Message from Real Spicy in Subverse #firearms-chat

2018-07-14 13:29:55 UTC  

Eh, Eastern Europe these days isn't that bad

2018-07-14 13:30:30 UTC  

Unless you've got a direct border with Russia, that is

2018-07-14 13:31:23 UTC  

Well assuming it exists in a vaccum.

2018-07-14 13:31:57 UTC  

I mean we share a border with thailand, pretty corrupt cops and law enforcement and rather terrifying speech laws.

2018-07-14 13:32:18 UTC  

And singapore, probably the only functioning authoritharian state I canthink of.

2018-07-14 13:32:43 UTC  

In fact that small chunk of rock could probably take on the entire south east asia.

2018-07-14 13:32:53 UTC  

Functions because it's also hyper capitalist

2018-07-14 13:33:04 UTC  

Which was my next point.

2018-07-14 13:33:23 UTC  

Extremely competitive people, and hardworking.

2018-07-14 13:33:48 UTC  

Everyone there is trained. Spent at least a year in the military

2018-07-14 13:33:57 UTC  

Not me, I mean every youth there.

2018-07-14 13:34:20 UTC  

Probably wouldny make military though as my eyesight would disqualify me.

2018-07-14 13:34:33 UTC  

Yeah, same

2018-07-14 13:35:08 UTC  

Actually, I probably could. It's the German military.

2018-07-14 13:38:13 UTC  

Which was a pity my parents left there. Though if I stayed in singapore, id probably be alot more left leaning than I am now.

2018-07-14 13:39:21 UTC  

Still, the politics here has been really spicy lately regardless.

2018-07-14 13:39:50 UTC  

And well, people dont like it when I compare here to the previous us ele tion.

2018-07-14 14:20:07 UTC

2018-07-14 14:28:59 UTC  

Oh thats what they were missing

2018-07-14 14:32:55 UTC

2018-07-14 14:33:10 UTC  

Gordan Freeman eat your heart out

2018-07-14 14:39:56 UTC  

wheres the bike lock

2018-07-14 14:40:12 UTC  

lol theres a firearms chat in a tim pool server

2018-07-14 14:42:29 UTC  

If someone posts the 4chan gun designs, is that firearms chat or shitposting?

2018-07-14 14:58:41 UTC  

Singapore functions because their benevolent dictator turned out to actually be benevolent. And crazy smart.

2018-07-14 14:59:22 UTC  

And somehow managed to institutionalize both traits into the system he created.

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2018-07-14 15:17:47 UTC

2018-07-14 15:27:05 UTC  

Science says no but my heart says yes

2018-07-14 15:35:40 UTC  

Who doesn't want a bullpup lever-action rifle

2018-07-14 16:33:33 UTC

2018-07-14 17:05:41 UTC  

What in the fuck is that

2018-07-14 17:05:52 UTC  

And why is it sexist?

2018-07-14 17:17:35 UTC  

My neck and cheek hurts just by looking at it

2018-07-14 17:53:44 UTC

2018-07-14 18:42:55 UTC  

Has to be the worst designed bullpup ive seen

2018-07-14 18:43:15 UTC  

Worse than the famas

2018-07-14 18:46:05 UTC  

Also I should mention, Lim, the guy in charge of Singapore, really wasnt happy with Singapore getting kicked out. They didnt ask to leave, they left Singapore, a rock without any resources, so he had to be quick.

2018-07-14 18:46:55 UTC  

Basically a bunch of angry natives, and the govt saw no alternative way without bloodshed.

2018-07-14 18:47:25 UTC  

So its wierd that this isnt thaught in schools.

2018-07-14 19:00:44 UTC  

The problem with dictatorships is not the dictator by default, it's entirely possible to have a dictator everyone is alright with. The problem comes from what happens when they get replaced or fall out of favor.