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Wheres Britt?


I was gonna text her and tell her im in the chat but ill just wait til she gets on

yes and twitter

i dont really use my gab tho i should

my twitter is suziedaud do you guys know jared wyand?

yessss i write for projectpurge

and im going to be doing videos soon too wooooo 😄

Suzie is my gab, suziedaud is my twitter

yes! just suzie

I used discord for hardcore research in pizza gate some months back

then my server got infiltrated with actual pedophiles

no no its all infiltrated now and completely ruined

no i dont have any backups or alternate accounts

does britt talk on here?

i will use voice chat tomorrow some time if i can

Ana Kasparian is such a fuckin...

i wanna debate her

Her and her master God Chunk Ogre



This is an all female chat?!



@Posporo I was born in Russia, Im half russian, half afghan haha

syo harosho a vas?




why do we keep talking about snails!

I've never had a snail but I eat beets daily...

Beets can be eaten with anything if they are boiled, and they are great in smoothies

they're great just natural too

I've never eaten a beet like an apple I just eat stringed beets pretty much everyday

also carrot salad



when @Brittany Pettibone comes on can someone @ me

does discord make a special noise when you get @ 'd?

I am not a trollllll

@MrGoat im watching one of your videos

a quiet spot, yesss

@MrGoat I like your videos

can i get an honest opinion on some of the infighting going on in the right, i havent heard any real thoughts

its not working cause im not on a payroll

but i am a writer for it and will be making videos and stuff for the site too

all the funding he gets goes straight to the site

he has a donation page people donate to the site

i think he gets plenty, people really supported him and helped him afford to start the site and get it going and all

now hes expanding it even more and letting researchers investigate on it and put their own like pyramids of findings together

Very smart

Aaaandddd like I said, videos

Everything, everything the fckn police wont

Soros family

Jared really wants to take them down


High govt shit

it will be independent pretty much

He wants a bunch of researchers to have a place where they can post their findings in an organized way and other people can go on the site and look at whats been found by pure ease

definitely do it will be awesome. And make sure you watch my videos haha

what are you guys talking about? -.-

I played runescape

I just woke up from a dream about jews no shit...


What did i miss

Im about to be 18 haha

oh no

not that alley

I am so freakin uncomfortable

I cant believe no one is shocked i had a dream about jews

I seriously had a weird fucking dream

Im sharing a bed w my sister tonight and i cant sleep and its so hot in here and i keep dreaming about Jews and im thirsty

But shes sound asleep

I had a dream that i was trying to buy a condo and my realter was a jew and they had other jew people with them

And they were being like..mean to me

i didnt i ran away crying

Im serious



im glad i woke up from it fuck

I have extremely vivid dreams that are always bizarre

Its why i avoid sleep

Did britt ever come on

I feel like Im going to vomit

Hmmmmk no big ill just text tomorrow

What food is that

That better not be a fuckin beet

No my eyes hurt

actuallt fine im curious

Did you really just make me watch a video that says diet soda and candy is bad

this is kindergarten knowledge

Im pissed


i dont eat that shit

video is not for me

My stomach hurts though and I wanna vomit even more now after an asian with some degree just drew on a white board that soda is bad and candy is bad




Im not watching that

no sir!



Are those girls still alive

Did they make a shit load of money?

Do you write emails to them?

how do you fuckin know


dear 2girls1cup,

I am so tired

But im trying to avoid closing my eyes

I have a problem i need to come to terms with

If i sleep i always have nightmares that feel so real and when i wake up in the first 30 minutes i think it was completely real and im terrified

And i call people

Thinking it was real

does anyone else have this problem

I do not have a mental illness

Thoe are for losers who are just unhealthy

And i dont know i doubt im eating something in my diet that is making it happen

What are some common foods associated with paranoia/nightmares

I need to go lookninto that

Its got to be something natural cause i dont munch on sugar

If i was eating sugar all the time that would make sense


Must be it

I do lots of cleanses with ginger shots and I eat a concauction of spicy pepers and avocado like everyday

Whatever im still gonna deny it

Im technically a child but yes adult

Im 18 in like 3 months i think


Legally 3 months (march 2nd) but my real birthday is april 2nd, long story, there was a mishap when i transferred from Russia


ok damn, ugly

gnight goys

dobre utra!

good morning

Whatchyall talkin bout?

