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2018-04-11 21:49:14 UTC  

they want this

2018-04-11 21:49:22 UTC  

They're not solely responsible. But are a major part sure.

2018-04-11 21:49:36 UTC  

It's Israel

2018-04-11 21:49:47 UTC  

They've leached onto our country

2018-04-11 21:49:54 UTC  

okay so shut up i dont know why youve been interjecting here without actually contributing to the convo

2018-04-11 21:49:55 UTC  

Middle East has been unstable even before modern Israel was formed don't lie to yourselves they just made the shit show even bigger

2018-04-11 21:49:56 UTC  

go to gen

2018-04-11 21:50:00 UTC  

infected the government and control us

2018-04-11 21:50:14 UTC  

were talking about now, not before

2018-04-11 21:50:18 UTC  

This has been going on for longer than Israel has existed

2018-04-11 21:50:46 UTC  

Ever looked into Mayor Nathan Rothschild and what he did at the Battle of Waterloo?

2018-04-11 21:51:15 UTC  

What happened before is important because it lays waste to your claim that Israel is themselves solely responsible for Middle East Destabilization

2018-04-11 21:51:18 UTC  

What happens if Israel does destabilize and take control over the middle east, then what?

2018-04-11 21:51:22 UTC  

The Rothschilds were some of the founders and advocators for Israel to exist

2018-04-11 21:51:48 UTC  

Big Jew Nation less Muslims.

2018-04-11 21:51:56 UTC  

@Usukkaka prior to the arab spring all of these countries were more stable

2018-04-11 21:51:59 UTC  

now they arent

2018-04-11 21:52:02 UTC  

You guys should be for that then shouldn't you?

2018-04-11 21:52:03 UTC  

fucking retard

2018-04-11 21:52:05 UTC  

The Rothschilds and others like them have been profiteering off of European wars and nations for centuries

2018-04-11 21:52:21 UTC  

nope would rather have muslims and no jew nation

2018-04-11 21:52:26 UTC  

no jews period

2018-04-11 21:52:36 UTC  


2018-04-11 21:53:05 UTC  

Somehow I doubt that. Jews don't bomb people or try to implement Sharia law or rape. They've got that going for them.

2018-04-11 21:53:10 UTC  

@liqhts then they gain more power money and influence and keep meddling in the U.S

2018-04-11 21:53:11 UTC  

I don't care if the jews declared war on every middle eastern nation and kid any musilman they could. None of my business

2018-04-11 21:53:17 UTC  


2018-04-11 21:54:02 UTC  

>jews dont bomb people or rape

2018-04-11 21:54:32 UTC  

Jews funded ISIS, they start wars to make money, they force multiculturalism everywhere they go, and they erase history to better fit their ideals.

2018-04-11 21:54:41 UTC  

You could say that about any lobbying group being successful

2018-04-11 21:55:11 UTC  

>jews wont rape or bomb people

2018-04-11 21:55:14 UTC  

Take a good look at who all major lobbyists are in the West

2018-04-11 21:55:17 UTC  


2018-04-11 21:55:22 UTC  

You're a brainlet

2018-04-11 21:55:25 UTC  

Think about this

2018-04-11 21:55:29 UTC  

Look at who owns the media

2018-04-11 21:55:35 UTC  

Who has high levels of power?

2018-04-11 21:55:37 UTC  


2018-04-11 21:55:39 UTC  

who rapes?

2018-04-11 21:55:44 UTC