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Obama did 911

Obama went to mars

Obama was part of project pegasus

What the hell is this server for anyways?

Ok so bush did 911


Yeah dude

Get outta here

Ok so basically **im monkey**

Yeah fbi hid the boxes from the plane crash

Dude seriously


Bruh lol

Yeah they did it in canada right?

Just search it up

Its a CIA mind control project

Well the CIA most likely gave the lab rats a large sum of cash and sent them off...

Yeah we know its helpful


Heh heh

Yeah dude get with the program

Get outta here

How many uncles do you have?

Well you're about to... nvm

Who's the owner here?

Is director owner?

Not enslaved

Well kinda

No they made them do work. That's what happened in canada

Yeah ok

Yeah i agree but at that time its like having thr enemy right in your house. Thr Japanese bombed a ton of countries. But now it seems like a bad thing to do

Well yeah but where would the kids go if the parents were gone

Yeah. Your presidential is pretty bad


I mean you can like trump. He's successful and married to a supermodel.

Yeah we like obama


Yeah. Especially one dotard

Yeah why'd you guys even colonize Guam

This is america

Yeah now this is just messed up


Ok see ya guys. Good knowing y'all

Bois im back

Well imma go talk to ny friend now

Rip Ukraine

Bush did 9/11


<:morty:534348220634234891> <:NPC:516548860047392778>

I like how this debate chat went from real conspiracies to debating about the nfl being rigged

Oh yeah. Forgot that it’s an American thing

Seems like an unlikely event and would take tremendous work


Hollow earth?

Yeah definetely some sort of water flow

Oh wow


Always happens to me on exam day

I heard this story where jesus went to south america and met the indigenous population. Might not be true

Yeah there's also a theory that one of the two wise men that visited jesus at birth was the Buddha

Wow i didn't think the Indian-pakistan war would progress so quickly

My phone legit looks like a bomb

Ive got a bunch of wires attached to it and a portable charger with flashing lights


What's this?

Some ancient hieroglyphs?

Im watching

Fake news


Think back to 2000 and 2012




Project pat?

Never heard of him

I know a couple of rappers. Just not old ones

Thought this was rap lol


Pyramids on antarctica are cool



Yeah im going to hell

Bob Lazar

Gravity wave propulsion is better

Much more efficient.

Gravity wave propulsion still better

Literally point and click any where you want to go

How it works? I could go on forever

No no no

Gravity wave still better

Too long to explain

Just watch a video

Oh ok

Yeah gravity is weird

Still a ton we dont know

This chat is my favourite podcast

Intriguing argument

Love how everyone's yelling at each other

Haha you're right

All i hear is rape, gang rape, and raping people

Ok who's losing

I wouldn't target this against Christians. Everyone raped esch other back then. Right? I think i worded that wrong


Yeah im ex mod

Imma ask agaun



All search engines track you

Either that or he NSA

Safest way is to use tor, but then again there still is a way they can track you but its a lot harder

Nope incognito does shit

Incognito only doesnt save your history

TOR is the best if you don't want anyone seeing the stuff

Eh not really. TOR can be exploited by sniffing the exit nodes, but no one takes the time or cares to do it. Tracking the person is a lot harder

VPN and TOR combined should be the most efficient, as it creates a hidden tunnel between each node, but its slow as hell and you need to trust your VPN provider

Its hard to find out which VPN providers to trust

If you pick a bad one it could sell all your information

I would prefer using VPNs that cost money, but it would be useless to me since i never need to use it

Whats the name?

What if TOR was run by the NSA 🤔


Propellantless propulsion?

I really hope the EM drive works


Haha our economy isn't doing so well thanks to trudeau

Im in alberta. Our oil industry used to be extremely good

Haha this chat is messed up

Ram ranh

Good song

Oh lol

Come to canada if you want to smoke pot

Many factors effect worldview

Ah damnit i just rewatched the martian a couple days ago

@HeroicJkroy welcome to the server. Mkultra is a conspiracy chat, so youre welcome to debate about anything conspiracy related. Theres usually a debate going on in the voice chat so make sure to join in

Did someone push you into joining?


This is a good server for conspiracy theorists and debators

Uh i don't think so


No that's ok

Oh i see

hold up


Uh. Did someone from this server push you into joining?

Someone specifically?

Oh shit. You FBI?

Ok ok

We just have some g-14 classified informstion on this server


Ok. Ive never talked to xiy beforr

Ah ok

Uh. Some people i guess

And what do you mean by that?

Well uh. I would argue that this server is mostly a conspiracy debate

Words of wisdom

Ah. I see

Im convinced many of us have not

Wait @booshibonton you a flat earther?

Ah. Well we've found a good pair


So what the fuck is going on noq

Chad my god. Im not worthy of tips


Damn I feel flexed on


I see how it is now

Oh yeah

I fail to see the difference lol

My school gave out macbook airs

A hundred new macbook airs a year

How the fuck did this start

How did you just make that lol




Excuse me wut that fuck is going on

You need jesus


Marry both of em

Believe in jesus

This group needs jesus

Jesus created shaggy


Its 3:37 pm

Mountain time. Wherr do you live?

No homo though

No moon landing was real. Just too many aliens so they had to fake some videos

Ay welcome

I guess

You can choose as many

Press on the emojis

Make sure to join our back up server just in case we get busted by the feds. Were dealing with high level g-14 classified information

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