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Hello friends

2018-05-30 13:23:08 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

isnt that how we have been fooled for years though???? these guys get the crooks on the stand and do all of this tough talking yet nothing actually happen!?! the tough talk gives the illusion that something is happening. Look at Boehner...talked tuff but bent over for anything Obama had to offer

2018-05-30 13:42:27 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

I was listening to "NowYouSeeTv" for a while. I sort of didnt get a witness to it. ZenGarcia seems pretty iffy as far as straight Christian viewpoint. A lot of these guys are way new agey. The whole group, including Rob Skiba, jumped hardcore over into the flat earth side. havnt listened to them in a while

2018-05-30 13:45:04 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

well, like most putlets, there is good info but mixed in with some new age woo.

2018-05-30 13:46:31 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

I love but of course I cant swallow the new age interpretations. I watch the vids to formulate my own ideas about what all has happened here on the Earth

2018-05-30 21:49:28 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  


2018-06-10 00:51:30 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

what time?

2018-06-10 00:52:57 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

Trusty Rusty. that aint Bush, thats Ed Lansdale

2018-06-10 00:56:34 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

ouch, my mom had her gall bladder out bout 40 years ago, but no more issues surrounding it since

2018-06-10 19:57:43 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

Trepanning, or Trepanation

2018-06-10 20:03:14 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

Everyone keep your eyes open and consider all sides of issues

2018-06-10 21:03:00 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Axiom.moixa๐Ÿ— lol Lewis VOP group is shady, im sorry

2018-06-10 21:05:01 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Axiom.moixa๐Ÿ— dunno anything about Sawyer at all....but 5 minutes of watching Lewis at VOP is all i need to see from him.

2018-06-10 21:07:47 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Axiom.moixa๐Ÿ— hey whatever lol. Im ex military...unlike Lewis. Its not about sittign at home criticizing, its about calling out pure BS. But you follow whomever you want and make your own choices. Sawyer agreed initially because he was told a "childs body" was found. it wasnt. period. have a nice day

2018-06-10 21:15:34 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Axiom.moixa๐Ÿ— hey, you are the one that came out swinging with the comment about "sitting at home criticizing". You will get backlash 100% of the time for snide comments like that. have you done 5 minutes of research into Lewis Arthur background??

2018-06-10 21:18:40 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Axiom.moixa๐Ÿ— lol, character assassination?? really?? Im not referring to his lack of mil service. Im just talking about his drama queen stunts etc or the fact he is a felon and cant carry a weapon and on and on. Then he puts of hyper exxagerated claims while asking for donations??

2018-06-10 21:20:54 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Axiom.moixa๐Ÿ— yeah, they do accept cash. you are poorly informed

2018-06-10 21:21:40 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Axiom.moixa๐Ÿ— after u say someone is "sitting at home criticizing" its sort of hard to say its not personal. personal comments make things personal

2018-06-10 21:22:18 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Axiom.moixa๐Ÿ— from his own mouth he said they accept cards with $$$ on them. please dont tell me what i heard with my own ears on dudes own vids

2018-06-10 21:22:42 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

true is true

2018-06-10 21:23:37 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Axiom.moixa๐Ÿ— dudes own video says send money on cards lol.

2018-06-10 21:25:48 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

there has only been one insult posted. not by me. I pointed out what the insult was

2018-06-10 21:26:11 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

The cause is great. but shamsters HURT causes, not help

2018-06-10 21:29:50 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

hey brother, no need to mention "discernment" if folks gonna get mad when someone actually uses discernment

2018-06-10 21:36:00 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@prestige1911 not much wishy washy here brother. But thanks for the concern. Im just saying dude is a conman, straight up. he was already outed as that before this Tuscon thing.

2018-06-10 21:37:12 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@prestige1911 nah, not gonna stand beside a conman no matter what cause he claims lol. is there trafficking out there?? absolutely.

2018-06-10 21:39:43 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@prestige1911 nice speech No i wont stand with Lewis lol. Hey im all for moving on. I dont back cons. time will tell all.

2018-06-10 21:41:31 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@prestige1911 not u, she means me lol

2018-06-10 21:45:09 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@prestige1911 I dont think a false flag is gonna stop the Ig report though.

2018-06-10 21:47:05 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Fremp well yeah hehe, that was sort of bigger than the avg school shooting FF

2018-06-10 21:49:38 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Fremp I personally WOULD call it a FF. it was an operation attributed to one group that was done by another

2018-06-10 21:50:42 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

like If u put up a British flag on your French ship and bomb the crap out of someone. British falsely gets the blame

2018-06-10 21:51:17 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@prestige1911 np brother, u were thinking in terms of a "false event" that didnt actually occur

2018-06-10 21:53:04 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

yeah, woke me up pretty solidly too. finding out the BinLaden "confession" vids were fake etc

2018-06-10 21:59:08 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

yeah, binLaden family and Bush family were long time friends. vacationed together etc. Bush Sr was in a meeting with BinLadens brother WHEN THE ATTACK OCCURED (at a carlysle group meeting)

2018-06-10 22:00:40 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

Binladen family construction business still had contracts to build us bases etc AFTER 911

2018-06-11 00:10:29 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Gadget Lady (CAN) Pennsylvania priest abuse. Remember the PennState Jerry Sandusky stuff a few years back?

