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but also in modern days there are collectives such as in latin america, that literally mean, we all work, we all eat, they contribute to growing the food, and they all eat@Extra Crispy

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Is it hate on quatroking hour?

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thats how socialism works

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just because 'there are,' doesn't mean 'they all work effectively'

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Shouldn't be.

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I mean, I like Quatro

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@Extra Crispy and its up to them to sort it out

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He's a calm, level-headed, rational user and former moderator who knows how to adequately handle situations as they come up.

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i'm real as fuck

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how many more times are you willing to try this system that keeps failing?

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@CaptainDynamite 1400 users

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it is literally dependent on a system that is inherently unstable or centralized

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He's also good at accurately utilizing the necessary talking points and information in discussions with leftists.

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@Extra Crispy decentralized actually

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And is, in my opinion, a stable moderator.

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Unlike some others.

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Thanks @Extra Crispy for explaining all of this in more depth

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if it is decentralized then there will be no logistics system

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no prob

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if it is centralized then it would have a logistics system

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logistics as in to distribute the goods?

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godammit i should be asleep.

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if it had none, then the people would be left to handle their resources themselves, and as such it would not be a certainty that they'd even leave their hands

2017-09-28 08:33:34 UTC  

Where did you find that picture of Quatro's mother, @futurestorms?

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do you know what logistics means?

2017-09-28 08:34:02 UTC  

@Fusion She gave me it last night.

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it is effectively the transport of materials, be it goods or otherwise

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if there is no planned transportation of goods or otherwise, then one half of the nation could be filthy rich with food and the other side starving

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they would transport as needed

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and there'd be no way to transport that food

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says you

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ok, so how do you plan on transporting goods without a central planning authority?

2017-09-28 08:35:13 UTC  

@futurestorms You need to get yourself checked.

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lol there is already examples of it being done, ratehr than just yourr wishful thinking