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2018-07-14 19:07:28 UTC  

Of which people are getting concerned with.

2018-07-14 19:07:41 UTC  

As they havent named a successor, and he is obviously getting tired.

2018-07-14 19:08:12 UTC  

Mind you, their politicians are one of the highest paid in the world.

2018-07-14 19:10:37 UTC  

this is gun chat

2018-07-14 19:12:34 UTC  

I swear the discussion started with gun laws.

2018-07-14 19:27:57 UTC  

I started the gun conversations about what one could buy. lol

2018-07-14 19:39:40 UTC  

it's related to guns, it started with talks about gun control and the lack of someone's ability to get a gun.

2018-07-14 19:43:40 UTC  

Awww yiss, the chat I can relate to

2018-07-14 19:43:57 UTC  

gibe us M O A R guns!

2018-07-14 19:44:16 UTC

2018-07-14 19:44:29 UTC  

The punt gun

2018-07-14 19:45:04 UTC

2018-07-14 19:45:19 UTC  

Damn, whats the recoil on that

2018-07-14 19:45:23 UTC  


2018-07-14 19:45:48 UTC  

Punt guns are responsible for at least two extinctions of species of water bird

2018-07-14 19:46:06 UTC  

It is illegal to use them today

2018-07-14 19:46:12 UTC  

in USA*

2018-07-14 19:46:14 UTC  

See? They work. If I'm going to get a gun, I want one that works.

2018-07-14 19:46:42 UTC  

Aren't those just giant bored shotguns?

2018-07-14 19:46:49 UTC  

Sure are

2018-07-14 19:46:49 UTC

2018-07-14 19:47:03 UTC  

I want one of these

2018-07-14 19:47:07 UTC  

Is there like a legal limit on the size of shotgun bore?

2018-07-14 19:47:49 UTC  

I can say what the legal limit should be

2018-07-14 19:47:49 UTC  

20mm and above is usually considered cannon, however since 12ga > 50cal shotguns already have a DD exemption, so I dunno

2018-07-14 19:47:58 UTC  

with the size of that thing it looks like it could function as a makeshift anti-aircraft gun

2018-07-14 19:48:00 UTC  

The strongest one can hold without shattering their forearms

2018-07-14 19:48:00 UTC  

Disregard the hinge thing (the inventor just wanted to show that it can be made into a top-break as well as side-swing revolver, so he implemented both in a prototype)

2018-07-14 19:48:29 UTC  

What if I made a shotgun pepperbox/volley gun?

2018-07-14 19:48:38 UTC  

Same basic effect but legal?

2018-07-14 19:48:40 UTC  

How long before the US Space Force gets bolters

2018-07-14 19:48:51 UTC  

You can get any size you want, legally

2018-07-14 19:48:54 UTC  

This russian revolver is 12.7mm, but it comes with a buttstock, so it would not murder the hands

2018-07-14 19:48:57 UTC  

DDs can still be registered

2018-07-14 19:48:59 UTC  

If I recall, the DD designation comes from how fast you can fire right?

2018-07-14 19:49:03 UTC  


2018-07-14 19:49:04 UTC  

a bolter would rip your arm straight off, so extreme genetic engineering would be first

2018-07-14 19:49:14 UTC  

bolter rounds are roughly the size of a water bottle

2018-07-14 19:49:15 UTC  

Comes from bore size OR explosive charge

2018-07-14 19:49:31 UTC  

Is there a specific number for that?