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how can we not mind to hear of an experiment that is going to change our entire mindset regarding the shape of the earth

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speed of light changes depending on the medium

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yeah. carlito the "lazer" is basiclly a strong machine that shoots rays of light into space and measures how long they take to come back, i dont know how much force it takes though i can ask

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@Human Sheeple yes. that is correct but not rellevent

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And assuming there's vacuum above you when you can clearly see refraction is kind of a no brainer

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yes well one would think think that it needs a frikkin big force to get that far and come back too..

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lol that is an old film camera but fine

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does it bounce back off the sun?

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How the hell do you know when they "come back"

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Lol yes light bounces off everything with a lower/higher optic denisty

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@🍄The Mad Philosopher🍄 since you are showing sorces i will too

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go read

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so this laser light of yours shot all the way 93 million miles across the solar system , bounced off the sun, then travelled back, and you measured how much time then?

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yes, if that sounds weird i can tell you we shoot rays of light over millions of light years, simply turning a flashlight on at night can shoot it's light beyond earth's atmosphere lol @carlito i dont think you realise how fast light is

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now, no one debunked me.

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yes but what was the time it took?

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Alright, @Zika has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

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we are still asking questions many many questions to ask surely this is HUGE

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8 minutes and 20 seconds carlito

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Oh, bloody hell.

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that IS fast man like really fast

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Yes, light is fast lol

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fastest information in the universe

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known by 2nd graders

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how did you know when the light returned exactly

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Clearly shows you don't understand the Casimir effect

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He's thinking you need the moon and Venus to find the sun. Lots of assumptions and assertions as to the exact distances and angles. Especially using ***PARALAX*** As a scientific means of measurement 😆

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Alright, @Zika has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

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Alright, @Zika has been warned for '**Bad word usage**'.

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Lol alright, if ya'all gon keep asking irelevent questions im just going to have to leave it up to you, wanna switch a subject casue it's getting akward for some of you