Message from @Augustus

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2017-12-13 21:42:38 UTC  

**Do you support the abolishment of common core testing?**

2017-12-13 21:42:45 UTC  

**Are you currently in a school of some kind?**

2017-12-16 02:11:23 UTC  

**Do you believe that citizens should be able to uphold the law when the government and law enforcement cannot?**

2017-12-16 02:11:34 UTC  

**Does Turkey belong in the EU?**

2017-12-16 02:11:41 UTC  

**Should the United States leave the United Nations?**

2017-12-16 02:11:52 UTC  

**Do you support the FCC's decision to repeal net neutrality rules?**

2017-12-20 20:53:20 UTC  

**Do you believe that the MSM works together on reporting a narrative?**

2017-12-20 20:53:35 UTC  

**Do you support or oppose the new European plan to form a central military?**

2017-12-20 20:53:49 UTC  

**Are you involved in any type of political group or movement?**

2017-12-20 20:54:04 UTC  

**Do you think China will join North Korea’s side regardless of who the first aggressor is?**

2017-12-23 22:31:25 UTC  

**Do you own any cryptocurrency?**

2017-12-23 22:31:47 UTC  

**Is freedom more valuable than security?**

2017-12-23 22:34:22 UTC  

**Are you actively religious?**

2017-12-23 22:35:47 UTC  

**Should porn be banned?**

2017-12-23 22:36:34 UTC  

**Should cryptocurrency be regulated?**

2018-01-02 16:14:29 UTC  

**Should homosexual couples have the right to adopt?**

2018-01-02 16:15:01 UTC  

**Do you think cryptocurrency will replace fiat currency in the future?**

2018-01-02 16:15:17 UTC  

**Would you support a more authoritarian regime in your country if it ensured the safety of your people, at the cost of some liberty?**

2018-01-02 16:15:31 UTC  

**Do you believe in global warming?**

2018-01-02 16:15:42 UTC  

**Do you believe the family unit is essential to psychological welfare?**

2018-01-08 16:43:07 UTC  

**Should the United States seek a closer relationship with Russia?**

2018-01-08 16:43:13 UTC  

**Is the Cold War over?**

2018-01-08 16:43:20 UTC  

**Should the US have strict voter ID?**

2018-01-08 16:43:54 UTC  

**Do you support same sex marriage?**

2018-01-08 16:44:05 UTC  

**Should there be further gun regulation in the US?**

2018-01-11 20:52:27 UTC  

**Should the 2018 Winter Olympics (held in South Korea) be cancelled due to tensions in the region?**

2018-01-11 20:52:37 UTC  

**Do you support Julian Assange/Wikileaks?**

2018-01-11 20:52:45 UTC  

**Is climate change of real concern?**

2018-01-11 20:53:00 UTC  

**Do you believe that the Mueller investigation is going to turn up any wrongdoing by the Trump Administration?**

2018-01-22 17:40:30 UTC  

**Is prison reformative?**

2018-01-22 17:40:37 UTC  

**Can money buy happiness?**

2018-01-22 17:40:50 UTC  

**Is hate speech an inherent part of free speech?**

2018-01-22 17:42:59 UTC  

**Is race-mixing okay?**

2018-01-22 17:43:33 UTC  

**Is morality objective or subjective?**

2018-01-30 18:10:03 UTC  

**Should we further automate industry and menial labor jobs?**

2018-01-30 18:10:26 UTC  

**Is there a significant difference between the two mainstream parties in America?**

2018-01-30 18:10:35 UTC  

**Is it more valuable to learn a trade, or to go to college?**

2018-01-30 18:12:17 UTC  

**Are you in favor of voting for change, or do you believe that revolution is the only way?**

2018-02-09 21:01:35 UTC  

**Is premarital sex immoral?**

2018-02-09 21:01:47 UTC  

**Would you support a socialized healthcare system?**

2018-02-09 21:02:06 UTC  

**Do you believe Palestine should be recognized as a legitimate state?**