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2020-05-02 03:21:43 UTC  

I could’ve clicked on Big Igloo Bois server. They post that shit all over all the time 😭

2020-05-02 03:22:12 UTC  

@thedarkness05 so how was being in the only commonwealth in the union for a day? Enjoy the southern comfort?

2020-05-02 03:22:30 UTC  

In the grand scheme of things it really doesnt matter if you do or if bib server does

2020-05-02 03:23:18 UTC  

This is what I get for putting too much energy into this situation today. Brain is fried

2020-05-02 03:23:24 UTC  

If one gets in then its logged and most likely shared for mass distribution amongst alphabet companies

2020-05-02 03:24:23 UTC  

Wait so what is even happening

2020-05-02 03:24:27 UTC  

And unless you have access to software that lets you track IPs then you wont know if fed has ever been in here

2020-05-02 03:24:42 UTC  

Running 3 pages, 3 groups, bouncing comms all over the world, organizing a state NSOL group with ppl, trying to perpetuate liberty, making memes, constant admin problems...

2020-05-02 03:24:55 UTC  

@Mjolnir Spartan I was hoping the governor would give me a private tour of the capital and mansion, seeing as I am the representative of the conquering side

2020-05-02 03:25:34 UTC  

@North /K/arolina Take some chill time homie

2020-05-02 03:25:39 UTC  

1 slip is all it takes to cripple a valuable part of the community

2020-05-02 03:25:57 UTC  

@CelticCastaway we assume they are in here. We just dont want too many others in here, such as journalsts. We've had issues in the past with people

2020-05-02 03:26:04 UTC  

@North /K/arolina to think that the slip hasnt already happened....

2020-05-02 03:26:19 UTC  

Paranoia and caution go hand in hand

2020-05-02 03:26:40 UTC  

@North /K/arolina stip beating yourself up homie. Get some sleep. I'll be up keeping an eye on things, and so will others

2020-05-02 03:27:28 UTC  

About 99.9% sure poison ivy has made it from my hand to my dick

2020-05-02 03:27:43 UTC  

Stop jacking off then

2020-05-02 03:28:17 UTC  


2020-05-02 03:28:30 UTC  

This isn’t the business hand though. 🧐 I have made a miscalculation

2020-05-02 03:29:55 UTC  

Get your nuts outta the brush then king

2020-05-02 03:30:08 UTC  

In positive news, we have a swat team in Eastern NC ready to do liberty shit and break away from the PD

2020-05-02 03:31:02 UTC  

@Bard sleep well man - we'll see you later

2020-05-02 03:31:23 UTC  

I'm lost what is going on

2020-05-02 03:31:44 UTC  

Shit -> Fan

2020-05-02 03:31:56 UTC  

( nah jk - but it IS a clustetr fuck )

2020-05-02 03:31:59 UTC  

Time to sin?

2020-05-02 03:33:57 UTC  


2020-05-02 03:37:05 UTC  


I'm going to say this once. Do NOT generate invite links. Even if you have the option.

Clear it with an admin first. I just spend the better part of a half hour clearing the server out.

@North /K/arolina

You have recieved your warning and I believe you to have realized the error you made. For that, you will be allowed to stay.

No other shall receive this treatment. Any other that violates the tenants of our discord will be immediately banned.

2020-05-02 03:37:31 UTC  

<#611579845557747753> too, desu

2020-05-02 03:37:49 UTC  

( spent* )

2020-05-02 03:38:01 UTC  

Desu desi desu!

2020-05-02 03:38:26 UTC  


2020-05-02 03:39:32 UTC

2020-05-02 03:39:48 UTC  


2020-05-02 03:40:20 UTC

2020-05-02 03:40:52 UTC  

@North /K/arolina tbf ; we go from ""About it"" to ""Shitposting Server"" onnaweekly basis.

Best bet is to just ask us if you wanna let some one in ❤️

2020-05-02 03:41:06 UTC  


2020-05-02 03:42:32 UTC  

The band list is now into double digits.

2020-05-02 03:42:46 UTC  

Do not make me purge thst many again

2020-05-02 03:43:33 UTC  

I have died and shall remain as such

2020-05-02 03:43:41 UTC  

What in Jeff Davis name happened