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2018-12-28 22:19:10 UTC  

Are you implying the founders were Caesar's Legion from new Vegas lmfao

2018-12-28 22:19:21 UTC  

A republic isnt too bad , too democratic tho

2018-12-28 22:19:22 UTC  

How were they Roman LARPers

2018-12-28 22:19:26 UTC  

We need something more authoritarian

2018-12-28 22:19:33 UTC  


2018-12-28 22:19:34 UTC  

goofball takes today

2018-12-28 22:19:36 UTC  

They based everything off Rome

2018-12-28 22:19:49 UTC  

Well we need something more authoritarian now, but that's just because of the dire situation we're in

2018-12-28 22:20:02 UTC  

Yes basing things off of Rome is not a bad thing

2018-12-28 22:20:12 UTC  

Many civilizations have done this

2018-12-28 22:20:21 UTC  

Your damn law is based off of Roman law

2018-12-28 22:20:27 UTC  

Is law LARPing?

2018-12-28 22:20:31 UTC  

Do you not wasnt fascism

2018-12-28 22:20:50 UTC  

Crop and repost faggot

2018-12-28 22:20:54 UTC  

Also jay what

2018-12-28 22:21:26 UTC  

@AmericaFirst what does that mean

2018-12-28 22:21:38 UTC  

Do you not wasnt fascism

2018-12-28 22:21:42 UTC  

Oh shit you meant want

2018-12-28 22:21:43 UTC  


2018-12-28 22:21:51 UTC  

Sorry I'm phoneposting

2018-12-28 22:21:57 UTC  

Yeah fascism is the best system imo

2018-12-28 22:22:03 UTC  

Do I want Mussolini type fascism? Not really

2018-12-28 22:22:29 UTC  

We need an organic American movement and ideology that suits our needs in the 21st century

2018-12-28 22:22:48 UTC  

Agree but what system of government

2018-12-28 22:22:57 UTC  

Are we going to be advocating

2018-12-28 22:23:09 UTC  

Also the original American Republicanism was unironically very aristocratic and not that bad

2018-12-28 22:23:30 UTC  

Jackson ruined that

2018-12-28 22:23:36 UTC  

Why bc only landowners could vote ?

2018-12-28 22:23:43 UTC  

Not that based

2018-12-28 22:23:53 UTC  

That to start. How we elected our Reps and President was also very different.

2018-12-28 22:24:03 UTC  

I think if we are to return to a republic in the future only people with families/children should be able to vote

2018-12-28 22:24:24 UTC  

Possible good way to have a republic

2018-12-28 22:24:42 UTC  

State Legislatures used to elect Federal Senators to represent their state

2018-12-28 22:25:23 UTC  

more attention was payed to local government

2018-12-28 22:25:24 UTC  

I think currently I would like to dismantle this corrupted and ruined system we have now and instead have a system with a strong executive and a weaker senate of advisors and lawmakers

2018-12-28 22:25:30 UTC  

Yeet. Much better than today @Lawrence of Eurabia

2018-12-28 22:26:00 UTC  

The current government is corrupt beyond repair in my opinion

2018-12-28 22:26:02 UTC  

Am I Caesarpilled?

2018-12-28 22:26:17 UTC  

rOmAn lArPeR

2018-12-28 22:26:36 UTC  


2018-12-28 22:26:41 UTC  

No normal actions can fix the government