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Remem to go to school and get an education

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Im important that you pay a car loan per year to be subjected to interracial gay porn in class

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It looks like interracial lol

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Fucking hell

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Imagine still being Swedish after Poltava lol

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Dude "accidentally" played interracial porn for his students, tf.

2018-09-26 01:45:05 UTC  

Oh, he's Canadian. That makes sense.

2018-09-26 02:19:33 UTC  

Someone's gonna beat this cunt

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she definitely has rape fantasies

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I would've punched her in the face, I'm sure you can get away with it in russia

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Fuck off ed

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Big guy here

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guys i have a confession to make

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nick grabbed me by the pussy at a high school party in 1982

2018-09-26 02:37:42 UTC  

and ive been living in fear ever since

2018-09-26 02:39:19 UTC  

nick once bit a woman by the nipple without asking for consent or anything

2018-09-26 02:39:39 UTC  

that woman's name?

2018-09-26 02:39:44 UTC  

Abagail Shapiro

2018-09-26 02:40:08 UTC  

nick is confirmed jewish

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there you have it folks

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after collecting my memories and consulting my lawyers, i feel like it's time i share the story of my sexual assault

2018-09-26 02:45:30 UTC  

I saw joe rogan at home depot, i came over to tell him im a huge fan of his podcast and maybe get an autograph

2018-09-26 02:46:25 UTC  

instead he turned his head and said "HUH? HUH? HUH?" before kicking me in the balls with a turning side kick, which instantly made me infertile

2018-09-26 02:47:13 UTC  

he left the store crawling away on all-fours, making chimp noises and not paying for the JB-weld in his back pocket

2018-09-26 02:47:32 UTC  

this happened in anaheim in 2006

2018-09-26 02:48:57 UTC  

that's not even 20 years ago