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not to mention that they arent even obligated to provide protection or policing service if they are ACTUALLY needed .... therer have already been numerous court rulings to codify that police have not obligation to protect you. so why the hell are we being forced to pay them if they arent obligated to protect us?

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Construction is up there

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and the only reason why they are very dangerous in the first place is because they act so thuggishly, wrecklessly, and risky in the first place

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they choose and even TRAINED many time to ESCALATE situations unnecessarily instead of de-escalating them

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It is easy to deescalate a situation if you know what are the risk in dealing with that person, but in certain neighbourhoods where the homicide rates are high, the police have no idea what are the risk when dealing in that situation

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@RyeNorth cast, I would sacrifice myself as that is the best way to not cmmit an act of violence against others.

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so they just assumed the worst case scenario

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my fucking stomach is annihilated

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I need a new me

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I don't like this me

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I think I'll fire up another VM tomorrow and have it be a new machine on ix

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how did you get a picture of my room

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I love it how it started off as a hoax but then it becomes true.

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I remember back in 2011 when we jokingly asked him he was running when there was internet rumors saying that he could and drumf turned it down.

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5 years later and we are living the internet hoax

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>actual historical relics of Africa

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Journalism at its finest

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