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@PurpleGrimmy yeah that is one of the big "mysterys of science"

a fun thing is "dark matter", supposedly 26% of our universe is made up of dark matter, so the laws of physics we see on solar system scale don't seem to hold up if we look beyond that,
now what they account for it, is by just adding mass here and there, but usually mass is observable stuff, so to reconcile what we observe in terms of mass, and what we observe in terms of e.g. the motion of bodys, electromagnetic effects etc., by adding "dark matter"

I think my microphone just broke

> Exclusive: Russia's Rosneft to switch to euros in oil products tenders - traders

`Exclusive: Russia's Rosneft to switch to euros in oil products tenders - traders`

@Seeker of Truth it was enough the guy I wanted to show it

finally saw it

also why do you write in lounge if you aren't in teh voice chat??

three in total

hi, I found no introduction channel on the server, so I'm going to tell you guys here about me:
I'm in my late twenties, I'm an Engineer, top 5% income bracket for my country (Germany), I'm a single male, I have had my last sex/relationship 9 years ago

I just thought it would be nice to introduce myself being new on the server

oh currently i'm studying for my hunting liscence, as I want to pick up hunting as a hobby 🙂

which I guess is a quite hermit hobby? 😄

we don't have bears or mountain lions in central europe, and european wolves are smaller than e.g. west coast canadian ones, and usually don't pick on adult men

in the forest?

even the canadian west coast wolf have never been seen to attack a group of adult men larger than three

due to their wrong behaviour?

or simply due to being alone

what are you guys up to? (hobbies, work, lurking etc.)

I got one recently

Plantronics Voyager Focus UC B825M

it is pretty good quality, blue tooth, has a chargeing station/holder

cool, I have done some origami

oh I also want to get into prepping

reminded by you mentioning paracord

when you sit at the bar how do you guys react when girls come over to you and start talking to you?

my suggestion is: ask her for a drink, either she leaves or you get a free drink

and it isn't really offensive

yeah it is good praxis

as long as you never give or commit any resources, and are only in a public space with lots of people you are safe

you miss headache the next morning

@rart well last time I was at a bar was prior to #metoo

I'm drinking a breakfast beer right now

@rart I'm bavarian, it is cultural :3

ah I don't drink three beer for breakfast, one or two, and only on days off

oh, that's something I wanted to ask you guys, probably esp. the ones not having a wife/girlfriend. You guys probably have more money than you spend on a normal month, how do you manage your assets?

`The one saving grace is that my wife makes slightly more money` oh man, that's a pretty good situation to be in, as far as marriage goes

in terms of the whole divorce rape issue

yeah I think real estate is probably one of the better ways to generate income

how is this working out with your wife?

that is in theory correct

but you may initiate contact with them

many lodges have open days from time to time where you may visit e.g.

formally you have to be introduced but you can be the one showing strong interest in it, and repeatedly hint that you share their values

that should be obvious enough once you have contact

that is if you actually share their values, otherwise why would you do that

I don't see that as a problem tbh

yeah that would be the problem

being a member of something like freemasonry, but not the same, a lot of the appeal is the actual social community you share with people outside family and work, and the chance for contemplation within ritual work

well in germany we have lots of male-only student fraternities

and afaik most freemason lodges are men only or women only, not mixed

there is also "menhouses"

for men escaping their abusive wifes

that also gets money by the state

well I'm talking germany

I think europe is a bit different on some of those things

like in sweden they introduced military conscription for women as well, not just men to make it more fair

I read 20% of victims of domestic violence are men, so they probably should have one for the men too

are those funded by the state?

that's such a cliché

sexual intensity of violent people

yeah I believe you

just because somethign is a cliche doesn't mean it isn't true

oh and the houses for men, they state explictily it is both for victims of physical and psychological violence by their wifes/girlfriends

I'd assume the psychological violence is even way more common than physical by women

that's even threat of physical abuse

I think that is also a problem in upbringing, while boys are being taught to not be violent, people don't really teach girls that to the same extend

children imitate their parents actions more than their words, that is true too, if at least one of the parents shows shit behaviour in their actions children may well be impacted in their own behaviour

and then learn it the hard way trough the justice system (or not)

@rart If I may ask, how do you make a living beside your assets?

like a communication engineer?

or on what level

like, you open boxes in the neighborhoods, install DSLAMs, connect that stuff, sometimes open the street to find a disconnected cable and fix it

that kind of stuff?

