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2016-12-14 16:56:30 UTC  

So I'm pretty sure it's a glitch since your asking lol

2016-12-14 23:56:44 UTC  

I see

2016-12-18 12:25:32 UTC  

Team, what is most efficient ans fast way to farm online processed and unprocessed resource?

2016-12-18 12:30:29 UTC  


2016-12-18 12:30:39 UTC  

or infinity farming

2016-12-19 23:10:31 UTC  

@mrbenassi if you want to farm while AFK you can get a box and hop in the back of the patrol truck in lufwa valley. Did it while I slept, came back to a lot of processed materials.

2016-12-21 00:49:39 UTC  

The Lvl 10 BD is disgusting. I LOVE IT

2016-12-21 00:54:04 UTC  

Give me all your combat Staff

2016-12-21 00:54:11 UTC  

Let me borrow them

2016-12-21 00:54:15 UTC  


2016-12-21 00:55:42 UTC  

If you want in couple days I could but you would have to give them back once you start developing it

2016-12-21 00:55:51 UTC  

I would have to have your word

2016-12-21 00:57:28 UTC  

Of course I would

2016-12-21 00:57:51 UTC  

We would need to wait for my insurance to be up

2016-12-21 00:57:59 UTC  

I forget when it's up

2016-12-21 00:58:18 UTC  

pm me when you find out and well will definitely talk

2016-12-21 00:58:41 UTC  

Ok,I'd give them right back soon as they came out of the brig

2016-12-21 00:58:53 UTC  

And I started development

2016-12-21 00:59:22 UTC  

what lvl are you now?

2016-12-21 01:00:02 UTC  


2016-12-21 01:00:50 UTC  

even with rearranging everyone in other department who have high combat experience?

2016-12-21 01:14:00 UTC  

Yee,I have 48 s++'the rest are s+

2016-12-21 01:17:28 UTC  

Im just trying calculate how many I would need to let you borrow

2016-12-21 01:17:52 UTC  

you dont have any other departments where you can shuffle soliders around?

2016-12-21 01:18:51 UTC  

I'll have to check,but I don't think I have anyone else who would raise up the lvl

2016-12-21 01:19:43 UTC  

when you get chance check, Im guessing 100 S++ soliders would do the trick.

2016-12-21 15:11:34 UTC  

@-Rym- that method no longer works even if you use the water proof box in africa however gamerpro24 put out a vid of a new method heres the vid

2016-12-21 17:09:04 UTC  

If someone could lend me some s++ combat unit guys in the next 2 weeks that would be awesome. Im rank 131 combat and id like to get to rank 140 for the grade 9 sniper

2016-12-21 17:35:38 UTC  

@pnKed , does this method hold for online resource too?

2016-12-21 17:36:19 UTC  

@Gators Nc I have some s++ personnel, we can farm together if u want

2016-12-21 17:57:01 UTC  

you can't, he's on another platform

2016-12-21 18:02:25 UTC  

@mrbenassi howd u mean hold for online resource too?

2016-12-21 19:37:56 UTC  

Give us back our separate chats @Deleted User

2016-12-21 19:38:08 UTC  

Separate but equal

2016-12-27 02:39:21 UTC  

Team, I'm running the insurance fraud, but when im invaded my mate doesn't find any s++. Looks like after I put the 48 s++ in security team, then the game fill the rest with the ones I put in the waiting room. Obviously I checked no direct contract.

2016-12-27 02:40:59 UTC  

What I usually do after I finish the setup of security team and security settings is to trigger a kind of save by pressing GO TO THE INITIAL STARTING PAGE: is that the error?

2016-12-27 02:42:40 UTC  

What kind of soldiers are they?

2016-12-27 08:13:07 UTC  

R&d, base dev, Intel, medica, support

2016-12-27 08:13:19 UTC  

All except fighting unit

2016-12-27 08:13:56 UTC  

I'm not sure then

2016-12-27 08:14:10 UTC  

I was going to say that combat unit can't be S++ but you already know that