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2018-10-06 16:18:34 UTC  

Israel has more than just Ashkenazi Jews in it.

2018-10-06 16:21:30 UTC  

It’s like 25% non Jews with a majority of those being Arab and of Jews there are lots of Mizrachi, Spharadi, and Ethiopian Jews.

2018-10-06 16:28:58 UTC  

36% of population is ashkenazis

2018-10-06 16:31:57 UTC  

Yeah so that would lower the average IQ.

2018-10-06 16:34:44 UTC  

lol, was "Loki's Wager" ever cited by name in all that time when people were meming "Read Loki!" after the Sargon vs Spencer debate on Warski Live?

2018-10-06 17:48:09 UTC  

why is a woman, who had been "sexually assaulted", called a survivor?

2018-10-06 17:48:57 UTC  

i mean if she got her ass grabbed multiple times, she would still be called a survivor?
that's like calling someone a car crash survivor, who dented his car during parking.

2018-10-06 17:50:09 UTC  

it's easier to manipulate you, it has more punch than just 'victim'

2018-10-06 17:51:03 UTC  

also it helps in erroding the difference between rape and other forms of sexual assault

2018-10-06 17:51:16 UTC  

in my opinion that is

2018-10-06 17:52:21 UTC  

yeah so going up to a woman and saying, "hey wanna fuck", might end up in a ONS, in a relationship, or she might turn into a "sexual assault survivor"

2018-10-06 17:52:34 UTC  

or a slap 😃

2018-10-06 18:04:54 UTC  

"Ayy bb u wan sum fuk" confirmed Kavanaugh quote. #resist

2018-10-06 18:07:31 UTC  

>he would ask

2018-10-06 18:19:31 UTC  

>bobs and vagene

2018-10-06 18:23:18 UTC  

milk truck has arrive

2018-10-06 20:12:14 UTC  

Oh man

2018-10-06 20:12:26 UTC  

The tears of the libs empower me

2018-10-06 20:13:17 UTC  

Roboute kavanaugh has been revived and the god emperor marches on hill capital

2018-10-06 20:13:25 UTC  

Its gonna be a good year

2018-10-06 20:35:11 UTC  

The reps could hold the senate and house

2018-10-06 20:35:18 UTC  

Hope is alive

2018-10-06 20:59:47 UTC  

Time to go check on the salt mines. First stop splinternews

2018-10-06 21:06:11 UTC  


2018-10-06 21:06:21 UTC  

They are eating each other already

2018-10-06 22:15:43 UTC  

I hope they hold the white house

2018-10-06 22:15:59 UTC  

Fuckin dems are authoritarian

2018-10-06 22:16:11 UTC  


2018-10-06 23:32:31 UTC  

So I've been wondering, how could the SC revert Roe v Wade? Who would bring a case to the SC to change it?

2018-10-06 23:37:05 UTC  

well, there would have to be a case that gets appealed that far tbh.

2018-10-06 23:37:12 UTC  

I am not sure there will be though.

2018-10-06 23:37:50 UTC  

"democrats are the party of crime"

2018-10-06 23:37:51 UTC  

From who? A father that doesn't want a woman to have an abortion?

2018-10-07 00:20:51 UTC  

Likely it's to be persons vs. States who enact laws restricting it

2018-10-07 00:37:06 UTC  

Eliminating roe v wade simply means each state can decide its own abortion laws.

2018-10-07 00:43:57 UTC  

Can't they do that at the moment? The SC can't just decide the a decision no longer applies can they?

2018-10-07 00:47:51 UTC  

afaik technically it can be overruled if it get before the SC again but not just on a whim

2018-10-07 00:48:38 UTC  

at least that's what I heard..i'm far from educated on US justice system

2018-10-07 00:54:59 UTC  


2018-10-07 00:55:13 UTC  

They have to have an actual case to decide come to them before overruling Roe vs Wade