I used to assemble large scale industrial machinery, lots of communication and power cables, cabling the control cabinets, and the field devices, also debugging PLC software and such, also did the stuff for hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and assembled gearboxes and other mechanical parts of the machines, but then I went to university getting a degree in engineering, now I work in control engineering/embedded software for the electric drives of electric cars

your job is probably pretty safe, people aren't suddenly not going to need telecommunication anymore

and there will always be stuff breaking or new connections needed

esp. as then suddenly they'll hire unexperienced people when there is more work to do

so do they give you aid from teams from other areas around your county in general?

if there is less to do there etc.

yeah so they are sort of wearing down everything

they see it as an established market with not much growth to come, so they'll just try to take out as much money as they can for each year

I mean in the end a telco is a property business (owning the tubes with your telco cables), and you guys are the janitors 😄 (no offense)

that reminds me

you heard that US politician calling the interent "a series of tubes"

he was ridiculed for that, but I think it is kind of true, the largest cost is actually laying the tubes that the cables go into

then the next big cost factor is the actual cables, and then far behind in cost comes the electronic devices like DSLAMs and routers etc.

`A series of tubes" is a phrase coined originally as an analogy by then-United States Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) `

ok, that fits what I said earlier then, they see it as cash cow, they just want to take out as much money as they can and let it detoriate

you guys also lay fiber?

I mean you have to really, right?

you'll probably have to lay some more for the 5G base stations

your company also pretends to be a "tech" company like so many telcos do?

would seem fairly simply, look what the big manufacturers like Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia etc. have to offer, do a market analysis of how many people you can cover and what demography lives there for an indicator of their interest in increased service performance, then depending on that you buy the stuff or not, and have the janitors do the cabling, plus some IT or telco engineer set up device configuration according to the manufacturers manuals, though I'm a lay person so what do I know 🤷

I guess you guys have some expensive equipment in the field

like for reading the eye diagram of the digital transmissions

those are usually costly

ah ok, I used to work with that stuff, when I was still in a communication engineering company, I developed on FPGAs, like implementing Modulators and error correction for RF transmission

DSL uses DMT, which is basically several QAMs in a OFDM, and then they have a feedback between Modem and DSLAM to adjust bandwidth on different channels for a given wire to minimize overspeak

but I never worked in DSL myself

I haven't heard of IPDSL

is that some sort of brand name in the US?

ah seems to be AT&T specific naming

can you explain it?

ah I found it, IPDSL is ADSL 2 +, double play only

which is the ITU-T G.992.5 standard

what speeds do you guys assure the customer of with IPDSL?

yeah the theoretical max for IPDSL is 24 Mbit/s so 18 Mbit/s seems to be close to what is practically achievable with that technology

nice chat yes

`and the HK people have now a ban on wearing face coverings`

we have that in germany for deacdes

anyone into prepping?

how are you prepping?

tbh I don't even like the term "tech"

what motivates you

to want to do computer science

those ideas of just starting in desktop support

it really depends on where you want to end up

you want to develop embedded control software for Space X? You want to do machine learning at google? You want to fix the computer of Stacy in Accounting?

you just want to write code for some IT infrastructure?

@0supahgatovian11 it is totally cool doing IT administration type jobs, it depends on what you want

yeah he is definitely rich

@0supahgatovian11 so you know what your motivations are

for going into tech?

what do you mean for your parents?

ok, and now assume for a moment you care about what you want yourself

and also: what would you want to spend your time with if you were so rich you wouldn't need more money anymore

some people say they'd like to do woodworking

constructing their own wooden house, open a restaurant

have their own bar

what makes you like coding?

