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2019-01-19 17:44:09 UTC  

Number one motivation for terrorism around the world is "Islamic Inquisition" of "Fake muslims"

2019-01-19 17:44:12 UTC  

i mean... i've seen people that unironically claim that germany is a socialist country...

2019-01-19 17:45:00 UTC  

the only religion islam hates more than judaism is other sects of islam. just look at the hate that the kurds (who are mostly muslims) get.

2019-01-19 17:49:52 UTC  

Well just remember, under Islam Allah changes his mind on a whim and new text supercedes old text so you could claim to be the next prophet and rewrite everything

2019-01-19 17:51:28 UTC  

Hey, go with the flow. I have been called a communist and a nazi, both in the same day. Just for my country of birth .

2019-01-19 17:52:17 UTC  

soo... german or polish? 😄

2019-01-19 17:53:13 UTC  

wait, hungary would be a possibility i guess...

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I identify as a sugary piece of pastry

2019-01-19 17:58:09 UTC  

@I AM ERROR well they say those muslims are heretics. Same shit happened in Christianity about 700 years ago. I am not defending Islam but Christianity had an extra 700 years to sort its shit out.

2019-01-19 18:00:19 UTC  

The thing that really pisses me off is the idiots that say "Well in the past Christians did bad shit in the name of God" . Sure they did. However that was in the past. The Islamists are doing this shit now.

2019-01-19 18:03:30 UTC  

There is a reason I use the word "Inquisition" when reffering to Islam on Islam terrorism. What should also be noted is that since the reffermation wars, Christinity as a whole has been prunning off "bad" bits of the dogma and teachings. After World War 2 almost universally all Christian stopped talking about the "Jewish Sin" and other justifications for Anti-semitism" in Christian Dogma.

2019-01-19 18:05:54 UTC  

I think it going to probably take longer than our lifetimes for that to happen in the Islamic world. As much as I like figures like Mohammad Tawhidi and I especially love it when he is dropping truth bombs. He is one guy on the fringe of over a billion people

2019-01-19 18:09:21 UTC  

not sure it is possible to happen with islam. christianity did not have the internet around to expose people to the worst of it.

2019-01-19 19:08:58 UTC  

islam tends to be besotted with inquisitorial sentiment in that regard. Any moderate islamic sects get purged from the dogma in an inverse of christian progression.

2019-01-19 19:47:25 UTC  

Speak for yourself, Khan. Since the Rebellion, the apostates have done nothing but dilute and corrupt proper dogma, leading to the degeneracy and moral weakness of the modern era.

2019-01-19 21:34:51 UTC  

@Timcast as a gen Zer we are moving towards race realism ie genetic differences between races and capitalism and we will destroy the welfare state

2019-01-19 21:36:11 UTC  

And blacks are treated unfairly they get way more money from the government than they pay in taxes

2019-01-19 22:19:07 UTC  

@Faticati were moving towards race realism really? i think were more open to the idea obvioudly but idk if were moving toward it?

2019-01-19 22:32:09 UTC  

Its more just moving towards the duh shit answer

2019-01-19 22:33:14 UTC  

We have twin studies, voucher studies, brain density differences, group iq differences and a lot of other stuff that is kinda irrefutable

2019-01-19 22:33:48 UTC  

How is anyone gonna say oh yeah we evolved in different environments but!!!! Only below the neck

2019-01-19 22:34:59 UTC  

And for the record i dont mind black people I just dont want so guy with a 100iq getting a job i should have because of racial quotas or some other actually racist bs

2019-01-19 22:35:17 UTC  

If someone can work hard and pay their way they are fine by me

2019-01-19 22:35:25 UTC  

If the dont though

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yeah, racial quotas are BS

2019-01-19 22:58:41 UTC  

to each their own.

2019-01-19 22:59:12 UTC  

find out where people of a specific ethnicity are generally advantaged (IIRC some sports, perhaps?) and go from there.

2019-01-19 23:35:20 UTC  

depends on what the person means by "race realism" since there appear to be different degrees to it. What @Faticati describes is something more akin to being libertarian/federalist and using the race realism concepts generally as evidence of it. As an example from him, racial IQ differences. You could draw a parallel between the "debate" of biological differences between men and women. We've arrived at a point that attempting to artificially level a playing field that is potentially due to biological differences is more destructive than helpful.

2019-01-19 23:35:58 UTC  

I can certainly get that view. Were he talking about creating some kind of weird racially homogenous society via the ejection of others, I'd probably have an issue with it. I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm misinterpreting.

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Does someone here have Liberal Zombie Friends??

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Like to troll them?

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what would be awesome would be a Reaction Video of Tim about that.

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A statue of hitler

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Psst, that was the joke

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Anyway, someone Linked Styx??