2018-06-11 00:58:16 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@V77 of course Lucis Trust was originally known as Lucifer Trust

2018-06-11 01:04:06 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@V77 ive studied the illuminati stuff for going on 17 years now. Got all the Blavatsky/Manley P Hall/Alice Bailey books lazy to read them though lol

2018-06-11 01:07:12 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@V77 yeah im sure its deeper than we realize. just the down the road and count how many "suns" you see and how many pyramids and triangles. But then of course the more advanced stuff

2018-06-11 01:47:52 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

haha, trump is a boss. Just shows how we have gotten so used to slimy politicians. when we get a straight talker it seems odd

2018-06-11 02:27:07 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

wow, is that edited or photoshopped?

2018-06-11 02:27:34 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

eyeballs stuck??

2018-06-11 02:28:51 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@svizzy yeah, wacky. im pretty convinced the world is more of a "movie" than we know lol

2018-06-11 02:33:08 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Pawhuska rare for me to watch a movie. havent had cable TV in my adult life and im 50. We are living IN a movie as far as all the fake stuff around us

2018-06-11 02:36:43 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Kathryn44 you have no idea lol. They used to have CNN on in the breakroom at work. omg I would die everyday

2018-06-11 02:37:02 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

puke city

2018-06-11 02:38:09 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Deleted User bedtime lol. I might check voice chat another time

2018-06-11 02:39:31 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Kathryn44 then the gym got TVs. omg, I couldnt escape it. I had to hear about Paris Hilton like 3x per day, not by choice. (this was like 10 yrs ago)

2018-06-11 02:40:15 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Kathryn44 they had on CNN LIVE and I glance up in the gym mirror at it and it said bigger than life 'EVIL"!!!

2018-06-11 21:59:17 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

another false flag that they didnt go thru with this time????

2018-06-11 22:15:11 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  


2018-06-13 03:06:37 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

'tusconGate' tweeted about over a year ago???

2018-06-14 16:56:29 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  


2018-06-14 16:56:35 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

swiss cheese

2018-06-14 16:57:00 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

so and so said such and such to so and so

2018-06-14 19:44:56 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

so, legit question. Where are we now according to "the plan'???

2018-06-14 20:02:20 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

yeah, gotta say, that was pretty anticlimactic

2018-06-14 20:19:15 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

I hope there will be something much stronger coming out than "political bias"

2018-06-14 20:54:14 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Kiwi61Karma who is kim Dotcom??

2018-06-14 20:59:19 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@patriotkeri interesting

2018-06-14 21:07:56 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

Trey Gowdy. another tuff talker with no balls

2018-06-14 21:09:45 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

nope, lotta nothing

2018-06-14 21:10:16 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

omg, political bias???? I wont be able to sleep now

2018-06-14 21:14:31 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Kiwi61Karma interesting. thats a very famous game.

2018-06-14 21:18:07 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Kiwi61Karma well i gotta say it...we doing ourselves a REAL disservice by getting all hyped up waiting for MOABS. people get all pumped up then let down. thats no way to operate

2018-06-14 21:22:08 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Kiwi61Karma im losing the significance of the 40000 sealed indictments now. I gotta be real. so far NOTHING is happening lol. hate ot be naysayer but the dems dont even look nervous. I dont see ANY sort of actual pole shift happening. if this is JUST about mid terms its NOTHING!

2018-06-14 21:23:51 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

but even that 'FBI guys accepted bribes"......the American people wont care. its nothing until Obama/Hillary gets perped

2018-06-14 21:27:14 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Guy Dudebro there was a post about it earlier in thsi thread. had to do with the names of guys in the Freedom Caucus R = Rick Desantis i forget th eother two. anyway , taht was one idea. dunno though, how would they be part of MSM

2018-06-14 23:46:33 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

haha, thats kinda funny "break the internet" in light of the Trump-Kim Kardashian meeting lol

2018-06-15 00:14:33 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

good super basic redpilling vid about fake news/talking points . good to show family members etc

2018-06-15 00:23:01 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

good one to wake up family members to how things work

2018-06-15 00:29:38 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

Well, one big mistake we make it to get our expectations up to high for BOOMS and MOABS. doing that just sets us up for a let down. This evil been established for a longggggg time. it aint gonna roll over so easily

2018-06-15 07:59:48 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

one wonders what reality is. Bilderberg is always played down as being irrelevant. Yet look who all attends. LOTS of U.S. people. Seems we are being played as usual.

2018-06-17 16:58:56 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

that obama clip is not bilderberg lol. not with hundreds clapping and filming

2018-06-17 17:02:22 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

no, they are posting around a clip of obama from 2014. its not bilderberg group for one thing lol. no way bilderberg is in an auditorium full o fpeople lol

2018-06-17 17:03:45 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

Bilderberg 2014 was in denmark, not belgium

2018-06-17 17:07:45 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

@Kathryn44 not offended at all but its simply not bilderberg lol

2018-06-17 17:08:37 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

speech was from Brussells Belgium 2014. full transcript has been posted. Bilderberg was in Denmark that year

2018-06-17 17:24:15 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

where can we read Q posts? I need to see those last 2?

2018-06-17 17:24:38 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  


2018-06-17 17:27:39 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

im deffo lost now lol. So is Q BACKING that vid as legit or is he pointing out its NOT legit???

2018-06-17 17:29:44 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

clip isnt bilderberg though lol

2018-06-17 17:30:07 UTC [Patriots' Soapbox #psb-voice-content]  

bilderberg doesn t have peopel sitting filming on phones for one thing

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