I get that at the job and at sport

just the usual cardio outdoors and workout at gym

the more you know:
`This research found that while both women and men have more favorable views of women, women's in-group biases were 4.5 times stronger[5] than those of men. And only women (not men) showed cognitive balance among in-group bias, identity, and self-esteem, revealing that men lack a mechanism that bolsters automatic preference for their own gender.[5] `

when it comes to matters of sex, men don't have bias favoring their own group, they argue for what's fair
women have strong bias favoring their owng roup, they argue what favors women

the democratic compromise between the two is somewhere in the middle: still strongly favoring women over men

now the hypothetical side by me:
People normally naturally have in-group bias in anything (sports team, school, country, town, neighborhood, people with shared hobbys etc.), for this to exist stronger than usual for women in women, and to be balanced for men isntead of the normal ingroup bias requires an external force:
children for the past thousand years or more have been brought up by mothers, reinforcing ever stronger biases for their own side, taught to both male and female children.
Leading in consequence to shift from let's say on a female(-) to male(+) axis:
males would be +20%, females would be -20% (favoring each their own group), with a neutral upbringing.
but with females having brought them up for so many generations,
we went full force to: males +0%, females -40% having maxed out the female over male preference possible in both sexes

the 20% and 40% are just exemplary numbers

not precisely what's going on, just trying to aid the description of the underlying pattern I blame

I found something funny today:

wait is there any channel I can post pictures?

`The results showed that King Tut belonged to a genetic profile group, known as haplogroup R1b1a2, to which more than 50 percent of all men in Western Europe belong, indicating that they share a common ancestor.

Among modern-day Egyptians this haplogroup contingent is below 1 percent, according to iGENEA.`
> “We think the common ancestor lived in the Caucasus about 9,500 years ago,” Scholz told Reuters.

> However, the geneticists were not sure how Tutankhamun’s paternal lineage came to Egypt from its region of origin.
> The centre is now using DNA testing to search for the closest living relatives of “King Tut.”

> Mars One's original concept includes launching a robotic Mars lander and Mars orbiter as early as 2020

> Dissolved 15 January 2019; 11 months ago

> Of this experiment, Einstein wrote, "If the Michelson–Morley experiment had not brought us into serious embarrassment, no one would have regarded the relativity theory as a (halfway) redemption."

Lucifer (UK: /ˈluːsɪfər/ LOO-si-fər; US: /-sə-/; 'light-bringer', corresponding to the Greek name, Ἑωσφόρος. 'dawn-bringer', for the same planet)

(Isaiah 14:12) as "morning star" or "shining one" rather than as a proper name, "Lucifer".

anyone VC?

"We are naked Apes on a wobbly ball, flying around a nuclear power plant"

round earthers unironically believe that

> Psychological manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the behavior or perception of others through indirect, deceptive, or underhanded tactics.

> Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include teaching, training, storytelling, discussion and directed research

> Dental amalgam is a dental filling material used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay.

Paypal => Elon Musk + Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel => then founds Palantyr (spying company for CIA/NSA)

Peter Thiel was also the first external investor into Facebook



> Any way if you go to like a field that is big enough you will be able to see the curvature if the earth

can you please leave

and then where you are after you left, leave that place too

6.2 in Ukraine, 5.3 in USA, Germany 1.00, Sweden 1.1, UK 1.2

> "We need guns, we need arms, we need military capacities and that is what we are going to help provide to our African friends because their security is our security," said the EU's foreign policy chief Josep Borrell.

> The European Union says more guns are needed in Africa to stop terrorism as part of a broader effort to create jobs and growth.

> "It is of upmost importance to enable and empower the African Union and African member states to defend their home country," said Von der Leyen.

> The myth of the flat Earth is a modern misconception that Earth was believed to be flat rather than spherical by scholars and the educated during the Middle Ages in Europe.

> According to Stephen Jay Gould, "there never was a period of 'flat Earth darkness' among scholars, regardless of how the public at large may have conceptualized our planet both then and now. Greek knowledge of sphericity never faded, and all major medieval scholars accepted the Earth's roundness as an established fact of cosmology."


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