The reason culture sucks is because its apart of the agenda to dumb us down and control us

Have no pride in your country

Feel dumb

No culture whatsoever

In Russia, culture is everything, history is everything, literature and art and music is everything

I dont care for art but I love history

So yeah the reason its all Kim Kartrashian and shitty music and constant garbage is just all part of the agenda to dumb us down and make us weak.

Have no mond


I like pop/dance music I listen to music most of my day honestly

What is on your head

Lauren Duca is so fckn annoying

Fairly Odd Parents

All of it! She has nothing to say

I read her articles on Trump, looking for an argument, she just said he was anti-women and went to talking about her feelings

Her interview w tucker was so retarded too

And her tweets are so so dumb

the only people who are going forward are people who just listen to whatever makes them feel good

I had an AmpMe party on twitter where people could listen to my music and they could see all the music I had on my phone bu scrolling through, and people actually got mad at me for having britney spears on my phone

Is kiiara the girl who sings that song called gold

I havent heard any of her other music but i should

I dont like the lyrics in her song gold

I can like music and the beat and the sound but if the lyrics are like "yea i fucked your brother in the basement" i just...thats weird

Well thats exactly why i didnt like the song is because she was just talking about how shes a skank

I dont like skanks especially when they sing about being skanks

But the beat was cool

'your brother was a good substitute for you' yeeaaa i dont like that

Keep in mind im conservative, traditional, etc

im not gonna lie

i listen to music from men like rap songs and r&b

and they say some vulgar thinga but i like it

i just dont like hearing a girl say shes fucking peoples brothers and stuff

I like anything that makes me feel good i dont care what genre it is

I like britney spears and other songs like you said girls talking about shit like that if its about 1 guy

Like you know that song exes and oh's ?

It came on the radio and it makes me mad honestly

i just get grossed out when girls sing about fucking a buncha guys and being a slut

I feel bad for some black women cause they really do feel inferior and insecure

some do

We're seeing this uprising of black girls making sure people dont see them as black

No im hispanic and jamaican and

and then they say oh im so exotic

Danke Merkel

that poll is a lie



hi guys


why you talkin bout AJ and autism

Most shit is an inside job

Especially now




I love him

no hes mine


@Posporo I live in atlanta, georgia derp

I was born in russia

And am russian

also afghan

but i came to america when i was little

do you mean like random people or friends

Random people never know what i am until i tell them and they go OHHHH I SEE IT NOW

Hes trying to let other people talk more and to calm down a bit


And i dont like italians at all

i like history of italy

love it

the republics and all

sooo amazing.

but modern italy and italians is meh


You heard of that show the masters of florence

w the medici

my family is big on netflix and i absolutely hate TV. Hate tv hate nettlix hate it all. but they had that playing and i was forced to watch some of the show and it is rllly nice i like it. havent seen a show in forever

invite me

what is it



I dont like it

I dont like it there

ill read their info tho

so gay

is this a sorority

2 cool people

Awwwwwwwwwwwww xoxoox

nobody is a nerd

lets all go to the same channel in a diff server

whats the best channel

idk i dont wanna be alone


this chick on twitter and her fans are attacking me HAHAHA

and for some reason just now she is attacking me and her fans too

She called me a waste of space BAHAHHAA

join what

@czar how am i able to talk on your server

The chick who called me a waste of space

no sir

YA @diversity_is_racism she asked me what the difference was between her and a model



@everyone her DMs are open you guys should troll her

is it bad i want her to cry for being fat

morbidly obese*

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