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2019-03-31 01:53:45 UTC  

Guys, we need to propose this to the board of education

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2019-03-31 01:53:56 UTC  

@nef it's normal

2019-03-31 01:54:00 UTC  

I think

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2019-03-31 01:54:04 UTC  

RIP Globe

2019-03-31 01:54:05 UTC  

Is It?

2019-03-31 01:54:20 UTC

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2019-03-31 01:54:31 UTC  

Alright, @nef has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

2019-03-31 01:54:34 UTC  

@Technomatrix fun fact muon travelling on earth the earth becomes flat

2019-03-31 01:54:54 UTC  

i find it really easy to mess with people. i don't do it often but i have before in honesty

2019-03-31 01:55:11 UTC  

Oh wow<:smart:484956754489376781>

2019-03-31 01:55:15 UTC  

@nef i use to practise it to

2019-03-31 01:55:20 UTC  

everyone manipulates but most people only in very very small ways and the most important part is that they dont do it conscious

2019-03-31 01:55:23 UTC  

i grew to it

2019-03-31 01:55:35 UTC  

Alright, @shiro has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

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2019-03-31 01:55:43 UTC  

I would be late at school on purpose then try to manipulate the teacher to not punished me

2019-03-31 01:55:48 UTC

2019-03-31 01:55:49 UTC  

Worked most of the time

2019-03-31 01:56:08 UTC  

So if the earth is flat, shouldn't we be teaching our children this?

2019-03-31 01:56:10 UTC  

@shiro your thoughts ab manipulative people weren't good. what are your thoughts about me? being a manipulative person

2019-03-31 01:56:12 UTC  

But it's really f ed up to so I stopped

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2019-03-31 01:56:36 UTC  

@nef "im manipulative" is way too vague to make an opinion about you

2019-03-31 01:56:39 UTC  

@Technomatrix no i don't think so

2019-03-31 01:56:50 UTC  

how do i appear to you?

2019-03-31 01:56:55 UTC  

@Technomatrix we should teach the truth

2019-03-31 01:57:01 UTC  

The theory has way to.many gaps while the globe one has years of researches

2019-03-31 01:57:25 UTC  

@nef so far like you need a bit attention, but its okay everyone does from time to time

2019-03-31 01:57:32 UTC  

I am not sure how much flatties care about the teaching stuff

2019-03-31 01:57:35 UTC  

And plus why would kids believe in a person telling them it's flat while a scientist says it's a sphere

2019-03-31 01:57:48 UTC  

Even if u said u were a scientist they would just believe u

2019-03-31 01:57:53 UTC  

They would believe their parents

2019-03-31 01:57:53 UTC  

Cause that's what we do

2019-03-31 01:57:54 UTC  

well i mean i have used what seems like honesty to make you think im an honest person.

2019-03-31 01:58:24 UTC  

@nef you will outgrow it

2019-03-31 01:58:27 UTC

2019-03-31 01:58:31 UTC  

i could of done that "i admit" series to pull out an ounce of sympathy by mentioning my parents to make you not hate me