Message from Modem in GabberHangout #general

2016-12-31 00:53:21 UTC  

realized he was following me on Gab and then i went to his page and lol'd at him

2016-12-31 00:53:25 UTC  

some nobody cuck who thinks cernovich is anything but a huckster?

2016-12-31 00:53:27 UTC  

wow that buzzy guys is my follower

2016-12-31 00:53:33 UTC  

why is he leaving

2016-12-31 00:53:47 UTC  

he's mad at the alt right on gab. so he is leaving

2016-12-31 00:53:48 UTC  

these old clueless boomers

2016-12-31 00:53:53 UTC  

what a bunch of civillians

2016-12-31 00:54:00 UTC  

he cant handle free speech?

2016-12-31 00:54:03 UTC  

lmao what

2016-12-31 00:54:09 UTC  

lol yeah boomers are the worst

2016-12-31 00:54:12 UTC  

still have no idea their civilization has been subjected to a gangbang with aids

2016-12-31 00:54:34 UTC  

and that the only thing that can cure is the flamethrower squadron and that's us MURICA

2016-12-31 00:54:39 UTC  

that is my hobby in RL. Making boomers cry

2016-12-31 00:54:54 UTC  

do we have the first amendment or not, why are people leaving non censorship platforms

2016-12-31 00:55:01 UTC  

do they need a safe fuckign space

2016-12-31 00:55:08 UTC  


2016-12-31 00:55:22 UTC  

these people don't have any real social skills just "socialization"

2016-12-31 00:55:31 UTC  

bill mitchell is a fuckin cuck

2016-12-31 00:55:36 UTC  

and a scam

2016-12-31 00:55:42 UTC  

it's about getttttting along man not discussions, deals, negotiations, exchange, etc

2016-12-31 00:55:57 UTC  

I liked him election night.... then I got WOKE. LMAO

2016-12-31 00:55:59 UTC  

people hate on cernovich and bill mitchell so much now

2016-12-31 00:56:06 UTC  

iagree w cernovich

2016-12-31 00:56:09 UTC  

not bill mitchell tho

2016-12-31 00:56:10 UTC  

i can see why but its just sad to see the infighting

2016-12-31 00:56:10 UTC  

cernovich is a fuck

2016-12-31 00:56:11 UTC  

in times of esoteric kekism and tibetan hitlerism and total assault on progressive narrative we have no time for people who drive fucking 6.0 pickup trucks

2016-12-31 00:56:22 UTC  

russian why do you agree with cernobitch

2016-12-31 00:56:22 UTC  

and their sensibilities

2016-12-31 00:56:30 UTC  

aw damn, my internet crush unfollowed me, so i unfollowed her. tis a sad day.

2016-12-31 00:56:30 UTC  

but cernovich has said some shit about jared and i dont like it

2016-12-31 00:56:41 UTC  

i only agree w cernovich because

2016-12-31 00:56:49 UTC  

do you know cernobitch's background? How deep his is with SV?

2016-12-31 00:56:50 UTC  

cernovich has no real important insights that you can't get elsewhere and punches to the right when it suits him

2016-12-31 00:56:50 UTC  

anyone doing nazi salutes is fucking retarded ok

2016-12-31 00:56:56 UTC  

he's like milo just an opportunist

2016-12-31 00:56:57 UTC  

who was your internet crush again ?

2016-12-31 00:56:58 UTC  

uh dude

2016-12-31 00:57:06 UTC  

the NPI roman salute shit was nothing

2016-12-31 00:57:06 UTC  


2016-12-31 00:57:08 UTC  

it was just 5 people