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That's not a very scientific experiment lol. Wolfie is full of sh#t

I prefer the term truthseeker but yes

Basically I lean towards earth being concave

Yeah I will do

No not flat used to be

Concave means we live inside a sphere, doesn't have to be a exact sphere tho

Find what platoon said interesting

Sorry plato

Platoon said we live inside a dodecahedron. I wonder why


Not platoon

Damn auto correct

Yep he said it looked like 12 pieces of leather stitched together and that we live inside

Earth's Leylines also follow that shape interestingly

Read his books

Not what people say he said

Also research from 2003 matched data that space is basically finite and dodecahedral

It's the only matched data

Mainstream ignored

Not off hand but I can get it you

Whatever it is we live Inside, space isn't what we have been told,

I believe it's like a projected hall of mirror effect

I'm unsure of exact shape but has to be concave as in were inside and there are people walking upside down but above us not below

Get a dodecahedron put mirrors inside it creates a hall of mirrors

A infinite field well it looks like it

I believe that's then displaced and amplified

I looked Inside the hole in the sun once and seen lots of dot formations on the back wall, as angle changed I seen different dot formations or stars

You know that hole they say is a lense flare

This time it was yellow and I seen inside

And it was very telling

And another time I looked up and found a swirl of sparkles or charged particles.. Pointed camera up and found a red triangle

What about the triangle

And swirl of glitter dancing in sky

I got photos

I know what I seen

Why have they got statues everywhere of dodecahedrons in dodecahedrons also

And why did I find one in Wolfenstein with a light source in the middle

Looked exactly like a roman dodecahedron

I don't know... But a lot of coincidences

OK no problem Bro. Cool

https://youtu.be/hVwRJFU1lGc look inside the yellow hole especially when he zooms in half way through video

Play on big screen to better see

You can tell its a hole and the dots or stars are set in the back wall

By the angle and change of view inside

Why cringe?

What are they?

I'm simply asking what are them dot formations inside the yellow dot and why are they set on a back wall?

No way is that the camera no way

I posted above

Oh OK np

You concentrate on studying


I'm not sure what to think to be honest which is why I question everything there is a lot that don't make much sense tho

Anyway I gtg

No offence but your a bit too young to discuss suchb topics with. No offence

Your in school. I think you should concentrate on that

And sailed around the world

I gtg sorry have a good day


Yes dont want to talk with school children

Your too young

Not in school

Gtg bro

That's cool

I gtg tho

No your simply too young and i don't want to be responsible for distracting you from what you need to do at a special time in your life ok

Like I say no offence

Learning life skills and education as you are

Yes I do question everything I don't think kids should

Over 30

Be nice tsar who's bitching


Over 30

Yeah big age difference

Anyway leave you two to it

All normal nothing to see here, just a photo I took one night



They even put red triangles on 'shpace shuttles' I got photos of that too

Even trump likes the triangle

So wtf going on

Also why are kids in this server? This should be over 18s, how can you expect people to debate the shape of the earth with kids?

I think there's more to it than that

I find suspicious the way they use the triangle in the circle or ouroboros all the time yes

I like your avataar

<:snapsnap:484956825863585792> yup

I'm not flat earther

Not globie

Globe earth with us living on top

You must be crazy to believe we live on a spinning ball



Flying pancake? Where

I'm hungry

Where the pancake

Nope not flat

We live inside a concave surface not flat

Creation comes from centre above us

We already live in the hollows

I've researched for many years

I've read bible zohar quran

And what

Nope I smoke a bit of weed here and there no phets

Yes I do

Passing to drpeper

Baseball bat round your head


I reckon it would be fun


We can take it in turns

I'm first tho

Emily invert it

What you have been taught is workarounds to fit a inverted model you live inside of earth. Heavens revolve around you in the core of earth ABOVE YOU

You are getting pushed out and you are on the inside of a sphere

Everything is

Good question, I have compression? Rarification? Density? Buoyancy? magnetism? I think it's a combination of many myself

So what's gravity neutch

Enlighten me

How does it work

And can we measure it

How to measure gravity.... Apples

The horizon is basically a Illusion as such. Atmospheric distortions, temperature gradients but also magnetic wave interference perhaps, mainstream science admits when we are just seeing the sun set it has already set so its not where we see it, it's not where It is, so how do you know where it is?

