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2018-02-10 07:37:12 UTC  

In the last couple days I’ve talked to a bunch of them that are starting to read siege or want to

2018-02-10 07:37:22 UTC  

Finngolian master race

2018-02-10 07:38:25 UTC  

my ideal wife is either a Finn or a .jp hapu, literally no difference

2018-02-10 07:38:55 UTC  

Maybe my finn blood is why i burn the rice

2018-02-10 07:38:58 UTC  


2018-02-10 07:39:35 UTC  

Off work

2018-02-10 07:39:39 UTC  

Real VC hours

2018-02-10 07:39:44 UTC  

I only burned rice once in 2017 and that was some milf while I was in Tokyo last in a karaoke room

2018-02-10 07:39:54 UTC  


2018-02-10 07:40:04 UTC  

don't farm rice

2018-02-10 07:40:04 UTC  

Love those karaoke rooms

2018-02-10 07:40:30 UTC  

I used to do that a lot

2018-02-10 07:40:50 UTC  


2018-02-10 07:41:00 UTC  

my rule for if I move there this year is hapus and white expats/tourists only

2018-02-10 07:41:12 UTC  

Japanese chicks are bad lays anyways

2018-02-10 07:41:30 UTC  

Its incredibly easy to fuck English teacher chicks

2018-02-10 07:41:50 UTC  

I hit some when I lived in Korea

2018-02-10 07:42:03 UTC  

I live in Busan lol

2018-02-10 07:42:08 UTC  

but also a lot of whores and K-Milfs

2018-02-10 07:42:11 UTC  

lol no shit

2018-02-10 07:42:26 UTC  

I lived in Haebongchon in Seoul

2018-02-10 07:42:34 UTC  

north of the base in Itaewon

2018-02-10 07:42:38 UTC  


2018-02-10 07:42:57 UTC  

Yeah i was stationed here and just kinda stuck around after i got out

2018-02-10 07:43:04 UTC  

it happens

2018-02-10 07:43:29 UTC  

pop over to Japan when I get in next

2018-02-10 07:43:32 UTC  

it's better

2018-02-10 07:43:56 UTC  

burn the rice pay the price

2018-02-10 07:44:01 UTC  

Ive been a few times, one of my good friends lives in Osaka

2018-02-10 07:44:07 UTC  

great city

2018-02-10 07:44:11 UTC  


2018-02-10 07:44:18 UTC  

Loved it there

2018-02-10 07:45:16 UTC  

definitely gonna move there instead of Tokyo if I decide to this year unless a decent position is available in Sapporo

2018-02-10 07:45:35 UTC  

Hokkaido Über Alles

2018-02-10 07:45:52 UTC  


2018-02-10 07:47:05 UTC  

good Catholic substrate, amazing people, best food in the country

2018-02-10 07:47:38 UTC  

Yeah, if i head over to japan again this summer, im thinking hokkaido

2018-02-10 07:47:47 UTC  

deffo do

2018-02-10 07:48:06 UTC  

Head to Furano and hang out, rooms will be cheap

2018-02-10 07:48:14 UTC  

hit all the hot springs nearby

2018-02-10 07:48:31 UTC  

I was there last at the end of skiing season which was cool