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2018-07-19 06:41:12 UTC  

pick up weight then put it down

2018-07-19 11:03:25 UTC  

Think about Jews and Niggers, then you'll have that hate energy to keep pushing.

2018-07-20 03:39:27 UTC  

Today was mostly triceps and lower chest.

2018-07-20 03:51:58 UTC  

Increased my weights by 10 lbs today

2018-07-20 03:52:12 UTC  

Now doing 80lbs on my machine

2018-07-20 03:53:12 UTC  

3 sets of 20 push ups. 60 total

2018-07-20 04:07:29 UTC  

Good fucking work bud

2018-07-20 04:07:32 UTC  

Keep it up

2018-07-20 04:07:51 UTC  

Thanks man. I hope to run more in the future

2018-07-20 21:27:20 UTC  

going to go run now 7miles!

2018-07-20 22:26:39 UTC  

I can personally do 3. Way to go man!

2018-07-20 22:41:12 UTC  

3 is an every day perfect amount

2018-07-20 22:42:18 UTC  

Not everyday, but on days where I don't lift. Do you run daily?

2018-07-20 22:52:51 UTC  

I try my very best to run everyday

2018-07-22 17:52:19 UTC  
2018-07-22 20:37:32 UTC  

Make sure to grind on your leg days. When you work legs you release a human growth hormone and a natural increase of testosterone which will benefit the growth of the rest of your body later on.

2018-07-22 20:37:41 UTC

2018-07-22 20:39:56 UTC  

Lower weight and higher reps to achieve a painful burn instead of heavy weights and fatigue was when I started achieving growth results. Remember, lift fast up until you pinch the bicep, and slow all the way down to stretch the bicep.

2018-07-22 20:42:19 UTC  

@texan man how do I know I worked them good enough

2018-07-22 20:43:14 UTC  

Btw is 3 times a week too much for legs?

2018-07-22 20:44:03 UTC  

If it’s painfully burning as you lift. I usually do legs about two times a week. Usually the day before I work out the muscles I want to grow most.

2018-07-22 20:44:16 UTC  

man biking last week fucking upped my cardio so hard at the gym today

2018-07-22 20:44:19 UTC  

it was sick

2018-07-22 20:44:55 UTC  

I usually spend about 1-2 hours at the gym.

2018-07-22 20:50:15 UTC  

@texan man so do I

2018-07-22 20:51:05 UTC  

So if I decide to work out, for example, legs and chest on one day, should I do legs first then chest?

2018-07-22 20:54:16 UTC  
2018-07-23 17:45:08 UTC  

I don’t think it really matters if you’re doing them on the same day

2018-07-23 18:42:40 UTC  

@texan man alright

2018-07-26 02:18:29 UTC  

Today was about 50 lbs more on squats and a few less reps and then running.

2018-07-28 20:22:52 UTC  

Finally gained 2 pounds to put me at 170 lbs. For the last 3 years, I've used machines both at home and in my uni rec center. Been running anywhere between a mile to 2 miles every other day, trying to keep fat off.
Also it's a good way to get my reading in. 3 hours into Mein Kampf.

2018-08-02 01:01:24 UTC  

Now I learned a lesson to not take all of my vitamins right before a workout.

2018-08-02 01:06:32 UTC  

@texan man probably should take them afterward

2018-08-02 02:44:57 UTC  

@Sartigy Weight lifting is actually a better method of getting fat off than cardio. That doesn't mean stop doing cardio because it is a lot better for your lungs and heart than lifting. Plus the more endurence you have the more you can push it in the weight room. When looking to take off fat it really comes down to diet. I would recommend fasting or keto diets. Fasting being the better option unless you have to physically work, then intermediate fasting.

2018-08-02 02:53:58 UTC  

@Maxon To answer your question if doing legs 3 times a week is too much, I would say no. If you are really willing to bump up your legs in strength and size you could do them everyday except for the weekend if you'd like, but realize you have to be in a fairly good calorie surplus. Being in a calorie surplus will help you recover faster and get faster gains. This also means having quality sleep, being fully hydrated, and stretching/foam rolling after every workout and before bed. Realize you will have to push through soreness later on in the week.

2018-08-02 05:51:26 UTC  

@Felix oh yes, I know, thank you for the reply. I run mainly to improve my cardiovascular fitness. I however do not recommend fasting.

2018-08-02 09:43:23 UTC  

@Felix thanks

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2018-08-07 04:52:16 UTC  

looks like we are taking over this

2018-08-07 05:23:09 UTC  

Today was just running.