 01:07:29 UTC  


2019-04-28 21:30:03 UTC  

They are real

2019-04-29 11:30:05 UTC  

humans are so stupid

2019-04-29 19:20:26 UTC  

prefer an experience with ETs over that with humans. This often happens with starseeds

2019-04-29 19:21:16 UTC  

the philosophical basis of this is based on what you experience. To bring you in a situation of one such child, it's clear that they are often bullied and misinterpreted.

2019-04-29 19:21:37 UTC  

and labeled with some psychiatric diagnosis, sometimes even put on drugs

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2019-05-03 08:12:38 UTC  

think i just got probed

2019-05-03 09:18:44 UTC  


2019-05-03 09:31:28 UTC  

what should i do

2019-05-03 09:33:44 UTC  

call the police

2019-05-03 09:33:47 UTC  


2019-05-15 20:40:55 UTC  

alien time

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2019-05-20 08:12:16 UTC  

The illuminati is secretly married to aliens

2019-05-21 14:24:34 UTC

2019-05-21 17:38:08 UTC  

i spoke to aliens/spiritually enlightened beings

2019-05-21 18:45:26 UTC  

hmm. --that's funny ..i dont remember you though :?!i:[email protected]

2019-05-21 18:46:06 UTC  

<:BigSmiles:556070613224259594> 💨

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2019-05-22 07:33:16 UTC  

What is the image about?

2019-05-23 22:46:05 UTC  

A representative confirmed the US government investigated the occurrence unexplained aircraft as a part of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, made public in 2017.

There have been a number of reports of unauthorised and/or unidentified aircraft entering various military-controlled air space

A Navy spokesperson

And former British defence official Nick Pope revealed the specific choice of words marks a major step in the way that the government discusses UFO.

He said: “It also shows the British influence, because UAP was the term we used in the Ministry of Defence to get away from the pop culture baggage that came with the term ‘UFO’.”

The shift in language drives only weeks after the US Navy unveiled new guidelines on collecting information about UFO sightings.

The guidelines are designed to make it easier for sailors to report UFO sightings amid fears that “mysterious unidentified flying objects could actually be ‘extremely advanced Russian aircraft.”

2019-05-23 23:07:07 UTC  

How do we know the moon isn’t an alien ship

2019-05-23 23:07:38 UTC  

Think about it, no one would think about it. Except for me, but I am a genius

2019-05-23 23:08:55 UTC  

because its been around since the beginning of time

2019-05-23 23:09:09 UTC  

Unlike the earth, the moon has been observed to be round, and ships are not round