No they say the sun is being displaced up for miles and miles over the curvature. You believe that? Because my simple observations suggest the opposite, also refraction doesn't work like that it's the opposite

You have no proof or evidence to back the claim that refraction can do that, its inverted

Look into it

When it comes to the shape of the earth it comes down to one question.... Which way is it getting displaced and how

Not oh it looks flat

I'm born roman Catholic

I believe in a creator yes

Well. How did this system organise itself into a goldilock zone as they call it, the whole big bang, it must of been created I'm looking more to the light the sun, how

I think everything has been twisted, IMHO

Meanings of ancient symbols etc

I do not know




Of light

Within the celestial sphere

Yup I know

It's not Hollow earth model that's bs it's concave

We already live inside

Look truth is hidden its not a flat earth nor a Hollow earth with us living on top, good luck

Sorry not promoting any concave earthers most are agents... If you think flat earth's agent free. Think again

Do your own research

Yes it's concave I believe

I'm not going to promote no YouTuber tho

Wake up sheeple

Or can it

Place your votes

I don't believe all his views but Alice in wonderland d is riddled with hidden esoteric knowledge

Firmament don't look like glass to me

Looks more like a gaseous elasticated medium

Funny that the date of that one photo was one day after this weird rocket launch https://youtu.be/nrTXGIkyPNc

Not got a clue what they was upto but it don't look like no typical rocket launch to me

I had another video of it but YouTube has deleted it for some reason

Not aliens πŸ˜‚

Indoctrinating da kids

A moon simulator πŸ˜‚

This is what I seen I believe but I seen it around dusk at night https://youtu.be/BHOaEgN7grI

Not no lense flare. I caught it at night in blank part of sky

What cool lense flares <:snapsnap:484956825863585792>

Not aliens

Everyone thinks everything's down to aliens lol

Watch how many reflected triangles appear

Looks like a multicoloured tetraktys


No bacon sandwich for me this morning

That's enough to put me off

Look closely you will see a reflection or many of a multicoloured tetraktys!

What's the big need to lie about all this?

Will the truth bring other revelations or something

We been told bs about where we live, I ask why

@Eloha do you think that's a lense flare then?

Not sure what's funny

Oh OK lol

I got a job thanks

I work for myself

I don't care whether you do care or not

Is your debunking actually name calling and slagging off

So what you debunking

Eric dubay lol

Never heard of halonest

Glove earther

Globe oh

Im not sure either model is right

To accept you live on a spinning globe means you have to deny 2 of your 5 senses and flat earth has flaws also like star trails

I think it makes a lot more sense physically and from creation that we live on the outside edge of the inside of earth with creation being at the centre, it just makes way more sense to me

You can't Debunk star trails in a concave earth though

Can you. OK go for it

Yes how do you know for sure its not concave?


Please don't show me cgi

You said you was going to Debunk

Can you

I can Debunk flat earth and globe not so easy to Debunk a concave earth

How can a convex ball be formed.. That's irrelevant

Need proof

Not how did this and that happen

If its easy to Debunk you must be able to give me some sort of proof


No I been doing it last four years

You see I can Debunk the globe and flat earth but not a concave system

If you do. Let me know

Thanks I'm genuinely interested if you have proof

I didn't think you had any

Nor have I

Funny that ain't it

Off to do some research

I don't get all my research off YouTube university I read books and much more

YouTube is a joke

Full of shit

Agents playing against agents... Yadda yadda

What pseudoscience?

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